Saturday, February 14, 2009

Award's Day!!

Thursday, January 22nd, was a special day for students at our school! Awards Day for the second nine weeks was just as special as the first! Each teacher planned an Awards Ceremony in their classroom. 2nd grade awards were at 9:30, so I attended Drew's first. I got to his classroom right at 9:30 and I could tell by his face that he had been worried I wouldn't make it. He said "I almost started crying cause I didn't think you were coming". I assured him that I wouldn't miss it for the world, but that it does take a minute for me to get from my classroom to his. After that, the smile never left his face!Drew goes up to accept his first award - perfect attendance.
Drew comes back to his seat with another award - Honor Roll. You may remember that he made straight A's the first nine weeks. The second nine weeks he had one B (in math) and the rest A's. I was very proud, but I also know that Drew is capable of straight A's all the time. He just has to set his mind to it...
Drew at his seat with yet another award - a music award from the music teacher.
After all of the awards were given out, my child leads some of his classmates in a Conga line - imagine that! I got the feeling that this was a routine occurrence in the class because before the line started I heard several students calling Drew's name.
Kindergarten awards were scheduled for 12:30, but I scheduled my class' celebration for 1:00 to give me the opportunity to see Mikayla. She had reminded me to "get there early". The first nine weeks my class was the same time but her teacher saved her awards for last so I could sneak in after I finished presenting my awards. Mikayla wanted to make sure I saw the whole thing this time...
Mikayla and her classmates wait patiently for their celebration to start.
Mikayla receives her first award - perfect attendance!Mikayla back at her seat with her second award - Most Caring! She also received a music award from her music teacher! I am so proud of her hard work this nine weeks!! All S's again on her report card - kindergarteners don't receive A's/B's/etc.
At the end of their celebration, Mikayla's class performed a song they had been learning about snowmen. I was at the door by this time getting ready to head to my class for my awards celebration. I did get to see the whole song.
I am so proud of both of my angels - my hope is that they always do this well in school!!

Where Does the Time Go?

Time with family and friends, basketball, dance, Weight Watchers, school/work, etc. has kept us very busy the past month. It hasn't taken long for me to get wayyyyyy behind with my posts. I'm not even sure I'll remember it all - especially the times I didn't have my camera. But I'll sure try, as I don't want to leave anything out!! Hang on to your seats - it has been as wild ride!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow Day!!!

On Tuesday, January 20th, Drew and Mikayla woke me up before my alarm clock went off to tell me that the ground was white. I immediately turned on the news to check for school closings. I was surprised to find that the two districts in our county that normally close before the others were on a 2 hour delay (we are in one of those districts), while the other 5 districts were closed. I told Drew and Mikayla that they might want to go back to bed just in case we had school. Mikayla took heed to the warning, however, Drew did not. I was not surprised about an hour later to see that our school district had closed as well. We didn't have much snow, but it was enough to cover the ground and our road. I thought I might get to go back to sleep for awhile since Mikayla had, but Drew had other plans. He was determined to get out in the snow to play. It wasn't all his fault I must admit - when it comes to snow I'm like a big kid. Drew, Mikayla, and I went out to play for about an hour after getting all bundled up. After coming in to warm up for awhile, Drew decided that he wanted his Poppi to come over and play in the snow with him. He called his Poppi, and not surprisingly he came directly over. (I'm not so sure why it is so hard for my daddy to tell my children "no" - he sure didn't have a hard time using that word when I was a kid!) Drew and Mikayla had so much fun playing with their Poppi and me in the snow - they didn't want to come in when it was time. Poppi reminded them that we needed to warm up, and I told them I needed to give Molly (our cocker spaniel) a bath. I think they were mostly sad because the snow was already beginning to melt. Drew and Mikayla (and mommy too!) is hoping for many more snow days this year!!
Drew and Mikayla were so excited to see the ground covered with this fluffy white stuff!!

Mikayla makes her first snow angel of the year - too bad there wasn't much snow.

Drew begins to make his first snow angel of the year. Because there wasn't much snow, they were both in the dirt by the time they finished.Poppi comes over to have a snowball fight with Drew and Mikayla!

Mikayla loves swinging on her swing set in the snow...

While Drew was determined to build a snowman - no matter how small!

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