Sunday, September 23, 2007

Picture of Daddy's Truck

I said I'd post a picture when I got it. Since he still uses his "old truck" as his work truck I decided that I would post a picture of both the "old truck"...

and the NEW truck!!! The reason this picture is darker is because my daddy let my sister drive his new truck to church tonight, and it was getting dark by the time she got home with it. Ain't he sweet??? Oh yea, can you tell he likes red??


Mama Pajama said...

Wow, your dad's old truck still looks great too! I bet he always took really good care of it.

That football game was really fun to watch. Chris was telling me that Steve Spurrier had that big grin after LSU's fake field goal b/c he used to do that kind of stuff all the time when he coached at Florida. He is an awesome coach, especially b/c he's one of only a few head coaches that call every play. LSU certainly had their work cut out for them playing S. Carolina. Thanks for playing along with me about football. I mostly just get excited when LSU has a good season just b/c I know my husband will be in good spirits. He's the fanatic, not me!

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a beautiful truck!

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