Friday, August 08, 2008

Funny, Sweet Girl!

One day this past week as we were headed out the door - me to work in my classroom and Drew and Mikayla to daycare - Mikayla noticed hair on the back of my pants. Our cocker spaniel, Molly, likes to sit in my recliner and typically I don't mind. However, I do not like how my clothes pick up her hair - her white hair at that. On this particular day I was wearing my black Capri's so the white hair on the back was very noticeable - especially to my daughter since this is on her eye level. She started dusting my backside off, and without missing a beat, said "we can't have you going to school with hair all over your pants". I don't always like to admit it - especially in the middle of one of her fits - but she is just like her mama!

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