Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WHEW!!! We are still here!!

Boy, I just thought last week was busy! Drew did re-injure his ankle last Tuesday, but after a second trip to urgent care it turned out to be just a sprain (thankfully)! Drew missed his Tuesday night game due to this and his Thursday night practice was rained out so it gave his foot time to heal.

This week has been another week with one thing after another (sometimes many things at one time). Mikayla has had practice every night this week (on top of her usual dance rehearsals) for the upcoming Little Miss Rising Star Pageant. They are doing an opening dance number, so Miss Andrea wanted all the girls to practice together. You probably remember from an earlier post that I am not real into pageants for Mikayla, but this is another "casual" one like the one she was in at Christmas. It is only open to students of her dance company, and every child gets a trophy and a crown. Mikayla wanted to do the pageant, so we shall see. If you remember from an earlier post, she did not want to walk on stage for the one in December. She is not wearing a "pageant dress", but instead a dress that she will also wear to church.

Also this week:

Drew had a baseball game last night (his ankle is better, so he was able to participate) - so we did not make it to last night's pageant rehearsal. We played against Bryson's team so we wouldn't have missed this game for the world. Bryson's team is very good and is the only undefeated team in the Mite division. Everyone played a great game - both teams were trying hard. I think Drew had the most fun at this game because he got to see Bryson! It was also fun cheering for both teams - cheering for our guys when they made an out, but also cheering when the other team got a good hit.

Mikayla with her best friend Breanna - just call them "double trouble".

Today, I gave a presentation at school for 16 teachers, my principal, and my assistant principal on Literacy Centers (from a conference I attended on April 20). I was very nervous since this is the first time I've presented before, but I received lots of positive feedback, and I think it went pretty well.

Tomorrow I have my interview for district Teacher of the Year. I was nominated by my fellow teachers as our school's Teacher of the Year for the upcoming school year. Because of this award, I am up for district Teacher of the Year. I turned in my application in mid - April, and I go for my interview tomorrow. I will answer questions for 3 administrators (typically superintendents) from other districts. Our district Teacher of the Year will be announced at our Welcome Back Convocation in August. My prayer is that I answer their questions the best that I can, and that I don't leave them thinking "this is all the school has??".

Friday morning, I am having a Mother's Tea where we have invited our moms to join us. It's the first time I am trying this, but I hope to make it a yearly tradition. We will see how well Friday goes first! My students will sing songs for their moms, then we will enjoy some snacks together (donuts, peanuts, fruit, and of course tea), and then my students will present their moms with their Mother's Day gifts. I hope it goes as well as planned.

Then, on Saturday, Drew has his last baseball game and Mikayla has the pageant. I'm not sure if I will have any hair left on Sunday for Mother's Day!

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