Sunday, September 16, 2007

2nd Soccer Game

Drew had his second soccer game on Saturday. His team played very well, but lost to another great team 3 - 2. Because there are 7 players on Drew's team, one player has to sit out 2 quarters one game this season. I volunteered to make the schedule for this, and this was Drew's game to sit out twice. He was not happy about this, but seemed to understand that everyone would have a turn and this was his.

Drew was captain for this game so he was on the field for the "coin toss".

Drew had control of the ball a few times during this game, but didn't score a goal. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't let this bother him! We are so proud of his effort.

Drew really wanted to play goalie again during this game. He seemed to have a hard time understanding that everyone wanted to play goalie, but not everyone had a turn yet. I think he understands now that once everyone has a turn, he will get another chance. Next game - this Saturday. I am now a fan of soccer, and find myself looking forward to his games with much anticipation!!

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Mama Pajama said...

It sounds like Drew is learning a lot. Not just about soccer, but about sharing, taking turns, and fairness...all great things about playing sports. Have a great day!

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