Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun with the Birds

With those big ol' gloves you'd think they were holding hawks or some huge bird like that. However, these birds are not tame and they do like to peck and since these are my kids we are talking about they will wear the gloves!

Today, Craig let the birds out for the first time. Yesterday they just needed time to settle. Drew couldn't wait to get them out and hold them. He wondered why they weren't flying around their cage. Today he asked when they were going to build their nests. He expects them to be exactly like the birds you find in the wild. Drew had a lot of fun playing with Caroline, however, Mikayla was a little more like mommy and screamed whenever they got too close. She finally decided to hold Cole, and I even got a picture of her smiling while she did. The moment after I took the picture Cole (the bird) decided that he wanted to walk up Mikayla's arm. As soon as he stepped from the glove onto her arm Mikayla screamed, shook him off her arm, and jumped around like she thought he was still there. I wish I had caught all that on video. Both Cole and Caroline survived their field trip today, and who knows, this may become a daily routine - with Craig of course because mommy just likes to look (and maybe pet just a teeny bit)!

Little Fish

We have been swimming every day since we got out of school with the exception of yesterday. You would think we were raising little fish instead of little darlings. They would sleep in the pool if we let them! Today Drew and Mikayla were excited to find a surprise Mimi got for them to use in the pool! After we had sunscreen applied and before we went outside I had to get a picture!
Look at that new swim gear!
Drew is eager to try out his new "fins".
Mikayla was eager today as well!Look at them swim! Drew is not wearing floaties at all as long as someone is at the pool with us (Jennie was today). If it is just me in the pool with the two of them, I have him wear floaties. He knows this rule and doesn't fuss about it - he is just grateful to be swimming I'm sure! However, he is very excited to have someone swimming with us because he really doesn't like to wear the floaties.
We had so much fun today, and I'm sure we will be out there tomorrow as well! There is nothing like summer vacation!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Worn Out!

Drew and Mikayla were completely worn out tonight. There had been lots of excitement - new pets, playing outside, etc. It didn't take long at all for them to fall asleep. In fact, they had both been in Miki's room watching a movie, but when we went to check on them we found them both asleep in her bed! Good night my angels - sleep tight!

Memorial Day Cookout!

We had my mom and dad, my sister, and my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner tonight. We all had a fun time eating, laughing, talking, and playing with Drew and Mikayla. This marks the first cookout of the season, and we are looking forward to many more! Craig cooks the hamburgers and hot dogs. My brother also brought his charcoal grill over to grill some "hog wings". I know what you are thinking - gross right? But they are really not hog wings (hogs can't fly), they are really some kind of pork riblet.
Drew practices his golf game while the food cooks.
Mikayla patiently waits for her hot dog. We are letting her bangs grow, but they get in her eyes big time when she doesn't have a bow in.
Uncle Jonathan gets ready to take a bite of his brownie.

Drew and Mikayla after they had gotten wet from the hose. Jennie put Miki's hair in cute pig tails!
My pretty mom and sister - don't they look just alike?
Uncle Jonathan takes a turn on Drew's dirt bike Uncle Ovid gave him.
Mimi, and Aunt Jennie talk to Jessica while she eats. I tried to get a picture of my daddy, but since he came straight here from work he didn't want a picture in his work clothes! :)

New Pets

All Drew has talked about since he studied birds in Mrs. Batson's class is birds. Since he is so interested in them, Craig has been hinting for awhile that he wanted to get Drew one. Well, he couldn't stand it any longer. Today he went and got two birds, one for Drew and one for Mikayla. Drew went with him to pick them out. The blue one is Drew's (of course), but it is a girl so he named her Caroline. Mikayla's (the green one) is male so she named him Cole. Caroline is named after a little girl in Drew's class this past year, and Cole is named after a little boy that has been in Mikayla's class since they were infants. Craig assures me that he, Drew, and Mikayla will take care of these animals (feed, water, and clean)!! We shall see...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Link

I have added a new link to my side bar. You will want to check out Melanie's blog. She has taught 3rd and 4th grade at the school with me the last several years. She and her family are moving this summer to Columbia where she has gotten a job at a school there she really loves. We are certainly going to miss her next year! I plan to keep up with Melanie and her family through her blog. Take a look, but be prepared to laugh - she has me laughing so hard sometimes I cry!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School!!

Wednesday, May 23rd was our last day of school (well Drew's, teachers had to work Thursday). Since I had gotten a first day of school picture, I had to get a last day of school picture. Drew and Mikayla look awful happy don't they! They, like mommy, cannot wait for summer vacation!! Once at school, Craig, Jennie, and Mikayla surprised mine and Drew's class with cakes. They were a great addition to our end of the year parties. What a sweet husband and father!!

First Swim of the Season!

Last Saturday, Drew, Mikayla, Jennie, and I enjoyed our first swim of the season in my mom and dad's pool. The water was super cold, but Drew and Miki had been begging to go since daddy opened the pool the week before. We all had a wonderful time despite the cold water temperature! Drew gets used to the water real quick - he just jumps right in! He eventually warmed up enough to take his floaties off. In fact, when we went today he didn't wear floaties at all.
Mikayla warms up a little slower. She didn't want to get off the steps at first.
There goes our little fish! She even jumped off the diving board a few times before we got out, just like last year.
Such a cutie!
So looking forward to summer...

Drew's Baseball Banquet 2007

Drew's baseball banquet was held at Mr. Gatti's Tuesday, May 15. We started with dinner of pizza/pasta/salad buffet, and then Coach Craig presented each team member with his trophy! After trophies were awarded, we all went to the game room!! Coach Craig and Ms. Lisa also presented each team member with a framed photo of themselves on the cover of a sports magazine. They are such a wonderful family, and we are so thankful that Drew was able to play on their team this year!!

Coach Craig gets ready to distribute the trophies.
Drew checks out his!
The whole team poses for many pictures!

Mikayla finds an airplane to ride - she wasn't too sure of this at first, but then she decided she really liked it!

Garrett and Drew enjoy a ride on the roller coaster - not a real one of course!

Mikayla's favorite is the same as mine - the carousel!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wow What a Day!!

Well we made it to Saturday - with everything we've had this week we made it! Boy, what a day it's been! This morning, I was running around putting the finishing touches on everything for Mikayla's pageant, and Craig and Drew got ready to go to Drew's last baseball game of the season. I was sad that Mikayla and I would miss his last game, but I had Craig video it - thank goodness! As Mikayla and I pulled into the school to prepare for her pageant, Craig calls to tell me I missed it. Drew hit his first ever home run his last time at bat for the season. This hit also started the rally in the last inning, and our boys came back to win the game! Since I had my camera Craig did not get pictures from this game, but I do have video and I think I may try to put my first ever video on here of his home run! We are so proud of you Drew!!
Mikayla and the other contestants in the Miss Rising Star Pageant began with a closed interview with the judges (Miss Andrea was also in the room). Then, all the girls got on stage with Abbi (Little Miss Rising Star 2006) to perform the opening number to "If My Friends Could See Me Now".

After the opening number, it was time for evening wear. Like I said in an earlier post we did not buy a pageant dress for Mikayla to wear, but instead she wore a dress she could also wear to church.

Jadyn, who is in Mikayla's tap/jazz dance class on Monday afternoons, models her evening wear!

Mikayla wanted her Aunt Jennie to be her escort for this pageant, and Aunt Jennie obliged. From that face you might think she'd rather be anywhere else at the moment! After evening wear, we rushed back to change them into their sportswear outfits.

Kenyon, who is in Mikayla's tap/ballet class on Tuesday evenings, models her sportswear!

Mikayla models her sportswear - a Capri outfit of pink, orange, and green gingham accented with watermelon slices and strawberries. She wore a matching bow (thanks mom!!) and white summer sandals. She is carrying a basket of fresh strawberries. Those of you who know Mikayla know that this is a huge step for her - to be walking on that big stage all by herself. We couldn't believe she did it, and we are so proud of her! After the girls modeled their sportswear, they came back out to answer their on-stage question which they drew out of a hat.

Mikayla's question is "what is your favorite food to eat?". After a brief pause she answers "broccoli". This surprised Miss Andrea and everyone else in the room including me! Miss Andrea then asked Mikayla "how much broccoli do you think you could eat?", to which she replies "a lot". The audience erupted into laughter.

Abbi takes her final walk as Little Miss Rising Star.

All the girls line up for awards.

Mikayla is crowned Petite Miss Rising Star by Abbi and Miss Nicole.

Bailey (Junior Miss Rising Star), Mikayla, and Joy (Preteen Miss Rising Star) pose for a picture together.

We are so proud of Drew and Mikayla! They are good children (not perfect, but good), and they make us proud everyday. They are very determined (they get that from their mommy), and very silly (they get that from their daddy)! We can't wait to see more great things from them!

Drew's Author's Tea

With our busy schedule this past week, I neglected to post about the Author's Tea that Mrs. Batson planned for Drew's class. Their tea was scheduled for Friday, May 4th. I was planning the one for our class for the same day, but did not want to miss seeing Drew. They had a beautiful Author's Tea. Mrs. Batson let each of her students pick which of their writings that they wanted to read for the parents. They had set up tables with refreshments for the parents to enjoy while we watched our children read. Drew decided to read his "Frog Facts". He did an outstanding job reading. He has really grown this year in his writing also! In fact, I was very impressed with all of the boys and girls in Mrs. Batson's class!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WHEW!!! We are still here!!

Boy, I just thought last week was busy! Drew did re-injure his ankle last Tuesday, but after a second trip to urgent care it turned out to be just a sprain (thankfully)! Drew missed his Tuesday night game due to this and his Thursday night practice was rained out so it gave his foot time to heal.

This week has been another week with one thing after another (sometimes many things at one time). Mikayla has had practice every night this week (on top of her usual dance rehearsals) for the upcoming Little Miss Rising Star Pageant. They are doing an opening dance number, so Miss Andrea wanted all the girls to practice together. You probably remember from an earlier post that I am not real into pageants for Mikayla, but this is another "casual" one like the one she was in at Christmas. It is only open to students of her dance company, and every child gets a trophy and a crown. Mikayla wanted to do the pageant, so we shall see. If you remember from an earlier post, she did not want to walk on stage for the one in December. She is not wearing a "pageant dress", but instead a dress that she will also wear to church.

Also this week:

Drew had a baseball game last night (his ankle is better, so he was able to participate) - so we did not make it to last night's pageant rehearsal. We played against Bryson's team so we wouldn't have missed this game for the world. Bryson's team is very good and is the only undefeated team in the Mite division. Everyone played a great game - both teams were trying hard. I think Drew had the most fun at this game because he got to see Bryson! It was also fun cheering for both teams - cheering for our guys when they made an out, but also cheering when the other team got a good hit.

Mikayla with her best friend Breanna - just call them "double trouble".

Today, I gave a presentation at school for 16 teachers, my principal, and my assistant principal on Literacy Centers (from a conference I attended on April 20). I was very nervous since this is the first time I've presented before, but I received lots of positive feedback, and I think it went pretty well.

Tomorrow I have my interview for district Teacher of the Year. I was nominated by my fellow teachers as our school's Teacher of the Year for the upcoming school year. Because of this award, I am up for district Teacher of the Year. I turned in my application in mid - April, and I go for my interview tomorrow. I will answer questions for 3 administrators (typically superintendents) from other districts. Our district Teacher of the Year will be announced at our Welcome Back Convocation in August. My prayer is that I answer their questions the best that I can, and that I don't leave them thinking "this is all the school has??".

Friday morning, I am having a Mother's Tea where we have invited our moms to join us. It's the first time I am trying this, but I hope to make it a yearly tradition. We will see how well Friday goes first! My students will sing songs for their moms, then we will enjoy some snacks together (donuts, peanuts, fruit, and of course tea), and then my students will present their moms with their Mother's Day gifts. I hope it goes as well as planned.

Then, on Saturday, Drew has his last baseball game and Mikayla has the pageant. I'm not sure if I will have any hair left on Sunday for Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baseball Game

I know some of you have been looking for this (post above) for a week now! It has just been one of those weeks (meetings every day, dance, Drew re-injured his ankle, etc.). So, this morning I finally get the chance to post pictures from Drew's game last Saturday! His game was at 10, so Craig and Drew came to watch Mikayla's dances and then headed straight to the ball fields. As soon as Jennie and I got Mikayla and made sure they were on schedule for awards we headed to the field to watch Drew's game. It was an awesome game where every player got a hit and made it on base. Drew even got to play first base some.

Drew gets the opportunity to play first base a little in this game.

Drew getting one of his hits!

Drew waits on first base after his single!

"Taggin' up" Another great game (and another win) Red Sox!

After the baseball game we headed to get lunch then zoomed back to the auditorium for Mikayla's dance competition awards. Today will not be as hectic as last week, but we do have a few things on our calendar (dance pictures, shopping, etc.)

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