Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PTA/Open House

Last night we had our first PTA meeting of the year, which is also our Open House. Teachers were working an extended day to gain one more day during our holiday (so we don't have to return until the students return). This meant we would be working until 6:30 with the PTA meeting starting at 7 and lasting until 8. This meant a LONG day for us, but now we get to look forward to a day off!! Craig came to pick up the kids and we all went to our Book Fair (it was also Family Night) so that Drew and Mikayla could pick out some books - like they need more of these as Craig would say!! We also picked up books that their teachers had "wished for" so that Drew and Mikayla could donate them to their classrooms. We then visited their classrooms early so mom could attend as well (if we wait until Open House Craig has to take them alone because I'm meeting with my parents). Drew and Mikayla really enjoyed "showing off" all they had been doing and learning so far this year!
After visiting their classrooms, it was back to my room to wait for my parents. Craig left with the kids to get dinner (our administration fed us Subway since we had such a long day), came home and checked homework, got them in the tub, and they were in bed when I got home. Long day, but it was nice that both of our angels were able to enjoy Open House for the first time!

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