Thursday, August 07, 2008


We took Drew to Ridemakerz (similar to build-a-bear, but it is build-a-car) so he could build his own remote control car while we were at Broadway. Drew had a ball, and I'm sure this is something he won't soon forget. Craig also had fun, and from these pictures it is a little hard to tell who had MORE fun! First step, pick your body style - this was only a few of the MANY choices you could choose from.

Next, pick your sound. The car comes with one sound, but you can add more (for an additional cost of course). Drew chose one other sound for his ride.

Next, choose your chassis style - street car or monster truck. This nice gentleman helped get Drew what he needed to turn his into a street car. He also gave Drew what he needed so that his car could be remote controlled.Drew has fun picking out the rims for his ride. It was at this point that I realized my brother would love this place!! Then, you pick your tread of course.Then you have all of your extras - Drew chose neon's to go underneath his ride, something to go on the hood (don't ask me what it is called), and a couple other things.
Then it was time to build the car. Yes, you heard me right - you build your car. They provide the tools you need and you put the whole car together from start to finish, including remote control.

Drew works the screw driver. There are actually guys walking around to help you when needed. I told one of them he might need to "hover" over my two while Mikayla and I went back for her appointment at Libby Lu's - Craig wasn't looking too sure of himself!

After you finish putting your "ride" together, you go to the computers to name it and register it. It even prints a certificate for you just like Build-a-Bear. I missed that part because I was back at Libby Lu's. Drew decided to name his car "Speedy" which I thought was fitting.

He was very proud of his ride! I will get a better picture up tomorrow...

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