Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun at the Park!

Just down the street from Mikayla's dance studio is a park. Last week, we went to the park while we waited for Miki's dance class to start. Mikayla got to play, but Drew had to sit beside me the whole time because he had a hard day at school.
So, this Thursday we went back to the park before dance class and BOTH Drew and Mikayla were able to play!! They both had a wonderful week at school, with Drew getting a "good note" every day! They both are doing well academically as well - Drew making A's and B's on everything, and Mikayla learning to read! They both had so much fun at the park! There was a little girl there that Mikayla was trying to "mama". She even said "I wanna take her home" - like she was a baby doll or something. Drew took his soccer ball and shared it with several little boys who were there. I wish I had remembered my camera - they were so sweet! Oh well, maybe we will have another great week and we'll be able to go to the park again...

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