Friday, August 08, 2008

Club Libby Lu

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Club Libby Lu and Ridemakerz were next door to each other at Broadway! While Drew finished building his "ride" with Craig, I took Mikayla next door to Libby Lu's! This is a "boutique" that is perfect for little girls - they can get a "Libby Du Make-over" or they can shop for the things they love most (mostly pink things). Mikayla had an appointment at 12:20 for her Libby Du Make-over and she couldn't wait, but she was also a little nervous. When we had walked in to make her appointment she saw a little girl getting her ears pierced and she thought she would be getting hers pierced too. I reassured her that she already had her ears pierced so mommy wouldn't be paying extra for that. I don't think she really listened until I asked Erica, Mikayla's "style technician" to assure her as well!

First up - nails! She painted Mikayla's nails first, giving Mikayla a choice of color. Is anyone surprised that she chose pink?

After she painted her nails, Erica added pink glitter. Glitter is one thing Libby Lu's is not short on - the "style technicians" (I call them this because I'm not sure of their technical name) even walk around with a "pixie bag" full of glitter and they dust little girls that come into the store. This is a girly girls dream I tell you!! I was tempted to get my own Libby Du Makeover... Mikayla is all about pink and sprinkles (her word for glitter) - she was lovin' this!
Next up, make - up. Each child that gets a "make-over" gets their own make-up compact and chooses the colors they want. I got a little nervous when I heard Erica say "which color do you want, blue, purple, or pink?", thinking that Mikayla might surprise me and choose blue. I should have known she would choose pink - and the make-up wasn't that noticeable!
Next, Mikayla gets her hair fixed. She was able to choose from 12 different styles. First, she wanted the Hannah Montana wig, but I reminded her that she had two of those already. So she decided on the "trendy do".Almost finished with a complete new "trendy do"! After her new do was complete, Erica added more...glitter - sprinkled from her "pixie brush".Next, Mikayla was able to create her own bath and body stuff. She got to mix and make her own perfume, lotion, and shower gel, and soapy sundae. Every time Erica gave her two scents to choose from - bubble gum or strawberry, watermelon or strawberry, birthday cake or strawberry, and chocolate or strawberry - she never once chose strawberry.Next it was time for Mikayla to choose her accessories. One comes with the package, and you can add others (for an additional fee of course). Mikayla chose the sparkly microphone and added the tiara as an extra.Next, Mikayla went to the "pooch parlor" to choose a puppy. While we were at home deciding what we would do, Mikayla wanted to do the bath/body package. I was grateful because both of my kids have more stuffed animals than they need. Once we arrived at Libby Lu's she decided that she wanted to do the pooch package. It was five more dollars for her to do both, so I decided that would be fine. She picked a Yorkie for her puppy and dressed her in a light pink outfit with sparkles that reads FABULOUS. Then she pinked the light pink carrier with a sparkling crown on the front - for her new princess of course.When we got to the register, this "style technician" who checked us out said "you know, for 15 more dollars she can get a sequined tank top, two sequined bracelets, a feather boa, and a back-pack filled with 5 items of her choice. I know we are suckers but it really was a great deal - and we were on vacation so... Here she is helping Mikayla with her bracelets. Mikayla goes shopping for her 5 items. We looked at the price tag on each of these items on the way home and, had they been purchased individually, there was not one that she chose less than $4.99 (x5 items - yep, GREAT deal - don't forget the tank top, boa, and bracelets).

After Mikayla was all dolled up, she and Drew check out some other things for sale at the store. Craig couldn't believe Drew was interested, but they had "Suite Life with Zach and Cody" books, and he loves that show.

Look at my angels after loads of fun!! Daddy and I had just as much fun as they did - watching them get excited was the best!!

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Renee said...

Looks like you all had fun! Just stopping by to say "hi" and hope all is well with you and your family.


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