Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikayla!

Happy birthday to our sweet, baby girl! It is so hard to believe that she turned 5 years old today! We got cupcakes to take to her friends in class today, and then she got to chose where we ate for dinner. I shouldn't have been surprised when she chose Chuck E. Cheese. Uncle Jonathan joined us there for some pizza and games - Drew and Mikayla both had a ball! Look for pictures from Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow! After we got home, Mimi and Poppi came over to give Mikayla one of her gifts - a Hannah Montana stage that has sounds and lights like a real stage! She LOVES it! She will be having her party on Sunday and they are saving some for her to open at her party. They also gave Drew a small gift (they gave Mikayla something small on Drew's birthday) - some guitar picks for his guitar that he got for his birthday. He couldn't have been happier! I will put pictures from all of our excitement from tonight up tomorrow!
I wanted to at least get a message up for our princess tonight - on her birthday! Happy birthday, baby girl! We are so thankful that God has allowed us to be your parents these past 5 years. No matter how old you get, you will always be our "baby girl"!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing Teacher!

Mikayla will often "play teacher" with me, or Drew, or whoever she can get to be her students. She loves to read and write and spends much of her time on those two activities. She also proclaims that she will be a teacher when she grows up. It doesn't surprise me when she wants to play teacher. It is so funny to watch her imitate her teachers. Last year, she imitated the way her teacher licked her finger before she turned a page in a book. This year, Mikayla is imitating how her teacher looks when she is "thinking out loud". Mikayla "plays teacher" and reads to mommy (her student)!
Drew, on the other hand, has never been one to "play teacher", so I was surprised (grateful) after the second day of school when he wanted to do this. He has found a love for school for school that he has never really experienced before and mommy is oh so grateful! He has always enjoyed math and science and learning all he can about those two things. He began reading at 4, and he is on grade level with reading. This is the first year he has ever said "I love reading" since he has started school!
Mommy was so tickled to "play student" for my teacher Drew! He did a terrific job of reading this book to Mikayla and me!
We are so proud of our little "school kids"!

A Friend at the Pool

On a beautiful sunny afternoon (one of our last free days before school started back), Drew, Mikayla, and I went to Mimi and Poppi's house to enjoy the pool. One of Drew's favorite things to do before we get in the pool is check the "bug box" which mommy is not real fond of. You never really know what will be in there until you lift the lid (and in my opinion, then it is too late). Normally, I don't allow Drew to do this without my dad, or my brother. On this particular day when Poppi and Drew checked the "bug box" they found a toad, and were able to save it from drowning. Poppi, Drew, and Mikayla look at the toad after taking it out of the "bug box". Drew is getting ready to scoop it up.
Our little guy loves all animals - doesn't matter what they look, er feel like. He wanted to keep this toad as his pet, but mommy had to refuse. Toads are much happier in the wild - don't you think?
That is my girly girl holding a toad - with Poppi's help of course. There are times I think "she will do anything for her Poppi"!
Drew and Mikayla had a lot of fun playing with their "new friend", but finally my dad and I convinced them that they had to leave it alone so it could hop on to safety. They did finally leave the poor thing alone, but Drew was still not real happy with mommy because she wouldn't let him have a new pet. I, for one, think that one dog, one hermit crab, and two goats are plenty!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Lazy Hazy days of Summer to the Busy Busy Days of School

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately! I always seem to forget how busy the beginning of each school year gets. I have so much to post about and so little time. I thought I would at least post a list of things to look for - coming soon...
(Nana, I haven't forgotten about sending you pictures either - I will try to get that tomorrow).)
  • Playing Teacher
  • We Love School
  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Mommy's New Title
  • Mikayla's Birthday
  • Mikayla's Party
  • And More...

I hope to have a chance tomorrow night to get some of these posted. Mikayla's birthday is Thursday so I want Thursday's post to be all about that! I will try my best to do better and at least get in a few posts each week...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school for students! It was Drew's first day of second grade and Mikayla was beginning kindergarten.

Mikayla reads Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten the night before she begins!

Drew and Mikayla love coming into my classroom, so we stopped by there this morning before heading to their classes (I had to unload my arms anyway). Our theme this year is S.E.A.S - Successfully Educating All Students hence the decorations. Drew likes my "sharks"!

I didn't get upset like I thought I would when dropping them off in their classes this morning- I guess I didn't really have time. I thought of Drew and Mikayla often throughout the day and wondered if their first days were going as good as mine! They didn't really want to get up this morning, but once they were up they were excited - and nervous!
Drew and Mikayla pose in Mikayla's classroom - you can't really tell from this picture, but they were both nervous!

Mikayla poses with her teacher, Mrs. Batson. She is also my mentor and she also had the privilege of teaching Drew in kindergarten! I'm not sure what I would do without this wonderful lady!

Drew with his teacher, Mrs. Turner! She is a fantastic teacher, and I know she will be good for our Drew!

It seems like they both had a very good day! Drew came home with a smiley face which is always good news. When I checked with Mrs. Batson this afternoon to see how Mikayla's day went she said, jokingly "was she even in here". That's always a good sign - Mrs. Batson didn't have to call her name all day! Mrs. Batson did share with me something that Mikayla said that she and her assistant just hooted over. She said "mama, this is one you have to write down and save forever". I thought no better place to write it than here, and I hope it makes you laugh (or at least smile) as it did me! Mrs. Batson said when they were making their lunch choices this morning she called on the first 3 students but they were very shy, so when she called on Mikayla she thought she would answer. So Mrs. Batson said "Mikayla what would you like for lunch today cheese sticks, bbq chicken sandwich, or peanut butter and jelly?" She said Mikayla replied in all seriousness "whooaaa, my mama said I'm not eating with y'all today". I laughed so hard, and I knew exactly how Mikayla had gotten confused. I packed her snack this morning for the after school program and told her that she wouldn't need to eat that in class, she would save that for after school. She took that as "I'm not eating with y'all today". Our silly girl! Mrs. Turner said that Drew was shy - I wondered if we were talking about the same Drew? I am so proud of both of our angels - a successful first day!

Happy Brithday to Mommy!

Wow, where to begin. I had a wonderful dinner out with my family (Craig, Drew, Mikayla, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my grandmother) last night! We enjoyed steaks, flounder, and shrimp from Coby's - it was delicious! Then we all went back to my mom and dad's for cake - my mom made me a delicious ice cream cake - yum!!! It was a fantastic way to start off my birthday - we celebrated some last night because my mom had to work tonight.
Then, today we were so busy getting ready for school this morning that I didn't even think much about my birthday. I was completely surprised when two of my parents came in to our classroom at lunch time carrying a bouquet of balloons, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and cake squares for me, my assistant, and all of our students! I couldn't believe that they remembered (we had also taught older children in both of these families). I also received a flower arrangement from a family that we had worked with two years ago - we have such thoughtful families in our school, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them!
Then, when I got home, Craig and the kids presented me with dinner (another night I didn't have to cook - it doesn't get much better than that lol) and gift cards to Cato's (my favorite place to shop for my clothes!). The best gift of all though was seeing my husband and precious children after a busy day!! A year older, and I hope I am wiser. It is hard to believe I'm already 29 - that number is okay though. It's the next one that I'm really not looking forward to!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whirlwind of a Week

This has been quite a week for my family, and the week that begins tomorrow doesn't appear to be any less busy. The district breakfast/convocation was very nice and our first ever Instructional Fair that our Teacher Forum helped to plan appears to have been a success. Drew had soccer practice Monday night so I was exhausted when we got home. I spent Tuesday putting the finishing touches on my classroom getting ready for registration on Wednesday.
Wednesday was a 12+ hour workday as we got to meet our 25 new students that we will be working with this year. It was also a little exciting (read gut-wrenching) as Craig and I registered our two little ones for school this year. It is so hard for me to believe that not only will Drew be coming with me to school this year, but so will Mikayla. I really have no more babies at home. It is so hard for me to believe that we have a son in second grade and a daughter in kindergarten - where has the time gone?? I am reminded by my wiser co-workers that I will turn around and they will be graduating from high school. I'm not so sure I like the sound of that.
Friday, I spend the day with Drew and Mikayla - it was all about them. We went and had a last lunch of the summer with daddy and then we spent the rest of the day at Mimi and Poppi's pool. We also enjoyed swimming in the pool with our friends Ms. Amy, Jadyn, and Trevyr on Saturday. We had a ball both days, and I didn't think about school at all (okay, so not much).
I am anxiously looking forward to Tuesday for many reasons...1. it is the first day of school (those fellow teachers out there know that we get butterflies just like the students), 2. my baby is starting kindergarten, and 3. it is my 29th birthday (29 and holding, by the way). I will also be planning Mikayla's 5th birthday party (2 weeks from today), and getting invitations out this week. Look for lots of updates to come - just as fast as I can get them...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One year, already

Meeting Dr. Rex, our State Superintendent of Education in February at the State Teacher Forum in Myrtle Beach!

One year ago in April, I was selected Teacher of the Year for my school. I anxiously waited all summer for our annual District-wide breakfast and convocation where I was being recognized and awarded along with 12 other Teachers of the Year, one from every other school in our district. I was quite shocked when, after we had each been recognized, my name was announced as District Teacher of the Year for 2007 - 2008. I couldn't believe that I was being given this amazing honor after only 6 years in the classroom. All along I had doubted myself because of the amount of experience I had.

Now, as I sit here on the eve of this year's District-wide breakfast and convocation, I have mixed emotions. I am nervous about sitting on the stage with District administrators during the convocation in front of 1,000+ District employees. I am excited about the opportunity to award the Teachers of the Year from each school for this year, and to help "crown" our new District Teacher of the Year. I am also a little sad that my year as Teacher of the Year has come to an end. It has been an amazing experience - one that I will never forget. The friends I have made while on this journey have become life-long friends, and the help that I have received along the way has been incredible!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Silly, Sweet Boy!

Drew is our jokester, always making us laugh at the things he says or trying some new prank. He acts just like his daddy! He asked to take his hermit crab to Mimi and Poppi's in hopes of showing it off, as we were going over there to swim this afternoon. I told him he could take the crab, but that I didn't think anyone would be at their house - I thought they would all be at work. He was thrilled to see Poppi's truck in the driveway when we pulled in. His exact words were "I guess you got told". I couldn't help but smile to myself (I remember using that exact phrase as a pre-teen/teen) as I reminded him that was not a polite way to talk - especially to your mama. Since I have not used that phrase in years and neither has Craig we are guessing he picked this up from daycare.
As we were leaving, I reminded Drew that he would need to carry his crab back out to the car. He replied "I can't, I'm already carrying two things. When I looked at him puzzled because I could only see that he was carrying a drink, he answered my unspoken question with "Poppi's drink and love...for you". My dad and I busted out laughing. Where does he get this stuff?

Funny, Sweet Girl!

One day this past week as we were headed out the door - me to work in my classroom and Drew and Mikayla to daycare - Mikayla noticed hair on the back of my pants. Our cocker spaniel, Molly, likes to sit in my recliner and typically I don't mind. However, I do not like how my clothes pick up her hair - her white hair at that. On this particular day I was wearing my black Capri's so the white hair on the back was very noticeable - especially to my daughter since this is on her eye level. She started dusting my backside off, and without missing a beat, said "we can't have you going to school with hair all over your pants". I don't always like to admit it - especially in the middle of one of her fits - but she is just like her mama!


If you ever had any doubt, let me assure you - hermit crabs will pinch. Drew and Mikayla have gotten them every year when we go on vacation to the beach and they have never been pinched before. Now, Mikayla will not hold them, but Drew loves "playing" with them. We did not get hermit crabs at the beach this year, but instead bought one last week from a friend who got one at the beach and was tired of it already. This crab is huge - well compared to any that we have gotten at the beach. The people we bought it from said it has doubled in size in the three weeks that they have had it. I'm a little afraid to think about how big this "creature" will get.

This crab is very active - again, more so than any we have ever gotten. My plan is to transfer him/her (I can't tell) to a 10 gallon aquarium (and maybe get a few friends) and take it to my classroom. We have taken care of the hermit crabs in a fourth grade classroom every year while they go on their annual trip to Charleston and my students always love that. Since school is not in session yet, Drew and Mikayla are enjoying it at home (we are going to have to name it soon). After this episode, Craig said we should name it P.P. (purple pincher).

Mikayla enjoys watching it, and Drew (as usual) has enjoyed playing with it. That is, until later on the night we got it. Drew was playing with it, when all of a sudden he came running up to me screaming "she pinched me". Well, I'm thinking Mikayla has pinched him and I'm trying to calm him down and find out where. That's when Craig cries from across the room "the crab is pinching him" (He had his fist closed and then moved it down and I couldn't see it, but Craig who was behind us could). When I realized what it was that was pinching him, I sent him over to his daddy. I don't touch them, and I'm so thankful that Craig was home when it happened - I would have had to handle it myself had he not been I guess. The crab would not let go, and Drew would not let his dad pull the crab off, nor did Craig want to do that for fear of breaking the skin (then you worry more about infections and such). If you know how to get a crab to let go, we would love to know (although I'm pretty certain we don't have to worry about that around here anymore). Craig finally got the crab off by running water over it in the kitchen sink and then flicked it off of Drew's hand when he saw it loosen its grip. If anyone is out there saying "the poor crab", I'm sorry but I was thinking about my poor kid - just to let you know the crab is alive and well. He just stays in his cage a little more now.

In the crab's defense, I completely understand that pinching is one of the only ways they can protect themselves - that and their shell. I also understand that my son closing his hand around the crab is more than likely what caused this crab to pinch. That knowledge does not make me feel any better about my son (or anyone else) holding this crab again without thick, thick gloves. I will never forget the look on my son's face, nor the sound of him screaming during this ordeal and although it seems like it took forever to get the crab off of his hand, it was more like a couple of minutes. I'm sure it was painful for him, but it did not break the skin and I am grateful. I think he was screaming more from terror than from actual pain. We have still had him wash it good with soap and water many times a day, put peroxide on it, and a dab of Neosporin, just in case!!

Club Libby Lu

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Club Libby Lu and Ridemakerz were next door to each other at Broadway! While Drew finished building his "ride" with Craig, I took Mikayla next door to Libby Lu's! This is a "boutique" that is perfect for little girls - they can get a "Libby Du Make-over" or they can shop for the things they love most (mostly pink things). Mikayla had an appointment at 12:20 for her Libby Du Make-over and she couldn't wait, but she was also a little nervous. When we had walked in to make her appointment she saw a little girl getting her ears pierced and she thought she would be getting hers pierced too. I reassured her that she already had her ears pierced so mommy wouldn't be paying extra for that. I don't think she really listened until I asked Erica, Mikayla's "style technician" to assure her as well!

First up - nails! She painted Mikayla's nails first, giving Mikayla a choice of color. Is anyone surprised that she chose pink?

After she painted her nails, Erica added pink glitter. Glitter is one thing Libby Lu's is not short on - the "style technicians" (I call them this because I'm not sure of their technical name) even walk around with a "pixie bag" full of glitter and they dust little girls that come into the store. This is a girly girls dream I tell you!! I was tempted to get my own Libby Du Makeover... Mikayla is all about pink and sprinkles (her word for glitter) - she was lovin' this!
Next up, make - up. Each child that gets a "make-over" gets their own make-up compact and chooses the colors they want. I got a little nervous when I heard Erica say "which color do you want, blue, purple, or pink?", thinking that Mikayla might surprise me and choose blue. I should have known she would choose pink - and the make-up wasn't that noticeable!
Next, Mikayla gets her hair fixed. She was able to choose from 12 different styles. First, she wanted the Hannah Montana wig, but I reminded her that she had two of those already. So she decided on the "trendy do".Almost finished with a complete new "trendy do"! After her new do was complete, Erica added more...glitter - sprinkled from her "pixie brush".Next, Mikayla was able to create her own bath and body stuff. She got to mix and make her own perfume, lotion, and shower gel, and soapy sundae. Every time Erica gave her two scents to choose from - bubble gum or strawberry, watermelon or strawberry, birthday cake or strawberry, and chocolate or strawberry - she never once chose strawberry.Next it was time for Mikayla to choose her accessories. One comes with the package, and you can add others (for an additional fee of course). Mikayla chose the sparkly microphone and added the tiara as an extra.Next, Mikayla went to the "pooch parlor" to choose a puppy. While we were at home deciding what we would do, Mikayla wanted to do the bath/body package. I was grateful because both of my kids have more stuffed animals than they need. Once we arrived at Libby Lu's she decided that she wanted to do the pooch package. It was five more dollars for her to do both, so I decided that would be fine. She picked a Yorkie for her puppy and dressed her in a light pink outfit with sparkles that reads FABULOUS. Then she pinked the light pink carrier with a sparkling crown on the front - for her new princess of course.When we got to the register, this "style technician" who checked us out said "you know, for 15 more dollars she can get a sequined tank top, two sequined bracelets, a feather boa, and a back-pack filled with 5 items of her choice. I know we are suckers but it really was a great deal - and we were on vacation so... Here she is helping Mikayla with her bracelets. Mikayla goes shopping for her 5 items. We looked at the price tag on each of these items on the way home and, had they been purchased individually, there was not one that she chose less than $4.99 (x5 items - yep, GREAT deal - don't forget the tank top, boa, and bracelets).

After Mikayla was all dolled up, she and Drew check out some other things for sale at the store. Craig couldn't believe Drew was interested, but they had "Suite Life with Zach and Cody" books, and he loves that show.

Look at my angels after loads of fun!! Daddy and I had just as much fun as they did - watching them get excited was the best!!

Friday's Feast!

Appetizer: When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
I just had my hair trimmed (and highlighted) on Monday to get ready for a new school year and our Instructional Fair (where I will be presenting this year's Teacher of the Year awards).

Soup: Name one thing you miss about being a child.
I have to pick just one - times have changed so much since then even though I'm only 28. I guess the one thing I miss the most is the slow, laid back, (and safe) lifestyle. It didn't seem that we were always so rushed back then, and I surely felt safe playing outside with my brother while my parents were inside cooking dinner. I am trying very hard to let my children experience the things that I was able to experience in the "good ole days". I do not, however, allow my children to play outside without me or my husband outside with them.

Salad:Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
I am not real picky about this, but olive oil is better for me.

Main Course: If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
I took 2 years of french in high school, and I still remember a little of what I learned - not enough to carry on a conversation though. I love french, but if I had to choose now I would choose to learn Spanish because that would help me in my classroom.

Dessert: Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
the mommy of 3.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


We took Drew to Ridemakerz (similar to build-a-bear, but it is build-a-car) so he could build his own remote control car while we were at Broadway. Drew had a ball, and I'm sure this is something he won't soon forget. Craig also had fun, and from these pictures it is a little hard to tell who had MORE fun! First step, pick your body style - this was only a few of the MANY choices you could choose from.

Next, pick your sound. The car comes with one sound, but you can add more (for an additional cost of course). Drew chose one other sound for his ride.

Next, choose your chassis style - street car or monster truck. This nice gentleman helped get Drew what he needed to turn his into a street car. He also gave Drew what he needed so that his car could be remote controlled.Drew has fun picking out the rims for his ride. It was at this point that I realized my brother would love this place!! Then, you pick your tread of course.Then you have all of your extras - Drew chose neon's to go underneath his ride, something to go on the hood (don't ask me what it is called), and a couple other things.
Then it was time to build the car. Yes, you heard me right - you build your car. They provide the tools you need and you put the whole car together from start to finish, including remote control.

Drew works the screw driver. There are actually guys walking around to help you when needed. I told one of them he might need to "hover" over my two while Mikayla and I went back for her appointment at Libby Lu's - Craig wasn't looking too sure of himself!

After you finish putting your "ride" together, you go to the computers to name it and register it. It even prints a certificate for you just like Build-a-Bear. I missed that part because I was back at Libby Lu's. Drew decided to name his car "Speedy" which I thought was fitting.

He was very proud of his ride! I will get a better picture up tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vacation - Day 5

Wednesday was our last day at the beach. After loading up the van, we headed to Broadway at the Beach for a fun-filled day of car-building and glamour fun. We planned before leaving our house that we would take Drew to Ridemakerz and Mikayla to Club Libby Lu while on vacation since both of these are located at Broadway at the Beach. The great thing (that we didn't know before getting there) was that the stores are side by side. These were such terrific experiences for everyone in our family that I plan to post individually about each of them (plus I have many, many pictures from each place).

Drew and Mikayla feed the fish from one of the walkways at Broadway. After car-building and glamour fun, we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch before our long ride home. We love Johnny Rockets because of the great food and the different atmosphere. It is a throw back to a 1950's diner complete with decor, dancing waiters/waitresses, and ice cream floats. We have eaten there before, and I'm most sure we will eat there again.

Drew and Mikayla share a hug in the booth!

This guy climbed onto the ledge directly behind Craig's head. He was kinna the leader of the group calling out commands and such (I'm thinking he was a manager - notice the street clothes). This was Drew and Mikayla's favorite part of the whole experience!

Another waitress dances beside our table.

Our whole vacation was memorable - even the part where I had to take Mikayla out of Food Lion crying our first night there. Flashbacks from the previous year's trip to Target on the first night came flooding back to me. I'm sure that, yet again, Mikayla was crying because she was so worn out, just as I'm sure someone in that store probably would have thought that I was stealing this little child if she didn't look quite so much like me. The funniest part (at least it's funny now) is that once we were in the car, the crying stopped. We also won't forget Drew getting upset when we had to leave the pool/ocean. He never cried or showed out, but you certainly could tell he wasn't happy about it. He was always the last one out of the water. We had to assure him that we would be going back. Ah, the memories made!

Look for pictures from Ridemakerz and Libby Lu's soon...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacation - Day 4

Drew and Mikayla stand on our balcony and look out! We had the rule that they could not be out on the balcony without either Craig or myself. They were aware of this rule and they knew the danger involved so they followed it.

Since it was so nice at the ocean first thing Monday morning, we decided to do the same thing on Tuesday morning. Tuesday, again, proved to us that first thing in the morning is the best time to be at the ocean - it wasn't crowded, the water was calm (well for the ocean anyway), and the tide was going out so there was plenty of sandy shore on which to play. We looked for shells/sharks' teeth again, had fun building a sand castle with Drew (he started one again), and even went out to splash in the waves. Mikayla went out with me and Drew went with Craig (they went farther out than we did), and Mikayla wouldn't let go of my hands. It was quite funny when a wave came in and knocked us both down. I thought she would be upset, but she was too busy laughing at me to be upset.

A view of our hotel from the ocean - I'm glad we were no higher than fourth floor! It was nice!

Drew and Mikayla could not get enough of the sandy, salty water. They are our "fishies"!

They also couldn't enough of playing in the sand - we all worked hard making a sand castle together. Such fun family memories were made!

After playing a good while in the ocean, we headed back to the pool at our building. The sun was partly blocked by our building until early afternoon and it provided a nice shade (just for Craig). Part of the pool was in the sun though, for those of us who wanted a little sun. We all stayed at the pool for a long time with Craig taking Mikayla up to the room to rest a little after lunch time. Drew and I stayed at the pool until it started to storm later that afternoon. We were heading out for a seafood dinner that night anyway, so it was the perfect opportunity to get up to the room and shower and change. Mikayla jumps into the deep end - without her float I might add... while Drew works to perfect his dive.
We headed out to Murrels Inlet for dinner - we were looking for a seafood buffet restaurant where we ate once with Drew when he was a baby. They had a lady dressed as a mermaid and we wanted Mikayla to experience that. We never did find that restaurant, but we found another wonderful one instead - one that we will be sure to frequent on our trips to the beach!!
You read that right - Creek Ratz. I have to say we passed this up and instead dined at Admiral's Flagship. This may very well be a wonderful restaurant - I just couldn't bring myself to eat at any place with RAT in the name.
After dinner, we took Drew and Mikayla to play putt-putt.

They were very excited and couldn't wait to get started!

Drew poses after getting a hole in one on this hole. That's our little golfer!

Mikayla never got a hole in one, but she was oh so close several times - I'm talking about within an inch of the hole. I love this picture of her in front of one of the waterfalls.

I like this picture because you can sort of tell how high up we were - we chose to play the "castles" part of this course. There was even a "pink palace" that Mikayla loved!

After playing putt-putt we went back to the hotel and went down to the pools again. We started in the outdoor pool, but the breeze that was blowing was so cold that we moved into the indoor pool. Mikayla even enjoyed the hot tub for a couple of minutes!
Drew swims in the pool!

After leaving the pool, Drew, Mikayla, and I went back up to the room to get Craig so we could walk on the beach one last time. We were leaving on Wednesday, so we walked down for one last stroll Tuesday night.

It was so much fun watching Drew and Mikayla run in the sand. They were having a lot of fun until the fireworks started, and Mikayla decided she was ready to go. She grabbed Craig's hand and said "let's go to the room, dada". I got one last picture of them in front of the dunes!

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage