Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest Fest 2007

Mikayla and I left Drew's game just a little early to get to Inman in time for her to dance at Harvest Fest. She was scheduled to dance four dances on two different stages. Daddy, Drew, Poppi, and Jennie came straight from the soccer after Drew's game (Drew's team won 4-1), and were able to see her dance! Mikayla danced The Locomotion and The Penguin with Jadyn, and then she, AnnaBeth, and Kenyon danced their tap and ballet dance together on the first stage. All the girls did a fantastic job, and they had a fully attentive audience! Then, we moved to the other stage they were scheduled to dance on. Because the stage was so small, Ms. Andrea decided the girls would dance in the street in front of the stage instead. Jadyn, Annabeth, and Kenyon all had to leave so Ms. Andrea asked Mikayla if she wanted to dance by herself. To my surprise Mikayla said she would dance The Locomotion, and Broadway by herself. She has never danced by herself in front of an audience (other than family of course), not even when Ms. Andrea offered to dance with her. I still wasn't sure she would perform until the music started and she began! She did amazing, and we were so proud of her! Someone who had stopped to watch even asked Ms. Nicole how old she was. They couldn't believe she was only four. I know this is not something I would have done when I was four years old - I wouldn't do this now!
Ms. Nicole talks to Mikayla before her song starts.
Mikayal dancing two of her dances all by herself! I was just beaming...

4th Soccer Game

Saturday was a busy day for us. Drew had a soccer game and then Mikayla was scheduled to dance with her dance company at a local Harvest Fest. We were excited to see how they both would do. These two sure keep us busy, but we enjoy every minute of it - especially watching their faces as they do what they love! Drew loves playing goalie, and has started in that position at 3 of the last four games. He does a pretty good job and has only allowed one goal scored against him! Here he is getting ready to start the game.
Drew kicks a ball into play - he got the ball across the line at half field!
In the other two quarters (he sat our second quarter) that Drew played in, he played forward. He enjoys this part as well, as he gets to run and try to score! We all enjoy cheering him on!

Fun at the Park!

I've been meaning to post these pictures for awhile. After one of Drew's soccer games Jennie went with us for lunch at Pizza Inn, and then we took the kids to the park. We had lots of fun and finished with a Shaved Ice. Two of my favorite pictures from the day!

You can tell by her hair that it was a windy day. The wind provided relief to humid temperatures!
Jennie had fun swinging with Mikayla!
It took him a little while to feel safe on this one! Now that he has the hang of it, he is so proud of himself!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Appetizer: How are you today?
I am fantastic! I always love Fridays - but our weekends tend to get a little busy with activities. This weekend we have a soccer game and Mikayla is dancing so...
Soup: Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.
This is a hard one because I don't watch much TV. I very seldom miss an episode of Big Brother when it is on. I like Survivor also, and I also watch CSI Miami pretty regularly.
Salad: What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?
A bad thunderstorm where a tornado warning was issued. We didn't see a tornado (thank goodness), but usually just a warning is enough to get me anxious! My family (mom, dad, sister, brother) lived in Myrtle Beach when Hurricane Hugo hit, but we didn't stay through it.
Main Course: If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?
Dessert: What do you usually wear to sleep?
My pajamas

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Positive Post Cards

The teachers in our school send out positive postcards to 2 of our students each week. We use these as another form of communication, and it's a way that all parents can receive "positive" news during the year. Mikayla received a postcard from Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Hayes last week, and Drew was excited to find a postcard in the mailbox from Mrs. Mitchell this week! They are not perfect by any means, but we are proud of both of them nonetheless! Way to Go Drew and Mikayla!!

PTA/Open House

Last night we had our first PTA meeting of the year, which is also our Open House. Teachers were working an extended day to gain one more day during our holiday (so we don't have to return until the students return). This meant we would be working until 6:30 with the PTA meeting starting at 7 and lasting until 8. This meant a LONG day for us, but now we get to look forward to a day off!! Craig came to pick up the kids and we all went to our Book Fair (it was also Family Night) so that Drew and Mikayla could pick out some books - like they need more of these as Craig would say!! We also picked up books that their teachers had "wished for" so that Drew and Mikayla could donate them to their classrooms. We then visited their classrooms early so mom could attend as well (if we wait until Open House Craig has to take them alone because I'm meeting with my parents). Drew and Mikayla really enjoyed "showing off" all they had been doing and learning so far this year!
After visiting their classrooms, it was back to my room to wait for my parents. Craig left with the kids to get dinner (our administration fed us Subway since we had such a long day), came home and checked homework, got them in the tub, and they were in bed when I got home. Long day, but it was nice that both of our angels were able to enjoy Open House for the first time!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Heads or Tails

This week Barb over at Skittles' Place has challenged us to write about pets (heads) or pet peeves (tails). Since you don't really want me to get started on my pet peeves (not really) I'll stick with heads this week! Plus, it gives me the opportunity to think back during my life and see just how many of my pets I can remember (I have a feeling I will be forgetting some). I will try to do this chronologically.
1. Bunky - sheep dog that my parents had gotten as a puppy before I was born. He lived until I was 12 years old, and at times in my life he was taller than I.
2. Hamsters - we had four (2 one time and 2 another time). The problem with our hamsters was they kept finding a way out of their cage. My brother and I thought all of our hamsters ran away and never came back. My daddy didn't tell us until we were adults that one time he found them in the mouse traps. (We lived in the country and my parents kept traps around the house all the time - out of our sight/reach of course.) He didn't have the heart to tell us at the time.
3. Sam - the cat we had the longest when I was very young. We had other cats, but they were mostly strays that we started feeding and they all stayed outside.
4. Bosco (Bobo) - we got him from my aunt when her dog had puppies.
5. Brandi - cocker spaniel we got when I was 9 (at the time he was 6 months old). This has been my favorite pet of all the pets I've had. He followed me around everywhere. He slept in my bed, and he was such a comfort when I was having a bad day (teenage years there are quite a few of those - or there were for me anyways). He ended up getting sick and my dad found him at the bottom of our stairs the day he was scheduled to be put to sleep. I never knew they had made an appointment for this, and I found comfort in the fact that he didn't have to be. He was like my baby before I had my babies!
6. Snake - my brother's and I don't even remember the name of the thing.
7. Charlotte, Wilbur, and Flopsy - My brother, sister, and I all had rabbits. We enjoyed playing with them, but they were so big we didn't get to hold them much.
8. Buddy - lab mix that we got when my grandparents' dog had puppies. He was an outside dog, and my brother claimed him. My parents still had Buddy once I was married and moved out. He died just a few years ago from cancer. Drew still remembers and misses Buddy.
9. Romeo - cocker spaniel that Craig bought for me because he knew how much I loved Brandi. Romeo was older when we got him, and he ended up biting Craig while I was pregnant with Drew. We decided we could not risk our son being bitten, so we found Romeo a family with a home in the country.
10. Turtles - I'm not sure how many we had or what their names were - we didn't keep these very long.
11. Hermit Crabs - we get these almost every year at the beach, but we can never keep them alive.
12. Rabbits - Craig and I decided we would get Drew and Mikayla rabbits (daddy gave us the cage we had kept Charlotte, Wilbur, and Flopsy in).
13. Birds - We have had 4 birds total, and Drew mentioned just this morning that he would like to have another parrot (he meant parakeet). The first two we got after Drew fell in love with GG Ma and GG Pa's bird the first time we went to Florida with him (he was 9 months old). After awhile, he lost interest in the two we had here (we were also afraid he would turn the cage over on top of him - he was learning to walk), so we gave those two to my cousin.
14. Red - a hamster that Drew picked out and named all by himself.
15. AJ - black lab we got about two years ago from a teacher at Drew and Mikayla's daycare. Ms. Amy said AJ was about 2 years old, and he was another favorite pet of mine (not to mention Drew and Mikayla's). One morning we woke up and AJ was gone - we think someone picked him up.
16. Brandi - yellow lab (already named) that we got from one of my cousin's customers. We had to give her back because she kept jumping over our fence and we were afraid she would get hit by a car.
17. Fish - this is one that could have run through the whole post.
I have had several different pets in my life - can you tell we love animals?? Every time I get ready to hit publish I think of something else. Maybe I could update this sometime with pictures of some of these pets. Right now we are without pets. I would LOVE to have an English bulldog one day. I keep saying this will have to be when my children get older because I hear you have to "baby" them. Plus they are a little expensive so I'll have to save up...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Pocketbook??

I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a larger pocketbook - one that holds my camera! I missed several opportunities for pictures last week, and you know we can't have that! Right??

Soccer Game Number 3

Saturday morning we had to be at the fields early because Drew's team had pictures before their game. We were all tired because we stayed out later than usual at the football game Friday night. It was very hard for Drew and Mikayla to get up and get going Saturday. I am so upset at myself that I forgot my camera this week. Drew's team played against Trey's team. You may remember Trey from the posts from our beach trip this summer. Trey is Craig's step-sister's son. All I could think was that Nana sure would love to see pictures of two of her grandsons on the field. Sorry Nana!! The game was awesome. Drew's team scored the first goal of the game, but then Trey's team went up by 3 goals during the second quarter (Drew sat this quarter out). Then in the 3rd and 4th quarters Drew's team got back into the game and were only down by one goal. They couldn't get another goal scored by the time the ref blew the final whistles, but they sure played hard trying to. Most of the boys had taken shots and had only missed by inches (Drew included). By the way I was sweating at the end of the game, you might have thought I was playing. Didn't think you could get so tired just from cheering...

Drew was upset on the way home that his team had lost, but when I asked if he had fun, he responded "YES". I reminded him that having fun was most important. He is so competitive that sometimes he forgets...

It was a great game, and Tracy (Trey's dad) even commented after the game that we had a "strong little kicker" on our hands. That made me smile...

Picture of Daddy's Truck

I said I'd post a picture when I got it. Since he still uses his "old truck" as his work truck I decided that I would post a picture of both the "old truck"...

and the NEW truck!!! The reason this picture is darker is because my daddy let my sister drive his new truck to church tonight, and it was getting dark by the time she got home with it. Ain't he sweet??? Oh yea, can you tell he likes red??

Fun at the Park!

Just down the street from Mikayla's dance studio is a park. Last week, we went to the park while we waited for Miki's dance class to start. Mikayla got to play, but Drew had to sit beside me the whole time because he had a hard day at school.
So, this Thursday we went back to the park before dance class and BOTH Drew and Mikayla were able to play!! They both had a wonderful week at school, with Drew getting a "good note" every day! They both are doing well academically as well - Drew making A's and B's on everything, and Mikayla learning to read! They both had so much fun at the park! There was a little girl there that Mikayla was trying to "mama". She even said "I wanna take her home" - like she was a baby doll or something. Drew took his soccer ball and shared it with several little boys who were there. I wish I had remembered my camera - they were so sweet! Oh well, maybe we will have another great week and we'll be able to go to the park again...

Exercise Class

I'm still attending exercise class every week, though I had to miss one Thursday and one Tuesday due to other classes I have to attend within our district. We finished up our first four-week cycle on Thursday. I am beginning to tell a difference in the way my clothes fit, but I can tell more in my face and fingers (I can always see a change there first for some reason). The biggest changes I've noticed is that 1. my back does not hurt like it used to every morning (it has never been the same since the two epidurals I had with Drew and Mikayla), and 2. I have lots more energy. I'm still not drinking as much water as I should, and I could make healthier choices with meals so I will keep those as my goals. Each week I am able to do a little more, so I know I'm on the right track, but I still have a long way to go. We start the second four-week cycle on Tuesday, and I am excited!!

Jonathan and Jessica's Game

Wednesday night, we went to watch Uncle Jonathan and Jessica play softball - this was not their first game but it was the first one we had made it to. They are playing on a coed team for Quality Home Medical (the company my brother does some work for some). This is the first year Quality has played in an organized league, so they are doing well considering that. At the game we attended they played a team that has played softball for a LONG time (this team also plays in many different leagues). The way they played you would have thought the players ate, slept, and breathed softball. They scored 15 points to Quality's 0 to end the game with the 15 point rule. We did get to see Uncle Jonathan catch a couple fly balls for some outs, and we watched him get the only hit for Quality - a single. Hey, the most important thing is that they are having fun, right? We will be going back to watch more - and I'll have to be sure not to leave my camera at home! :)

Am I Cut Out for This?

Tuesday we had our first Teacher Forum meeting of the year (we will have four of these this year). This year's meetings are led by last year's district teacher of the year. So who will lead these meetings next year (invitations, snacks, agenda, etc)?? You guessed it...ME!! I am terrified. Put me in front of my little ones and I can go on and on...put me in a small group of my peers where we are all conversing and I can go on and on (just ask my husband)...but put me in front of a large group of my peers (not to mention these are all school level teachers of the year and district office personnel) and who knows what might happen. Even though they are all very nice and supportive and I know many of them from working with them before, I worry that I will say/do something wrong. I also learned that I will be attending two conferences (one for enjoyment, and one where I have to create a display about our district), all while completing my state teacher of the year application. I still consider this award an extreme honor especially since I have only been in the classroom 6 years (this is my 7th), and I will remember it always! I think my lack of experience in the classroom (in comparison to many others') is causing me to doubt myself. I'll keep ya posted!

Still Here

I've got to get back to posting daily - I have lots of catching up to do when I don't. Last week was a very busy week for us. Monday - Doctor appointments and Drew to soccer practice, Tuesday - Teacher Forum meeting (Where I found out some of my duties that come with being district teacher of the year - I'm terrified by some of these by the way. More to come on this later...), Wednesday - we went to watch Uncle Jonathan and Jessica play softball, Thursday - exercise class and Miki to dance, Friday - Miki to dance and then we all went to the football game (high school), Saturday - Drew's soccer game. I have already posted about some of these, and will be posting on others... just as soon as I get the chance! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday's Feast!

Appetizer: What is your favorite type of art?
I'm not sure if you would consider this art, but I love pretty much any type of craft (looking at, and making).

Soup: When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?
Last night. My dad fed Craig, Drew, Mikayla, and I Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Salad: On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?
Oh, that's a BIG 10. Sometimes Craig will say "why are you crying?" to which I start laughing. I know sometimes people think I'm crazy, but I have always worn my heart on my sleeve.

Main Course: Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?
That's hard to say because some days I have many to respond to, others I have very few. On a busy day, probably close to an hour if you add up the time I spend responding to emails from parents at school, and my personal emails at home.

Dessert: To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?
I love it set on 72. My husband, though, is ALWAYS hot so he is always pulling the thermostat down. We fight (not really) over the thermostat constantly! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heads or Tails

I've been posting my "Heads or Tails" posts on Tuesday nights after the children go to I know some of you may not be able to read them until Wednesday. I'm sorry about that, and my goal is to do better... *smile* With that said, the topic that Skittles chose this week is Keys. Since it is a "heads" week we can interpret this any way we want. This has been the most difficult topic for me so far...
I loved Mama Pajamas post about keys, and I almost took her idea! After much thought, I decided I would post the "keys to my heart" just in case hubby reads (he better)!
1. A home-cooked meal - cooked by anyone other than me.
2. Kitchen cleaned after above said home-cooked meal.
3. Laundry that is washed, folded, and put away (again by someone other than me)!!!!!
4. Cleaned, swept, and mopped bathroom - could be either one, you choose (again...get the picture?)
5. A night out at one of my favorite restaurants.
This list could go on and on really, although funny how it has changed over the years. 8 years ago this list would have read 1. roses/flowers, 2. jewelry, 3. chocolates, etc.

I give Craig a hard time about helping around the house and such, but I really don't have much to complain about. He is a terrific husband, and wonderful father, and I'm quite lucky to have him!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Daddy's New Truck

My daddy has been looking for a new truck for almost a year now. He has driven his 1988 Chevrolet for the past 19 years. It still looks almost new (he's had it painted free of charge several times due to recalls), and it still runs well. He's even keeping it for a work truck. My daddy has always been the one to take care of everyone else first, so I am glad he finally did this for himself! He bought a 2007 GMC Sierra today that is absolutely beautiful! Drew and Mikayla love it - Mikayla even said "Poppi you did gud"! Drew said "I wish Poppi lived with us", and when I asked him why he said "because he is so sweet"! I agree - there is no one who deserved this more than my daddy. He always makes sure his family is taken care of - house to live in, dependable vehicles, education, clothes, shoes, etc. while he is so selfless. I am so happy for you daddy - enjoy it because you deserve it! I hope to have some pictures of it to post soon - I should have grabbed my camera when they came over tonight but I was too excited to remember!

6 year and 4 year check - ups

This afternoon we went to see Dr. Berry for Drew and Mikayla's yearly check-ups. I knew that Mikayla would have to get her 4 year old immunizations, but had no idea that Drew would also need a shot. There is not a second (optional) vaccine against chicken pox. Since the nurse felt pretty sure this would be a mandatory vaccine by the end of this year, we opted for Drew to go ahead and get this while we were there. Thank goodness Craig went with me - I've now decided against having both of their check-ups on the same day. Aside from this, we are very happy to report that we have two healthy children! Drew weighs 79 pounds and is 46 inches tall, and Mikayla weighs 59 pounds and is 42 inches tall. Dr. Berry says they are both in the 90th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight. He commented that both will probably be pretty tall adults.
While there, I voiced some of the concerns we have with Drew's behavior (both at home and at school) with Dr. Berry. Even though Drew makes good grades (all A's and B's so far), he has a hard time focusing his attention on things he's not interested in, staying on task, and completing his work. He is also impulsive, and he loves to be silly (like a class clown). Neither of his teachers (kindergarten or first grade) have brought up ADD/ADHD, but the teacher in me was a little concerned. Drew also has a "late birthday" as his birthday is July 6th and the cut-off for school is September 1st. He is in the same grade with some who are almost a year older than him. It has been hard to tell whether the behaviors we have been seeing are related to maturity or if in fact there is a medical problem. Mrs. Mitchell and I agreed that it wouldn't hurt to talk with the doctor about this during our visit today.
I am relieved to report that the doctor feels that while Drew is having academic success we should not worry about ADD/ADHD. He feels that we should give Drew a little more time to "mature" so that there is not a misdiagnosis. He suggested that we continue talking to Drew about his day, and remind him to stay on task. He also suggested that Drew maybe move to a different area in the classroom to help him focus his attention. His teacher has already done this (with Drew's input, as Drew told her he "thinks better with his desk at the front of the room" and moved it himself) and it seems to be working. I was glad that Drew realized and suggested this himself so he doesn't feel embarrassed! Neither his teacher, nor myself, want to crush his esteem!! He also suggested a reward chart at home to help with his impulsiveness. We have tried this before, but we are willing to try it again. Both Craig and myself will do whatever it takes to help our children!
I say I was relieved because as I read through a huge file that a fellow teacher has accumulated on ADD/ADHD this weekend, I began to feel so many emotions. I shared that I now have more compassion (not that I wasn't compassionate before, but now I can say I've been there) for other parents going through this same situation. I felt guilty (maybe we had been punishing Drew for things he couldn't help, is there anything I've done that could have caused this, etc.), scared (if he needs medicine how will it affect him), and worried (I don't won't him to ever feel inferior to others or for his self-esteem to be crushed) to name a few. Dr. Berry did not rule this out, so this may be something we have to face in the future, but right now we wait. My hope is that this is something Drew will "grow out" of.
Even with this possibitly, we know that we are very blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy children, and for that we give God all the glory.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2nd Soccer Game

Drew had his second soccer game on Saturday. His team played very well, but lost to another great team 3 - 2. Because there are 7 players on Drew's team, one player has to sit out 2 quarters one game this season. I volunteered to make the schedule for this, and this was Drew's game to sit out twice. He was not happy about this, but seemed to understand that everyone would have a turn and this was his.

Drew was captain for this game so he was on the field for the "coin toss".

Drew had control of the ball a few times during this game, but didn't score a goal. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't let this bother him! We are so proud of his effort.

Drew really wanted to play goalie again during this game. He seemed to have a hard time understanding that everyone wanted to play goalie, but not everyone had a turn yet. I think he understands now that once everyone has a turn, he will get another chance. Next game - this Saturday. I am now a fan of soccer, and find myself looking forward to his games with much anticipation!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Week of Dance!

Mikayla had her first week of dance this week. She is taking two classes again this year, but she is taking 4 different types of dance (2 per class). She will continue with tap, ballet, and jazz, but this year she decided to add clogging to that! She would also love to take hip-hop, but mom can only do so much!! It is hard enough to get her there two days per week with school, church, and Drew's extra-curricular's!! She enjoyed her classes on Thursday and Friday as Jadyn, Abbi, and Timothy (from last year) were all there with her. There are also a few new girls and boys this year (one little girl from her daycare) so she is making new friends. She will be dancing 4 dances from last year's recital at Harvest Fest at the end of this month, and she is looking forward to that. She loves a stage...

There Goes Another Tooth!

On our way home from dance last night I called to see what Craig and Drew were doing. Drew asked how close I was to home, and when I told him we had just left dance he said "hurry mom, I gotta show you somethin'". He said "you'll have to take a picture", then he tried to trick me by saying "I've got this funny shirt on". My first thought was he had dressed up in one of his old Halloween costumes as both he and Mikayla do that from time to time. Once we got home, he greeted me with his hand over his mouth. At that time I thought he was going to try to "scare" me with his Halloween "fangs". When he took his hand down and smiled, I started jumping and screaming! I couldn't believe he lost that top tooth (his first one on top), and he looked just too cute! I asked him who pulled it, and he had to tell me the whole story. He was sitting with daddy watching TV, and he had been wiggling that tooth the whole time. He wiggled it a little too hard one time, and it popped (flew to be exact) right out. Craig got him to the bathroom to rinse his mouth and get the bleeding to stop (sorry to be graphic), and then they returned to the living room to "find" Drew's tooth. They were able to find it on the carpet, and Drew left it for the Tooth Fairy last night. He came in this morning to wake me up and tell me the Tooth Fairy left him 5 dollars again!!! Too bad we just had school pictures taken this past Tuesday, he could have his missing tooth picture in the annual. Oh well, at least we will have this one forever!!


I was in the middle of my "I got and award" post (see below) last night when we lost power. It rained off and on all day yesterday here (I won't complain though, because we sure needed it.), but it started storming last night. At one point there was a tornado warning issued about 30 minutes from us. I don't mean to complain about not having power or access to internet while others were experiencing such severe weather. Just wanted to share the reason I didn't have these posted yesterday!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I Got an Award!

Mama Pajama has shared the "You Make Me Smile Award" with me! Bridget over at And Miles To Go... created this award for those in the blogger world who make us smile. Both Bridget and Mama Pajama make me smile daily, and I feel honored to share in this with them!! It makes you feel wonderful to know that others read your blog, and that your words might make them smile! So, the fun part is passing the award on...

This award goes to...
1. Becca - She always leaves the sweetest comments on my blog that surely make me smile. I am always sure to find something on her blog that brings a smile to my face when I visit (at least once per day)!
2. Nicole - Another mom who makes me smile daily! Her children are older, and I enjoy reading about her experiences.
3. Renee - Her comments are always sweet, and her blog is wonderful! Another that makes me smile daily!

Congratulations ladies!! Take your award and pass it on to at least 3 others!

Friday's Feast

Appetizer: When was the last time you visited a hospital?
June 2004 when Mikayla was admitted. I had dropped her off at daycare that morning, no problems. The daycare called me at school at 10:30 to tell me her temperature was 104. I didn't even tell my principal I was leaving. I told my assistant and our secretary, got my things and left. I called our pediatrician as I drove to pick her up to tell them we were on our way. She had gotten a Urinary Tract infection that had developed into a kidney infection. They determined that she had Renal Reflux (not harmful unless you get a urinary tract infection - then it could develop into a kidney infection and cause kidney damage). She's fine now, thank goodness. She not even on medicine every night (we were for two years) to keep her from getting an infection anymore. Our prayer is that this is behind us.

Soup: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
8 - I tend to set lots of goals for myself, and I feel that I'm a hard worker...

Salad: Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukelele tings healthily.)
Let's Eat Good Stuff - you can see where my mind is... lol

Main Course: If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
The club would definitely be a scrapbooking club. As far as the name, that's tough. Creative Croppers??

Dessert: What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heads or Tails

This week Skittles called Tails. We are to post about where we were/what we were doing when we received news that our nation was under attack six years ago today.
I was in my classroom teaching my first group of students. In the middle of one of my sentences I hear a knock at our door. This is not unusual, and my thoughts were another teacher must have a question (I mean what did I know, it was my first year!!) When I opened the door to our classroom, I was surprised to find one of my parents (still remember this vividly and could call the child's and parent's name). She says "I need to get ****** we are being attacked". (Thank goodness she was in the hall and none of my students heard her!!) I had been in my classroom since our bell rang (at 7:40 Eastern time) so I had no idea what she was talking about. I responded with "WHAT, who is??" She replied "the United States". I immediately thought about my own child, Drew, (only 8 weeks old at the time). We didn't have time to talk as I had to get back to the rest of my students and my assistant. Our students headed to their activity a short time after this and my assistant and I were able to talk with staff in our front office (they had been watching the television). We were also able to watch a TV that had been moved into our workroom (kids aren't allowed in there). I remember staring at that TV in a blank stare like "this can't be happening". The same look was on every teachers' face that was in there while I was.
Still thinking about how horrific this all was, and not being real sure where the attacks would end I called my mom. She was off on Tuesdays at the time, so I asked if she would pick up Drew from daycare. We very rarely ask anyone else to pick up our children, but I wanted to know that my son was with family. I thought if I can't be there to hold him close, I wanted him with my mom. She went and picked him up. After school I picked Drew up from my mom and dad's house. I don't really remember anything else that happened that day. I know we watched the continuous television coverage and prayed a lot - prayed for the victims and their families, hoped that rescuers would find more survivors, and prayed for the families who didn't know about their loved ones!

This was a day in our history that we will NEVER forget! I am so thankful for our service men and women - those who were courageous on 9/11/01 and went into the towers (risking their own lives) to save others, and those who are fighting overseas presently.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I don't have any fingernails left, but it is so worth it. The South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Georgia Bulldogs tonight for the first time since 2001. Did I mention they beat them in Athens??? Makes it that much sweeter - oh, to have been there...

First Soccer Game!

The team huddle before the game.
Today was Drew's first soccer game. His game was scheduled to start at 12:00, but the 11:00 game ran over, so we didn't officially start until 12:20. Here we are at the soccer fields with the midday sun shining directly on us. I immediately regretted my forgetfulness as I didn't apply sunscreen to either of the kids. It's so hard to tell when they are getting sunburned because they are like me, and their skin reddens when they get hot. Lucky for us games only last 1 hour so it wasn't like we were out there all day. Another parent on our team remembered she had an umbrella in her car, and she graciously let us use it to shade Mikayla (and Drew during breaks). We were so thankful for that kind gesture, and I'm happy to report that neither are sunburned. I wish I could say the same for me - my scalp is red (where my hair parts), and also my right arm (my left one must have been under the umbrella?). It's not bad though, and I'll be fine! Just glad my angels aren't burned!!! Note to self: On game days, not only do we need lots of water and blankets to sit on (which we had today), but also sunscreen and a big umbrella!! We have learned so much about this game already...

During the first quarter, Drew played goalie. He didn't get much action though, as our kids kept the ball at the other end of the field for the most part!

The next quarter Drew played forward (I think this is correct, I still am not too sure of the positions). He loves playing goalie, but he also loves to run after the ball! It's great that all the kids get a chance to play goalie!!

Drew sat out the third quarter - because we have 7 players two sit out each quarter. I love this, too, because it gives the kids a chance to rest during the game!

Drew was back in the game for the fourth quarter, and SCORED the last goal of the game!! GO DREW!! We were ecstatic - this is Drew's first year playing, so we thought it might take him awhile to get the rules of the game. Poppi, Jennie, daddy, mommy, and Mikayla were there to cheer him on. His face after he scored was priceless. He turned from the goal to me and said (with two thumbs up) "I got it in!!" Drew's team won their first game 3 - 0. We were so proud of the teamwork that these boys displayed!! Gooo Tiger Sharks!!

Both teams played well! It was an awesome game to watch. Did I say I didn't like watching soccer?? It's different with your child on the field!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday's Feast!

Appetizer: Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?

Soup: What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?
The leaves changing color, and the cooler weather. Oh yea, can't forget football - attending games.

Salad: Have you ever had any bad experiences online?
None come to mind, but I'm sure I've had them. Maybe I'm just blocking them out...

Main Course: Name three things that make you happy daily.

Dessert: What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?
Clorox Clean-up

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exercise Class

Well, I have survived two weeks of our after - school exercise class. There are 30+ teachers participating with our "personal trainer" that our administration brought in - pretty awesome right?? I dread the end of the school days on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I know she is going to work our tails off, but once I get in there I have so much fun! And, I feel great afterwards. Since I am not a fan of scales (or what they tell me) I don't weigh myself regularly. I know that some "experts" say weighing yourself regularly helps you lose weight because you can "see" your progress. I feel there are other ways I can "see" my progress - the energy I have, the way my clothes fit, my desire to exercise (amazing for me). My goal is to drop sizes (not worried so much about weight - I know "about" what I weigh anyway), and to get healthier. I have only been this excited about exercise one other time in my life and that was right after I had my daughter when I was attending Curves. That program worked for me, but when I slacked off the weight piled back on. Kristen makes this fun, and she is so enthusiastic about exercise that it rubs off on you (or it has me)! I'm still walking almost one mile every day, and I'm even exercising a little each night at home. I'd say I'm off to a great start - now I hope I can just keep up this momentum!

My goal for the next two weeks (we are going to assess after four weeks) is to make better decisions regarding my eating. Some days I go all day on nothing until I get home and have supper. I know this is not healthy and it is not helping me shed any pounds either. My goal these next two weeks is to get a good breakfast in - not worry so much about lunch (we have 30 minutes and by the time I get my kids seated and things opened for them, well, that time is just gone), and then eat a balanced supper. I also have got to start drinking more water. Ok, so if my brain knows these things why can't I get my arms/mouth to follow??

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

The Gal Herself has tagged me for the FIVE BEST NIGHTS, SO FAR Meme.
The rules: list the 5 best nights that you can recall and then tag four other people and see if the meme can continue. She says she thinks she knows what 3 of mine will be - I wonder if she's right?

These are my 5 in the order in which they occured...

1. The night my now hubby proposed - March 30th 2000. I had gotten pulled over on my way home from school (college) and was very upset. Luckily I only received a warning - I wonder if it had anything to do with the tears I shed (total meltdown)?? I called Craig while I was home getting ready to go to work, and he knew how upset I was. I wasn't aware of course, but he had already bought my ring and was planning to propose on Easter. After hearing my news, he decided he would surprise me after work. When I got to his house that night he had me sit down while he went to get "a surprise". He came out with roses and in the roses was a purple (my favorite color) plastic egg. When I opened it I found my ring. By this time he was on his knees and asked if I would be his wife. Through tears, I replied yes - of course!

2. Wedding Day/Night - December 29, 2000: Craig and I were married at the courthouse with only my mom, dad, sister, his dad, brother, and sister-in-law present. Since we didn't have a honeymoon, we returned to "our" house. Neither of us have any regrets about this, however, and it is still one of the most important nights of our lives (he better agree)!

3. July 6, 2001 - the day Drew was born! Holding my son for the first time was like nothing else I've ever experienced! It is still so vivid in my mind. So sweet, perfect, and dependent on me!

4. August 28, 2003 - the day Mikayla was born! Holding my daughter for the first time had me feeling all those emotions I felt on number 3 all over again! Again, this day/night is still very vivid in my mind! So beautiful, tiny, and perfect! Mikayla's birth story still to come - promise!

5. It's hard for me to find something that compares to those previous on my list, but I would have to say August 13, 2007 is something I'll never forget. When I was announced as our district's teacher of the year I was completely shocked. So many emotions and feelings came with this announcement! Such an honor...

Now, for the tag...
1. Becca
2. Mama Pajama
3. Nicole
4. Skittles

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heads or Tails?

This week's topic is School - ahhhh one that's close to my heart.

I could go on and on about school - lol - wonder why? I think I'll start by mentioning one of my favorite teachers when I was in school. She was my first grade teacher and her name was Mrs. Turney. She was kind, fair, and made you feel like you were the most important thing in her classroom! She was always positive (at least in my memories), but she expected us to give our best on every assignment. She is part of the reason I chose teaching as my profession. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up - and now I have that wonderful opportunity! More on that later...

Another reason school is near and dear to my heart is because as of this year, both of mine are at the school with me every day! It is wonderful to be able to see school through the eyes of my children! You see it all the good, the bad, the ugly. My personal experience in school was a positive one (like you couldn't figure that out - would I want to be there every day if it wasn't). I got in trouble for talking (imagine that), but that was the extent of it. I love watching the reactions of my children as they learn something new, complain about homework (okay so maybe I don't love this one at the time), and talk about the friends they've made. Oh, to be a kid again...

I have the opportunity to go to school every day! It is such a challenging career, but I also feel it is one of the most rewarding! I get to make a difference in the lives of children, our future, every day! I thought I would share an acrostic poem:

S - students - Would it be school without them?

C - community - Schools should be communities made up of learners - where everyone learns.

H - helping - Helping each other be the best we can be (students, faculty, parents, etc.).

O - observant - Hopefully everyone in the "community" is observant of students' needs.

O - overachievers - I strive to have a classroom full of these - help students find a desire to learn, a desire to achieve!

L - love learning - In my book most important. I want my students to be life-long learners!!

WOW - this was fun!! Hopefully I didn't bore you too much! When it comes to school/learning I could talk ALL day!!

To see how others responded, or to get started on your own Heads or Tails, click on over to Skittles' Place. Thank you Skittles for another great topic!! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

To celebrate Labor Day we decided to have family and friends over for supper and to watch (part of) the Clemson/Florida State game. We were planning to cookout, but decided to get hash instead. Food was delicious and the time with our family and friends was precious as always!
As for the game: Craig and his family are huge Clemson fans, and the "Bowden Bowl" is always a big game to watch! Craig loved the first half of the game, but during the second half he was getting a lil' frustrated!! Drew and Trish play with the Nerf guns while waiting on supper. Poppi, and Uncle Jonathan were also in on the act. Jennie enjoys her food!
Drew pours his own tea with daddy's help. Look at my poor husband...he didn't have any clothes, so he had to wear mine! LOL I really just think he wanted all the attention on him - he said "what do you think they'll say about my clothes?"

Poppi and Mikayla acting silly - you can tell my dad LOVES to have his picture taken?
Jonathan shares a chip with Jessica. Don't let that sweet smile fool ya - Mikayla has her Mimi (and Poppi too)wrapped around her little finger! Drew does as well - here he's being our silly little monkey!

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time tonight! Craig recovered once the time clock of the game read 00:00 and the scoreboard showed Clemson had won!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mikayla's Birthday Party

As soon as I woke up this morning I rolled over to see how warm Mikayla felt (we put her in the bed with us last night since she was sick). To my surprise she didn't feel warm at all. When I got in bed last night she was burning up, and she said "everything hurts". I was thinking the worst, and had mentally planned to call the doctor this morning. Since she wasn't warm, I got started on her cake (see post below) instead of making that call. When she got up, I asked how she felt. She said nothing hurt and she didn't have a fever, so the party was on!! We are so thankful that it doesn't appear to have been anything serious!

The kids LOVE going to Mimi and Poppi's in the summer to swim, so it makes sense that they would want to have some parties there! It works out really great for mom and dad too, because we get cake, ice cream, and Little Caesar's Pizza and the pool provides plenty of entertainment for the kiddies! Thank you again mom and dad for letting us have Mikayla's party there - We know you put in a lot of work to get ready for the party and we appreciate it!!

I love this picture! Their faces show how much fun they were having in the pool! Mikayla had her yellow float on, but when Bree got their and had "swimmies" on, Mikayla wanted her "swimmies" on too.

The girls - well some of them... The little ones had a ball playing with Lauren and Samantha in the pool!

The boys being boys!

After swimming, it was time for pizza - the adults enjoyed some too!

After pizza, Mikayla opened her gifts.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Mikayla wanted to cut the cake from the bakery first because she wanted to "save my castle for home".

It was a great party, and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time - especially Mikayla! Happy Birthday baby girl!!

Mikayla's Cake!!

After making my first ever cake for Drew's birthday, I decided I was feeling brave enough to make one for Mikayla's party. Since she loves princesses and anything pink right now, I searched the Internet for "princess cakes". I found recipes for making the "Barbie" doll cakes, and then came across this castle cake. You would know Mikayla would choose it! I mean, it has a total of 8 layers (I opted for 6, 3 large squares and 3 small ones)- you may remember I had a hard time centering Drew's 2 layer cake and it was crumbling when I frosted it.
Since Mikayla's party started at 5 this afternoon, I got up first thing this morning and got to work on her "castle". I had ordered her a cake from our local bakery in case this one didn't turn out - you can't have a birthday party without cake right?
This cake was much easier than I thought it would be - you can tell from the picture it's not perfect, but it turned out very cute! Mikayla loved it and that's most important!! I used a "butter" batter so the cake was heavier and that helped to keep the layers from sliding/falling - thank goodness for the tips that others had left!
I had the most fun decorating it - and the kids got in on the act! I kept thinking of ways you could change it (to look completely different) just by using different decorations.

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