Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Friend at the Pool

On a beautiful sunny afternoon (one of our last free days before school started back), Drew, Mikayla, and I went to Mimi and Poppi's house to enjoy the pool. One of Drew's favorite things to do before we get in the pool is check the "bug box" which mommy is not real fond of. You never really know what will be in there until you lift the lid (and in my opinion, then it is too late). Normally, I don't allow Drew to do this without my dad, or my brother. On this particular day when Poppi and Drew checked the "bug box" they found a toad, and were able to save it from drowning. Poppi, Drew, and Mikayla look at the toad after taking it out of the "bug box". Drew is getting ready to scoop it up.
Our little guy loves all animals - doesn't matter what they look, er feel like. He wanted to keep this toad as his pet, but mommy had to refuse. Toads are much happier in the wild - don't you think?
That is my girly girl holding a toad - with Poppi's help of course. There are times I think "she will do anything for her Poppi"!
Drew and Mikayla had a lot of fun playing with their "new friend", but finally my dad and I convinced them that they had to leave it alone so it could hop on to safety. They did finally leave the poor thing alone, but Drew was still not real happy with mommy because she wouldn't let him have a new pet. I, for one, think that one dog, one hermit crab, and two goats are plenty!

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