Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wow What a Day!!

Well we made it to Saturday - with everything we've had this week we made it! Boy, what a day it's been! This morning, I was running around putting the finishing touches on everything for Mikayla's pageant, and Craig and Drew got ready to go to Drew's last baseball game of the season. I was sad that Mikayla and I would miss his last game, but I had Craig video it - thank goodness! As Mikayla and I pulled into the school to prepare for her pageant, Craig calls to tell me I missed it. Drew hit his first ever home run his last time at bat for the season. This hit also started the rally in the last inning, and our boys came back to win the game! Since I had my camera Craig did not get pictures from this game, but I do have video and I think I may try to put my first ever video on here of his home run! We are so proud of you Drew!!
Mikayla and the other contestants in the Miss Rising Star Pageant began with a closed interview with the judges (Miss Andrea was also in the room). Then, all the girls got on stage with Abbi (Little Miss Rising Star 2006) to perform the opening number to "If My Friends Could See Me Now".

After the opening number, it was time for evening wear. Like I said in an earlier post we did not buy a pageant dress for Mikayla to wear, but instead she wore a dress she could also wear to church.

Jadyn, who is in Mikayla's tap/jazz dance class on Monday afternoons, models her evening wear!

Mikayla wanted her Aunt Jennie to be her escort for this pageant, and Aunt Jennie obliged. From that face you might think she'd rather be anywhere else at the moment! After evening wear, we rushed back to change them into their sportswear outfits.

Kenyon, who is in Mikayla's tap/ballet class on Tuesday evenings, models her sportswear!

Mikayla models her sportswear - a Capri outfit of pink, orange, and green gingham accented with watermelon slices and strawberries. She wore a matching bow (thanks mom!!) and white summer sandals. She is carrying a basket of fresh strawberries. Those of you who know Mikayla know that this is a huge step for her - to be walking on that big stage all by herself. We couldn't believe she did it, and we are so proud of her! After the girls modeled their sportswear, they came back out to answer their on-stage question which they drew out of a hat.

Mikayla's question is "what is your favorite food to eat?". After a brief pause she answers "broccoli". This surprised Miss Andrea and everyone else in the room including me! Miss Andrea then asked Mikayla "how much broccoli do you think you could eat?", to which she replies "a lot". The audience erupted into laughter.

Abbi takes her final walk as Little Miss Rising Star.

All the girls line up for awards.

Mikayla is crowned Petite Miss Rising Star by Abbi and Miss Nicole.

Bailey (Junior Miss Rising Star), Mikayla, and Joy (Preteen Miss Rising Star) pose for a picture together.

We are so proud of Drew and Mikayla! They are good children (not perfect, but good), and they make us proud everyday. They are very determined (they get that from their mommy), and very silly (they get that from their daddy)! We can't wait to see more great things from them!

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