Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest Fest 2007

Mikayla and I left Drew's game just a little early to get to Inman in time for her to dance at Harvest Fest. She was scheduled to dance four dances on two different stages. Daddy, Drew, Poppi, and Jennie came straight from the soccer after Drew's game (Drew's team won 4-1), and were able to see her dance! Mikayla danced The Locomotion and The Penguin with Jadyn, and then she, AnnaBeth, and Kenyon danced their tap and ballet dance together on the first stage. All the girls did a fantastic job, and they had a fully attentive audience! Then, we moved to the other stage they were scheduled to dance on. Because the stage was so small, Ms. Andrea decided the girls would dance in the street in front of the stage instead. Jadyn, Annabeth, and Kenyon all had to leave so Ms. Andrea asked Mikayla if she wanted to dance by herself. To my surprise Mikayla said she would dance The Locomotion, and Broadway by herself. She has never danced by herself in front of an audience (other than family of course), not even when Ms. Andrea offered to dance with her. I still wasn't sure she would perform until the music started and she began! She did amazing, and we were so proud of her! Someone who had stopped to watch even asked Ms. Nicole how old she was. They couldn't believe she was only four. I know this is not something I would have done when I was four years old - I wouldn't do this now!
Ms. Nicole talks to Mikayla before her song starts.
Mikayal dancing two of her dances all by herself! I was just beaming...

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Melanie said...

How sweet! I wondered when Harvest was this year. We enjoyed it in years past.

I guess we'll have to find a festival down here...oh wait, we have! Its called Carolina Football! :)

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