Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mikayla's Cake!!

After making my first ever cake for Drew's birthday, I decided I was feeling brave enough to make one for Mikayla's party. Since she loves princesses and anything pink right now, I searched the Internet for "princess cakes". I found recipes for making the "Barbie" doll cakes, and then came across this castle cake. You would know Mikayla would choose it! I mean, it has a total of 8 layers (I opted for 6, 3 large squares and 3 small ones)- you may remember I had a hard time centering Drew's 2 layer cake and it was crumbling when I frosted it.
Since Mikayla's party started at 5 this afternoon, I got up first thing this morning and got to work on her "castle". I had ordered her a cake from our local bakery in case this one didn't turn out - you can't have a birthday party without cake right?
This cake was much easier than I thought it would be - you can tell from the picture it's not perfect, but it turned out very cute! Mikayla loved it and that's most important!! I used a "butter" batter so the cake was heavier and that helped to keep the layers from sliding/falling - thank goodness for the tips that others had left!
I had the most fun decorating it - and the kids got in on the act! I kept thinking of ways you could change it (to look completely different) just by using different decorations.


Melanie said...

that is awesome!! you did a great job...second career, maybe?!?! :)

Mama Pajama said...

Wow, it looks great! You did a fabulous job! I remember my mom making cakes like that (a doll, strawberry shortcake, and cookie monster?)Anyway, she'll remember that Mommy made it....worth more than any store bought cake!

BeccaGirl said...

Cake is my favorite...this one looks beautiful and yummy!

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