Monday, February 26, 2007

More Dance Costumes!!

Mikayla has now received all of her costumes for the 2007 recital (four total). You may remember from an earlier post her two pink costumes that she will wear for her tap routine to Superstar/Broadway and her ballet routine. Here Mikayla models the costume that she will wear for her tap routine to the Penguin song. Too Cute!
(She won't be wearing white tights with either of these costumes - those were the ones she had on from dance class tonight.)
Below Mikayla models her costume she will wear in her jazz routine to Locomotion.
Mommy will have lots of fun changing her into all of these at recital! Again, pay no attention to the white tights as they are not the ones she will be wearing. I'll be sure to put lots of recital pictures up again this year. Recital is scheduled for Saturday, June 2nd. We already can't wait!!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Mimi, Poppi, Jessica, and Uncle Jonathan all came to watch Drew play last week. It was the first game Jonathan had made it to - he was pretty impressed with all those little ones. I don't think he or Jess ever stopped laughing.
Drew gets a rebound.
Drew and Bryson talk strategy as Drew dribbles the ball down the court.

Last Saturday at basketball the team we were playing only had four players and our team had all six players to show up. The coach of the other team asked Coach Jeff if one of the guys on our team would play for them to make it more even. Coach Jeff came over to ask me if I minded Drew playing with the other team. He said Drew had volunteered. I couldn't have been more proud of my five year old than at that moment. It takes a lot to join a team where you don't know any of the players and agree to play "against" your team. Poppi looked up and Drew had his jersey turned inside out and he asked "what's Drew doing?" Daddy couldn't believe it when I told him Drew had volunteered. It wasn't but just another second though and the coach was turning Drew's jersey back around. Another one of their players had shown up so they didn't need Drew after all. I was still proud of Drew for offering to do that - I can see that he has really matured a lot even in the last year!

His basketball team is a sweet group of kids! I'm not sure what we will do after tomorrow - that's his last game. Bryson's mom, Elizabeth's mom, and I all took the coach's family out to dinner tonight. Coach Jeff and his family have been so wonderful to our children this season. Coach Jeff has such patience with his children and the children he coaches! It is really wonderful to have a good Christian coach who cares more about the children than he does "winning the game". That's the way it should be in every sport - at least with little children! Look for pictures from our last game and award ceremony soon!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day - sorry I am so late!! You'll have to excuse Mikayla's arms in this picture! I didn't take it until right before they were to get into the tub, and they had already raided the Valentine tattoos.
We had a wonderful day. Craig and I had decided that Drew and Mikayla really didn't need any candy or toys so their Valentine gift from us was a trip to the circus back at the end of January. We changed our plan and decided to give them each little something from us on February 14th - Mikayla a small stuffed dog and Drew a two-headed dragon (another of those rubber animals).
Mikayla had one Valentine party at her dance class Monday and another on Tuesday, so by Wednesday she was already full of sugar and didn't need anymore for sure. On Wednesday she had her Valentine party at daycare. This provided Mikayla with good practice with writing her name, however, because she had to write it on 29 valentines in all.Drew also had his Valentine party at school on Wednesday. He had to write his name on 30 valentines in all. After daddy got home from work we went over to Mimi and Poppi's for more gifts. From Mimi and Poppi they received clothes and one box of sweet tarts which was wonderful because they did not need anymore candy! They also got sweet cards in the mail from Nana who included gift certificates to MacDonald's - yum!
Mommy also received some great things for Valentine's Day - a huge bear balloon that says I love you, a dozen red roses, a miniature rose bush to plant in my yard, lots of chocolate, slippers, lotion and bath stuff, etc. Mom and dad also gave Craig and I forty dollars to go out to dinner. My family and my students all were so good to me! We couldn't have asked for a happier day!!

Saturday Basketball (2/10/07)

Last week Drew's team, the cougars, played against Blake and Garrett's team again. You may remember from an earlier post that Blake and Garrett are both in my class at school so Drew and Bryson know them pretty well. This team is also the team that Drew's team matches up pretty well against. Both times these two teams have played, the games have been really good and lots of fun to watch. Most of the players on these two teams are tall, so it makes for really good blocking and rebound attempts! When they were either passing or shooting they had to get the ball pretty high in the air in order to get over the other players' arms! Drew gets ready to catch a pass from Bryson.
Drew takes a long shot - this one ends up being overthrown and flies over the goal.
Drew takes another l0ng shot at the other end of the court (they switched goals after half-time)- this one is good! Notice how high Blake is jumping to block that ball. Drew prefers shooting long shots over closer ones, but he's pretty consistent with making both. Of course he misses his fair share as well - but his face really lights up when he makes them (as do ours)!
This game like all the others was a terrific game. I am proud of all of the players for working so well together.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sleeping Angel!

I love pictures of sleeping babies and children! They always look so sweet and peaceful! I try to make sure I capture a "sleeping" picture at each stage of my children's lives! This is one of my favorite "sleeping" pictures of Mikayla!

Fun at Mimi and Poppi's!

Last Saturday after Drew's basketball game we went to Mimi and Poppi's house for a little while. Not a day goes by that Mikayla and Drew don't ask to go see their Mimi and Poppi. We don't see them everyday, but we do get to see them several times each week! Mikayla could sit with her Poppi all day long!
Drew enjoys playing with his dinosaurs!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saturday Basketball!

Last Saturday Drew had another basketball game. We won't know what to do with ourselves on Saturday mornings when basketball season is over! He played another great game - making almost every shot he attempted. It is so great to see him passing the ball to his teammates more - I am so proud! It amazes me how much Drew and all of his teammates have improved this season in such a short time! Everybody on his team made at least one basket last week, and they all continue to improve with their teamwork! Drew received the white star after the game which stands for most Christ-like! I couldn't have been more proud as I told Drew that's the best compliment you will ever receive because Jesus was perfect in every way! I know none of us will ever be perfect here on earth, but I pray my children will always strive to be like Jesus just as I pray that for myself! Drew dribbles the ball down the court. We are glad to see him hustling more!
Drew just took this shot - you can see it going in!
My daddy holding Mikayla and Breanna - he wouldn't have it any other way, as he loves spoiling kids!
Mikayla poses with Aunt Jennie. Aren't those the prettiest girls you've ever seen?

Character Dress- Up Day!

Last Friday, we had character dress-up day at our school (along with a 2 hour delay due to weather)! Drew dressed up as Franklin in Franklin Goes to the Hospital. He wore his Ninja Turtle costume with some adjustments (thank you daddy!) and I added a bandage around his shell just like Franklin had in the book. He also had a long blue t-shirt to look like his hospital gown and he took his stuffed dog and blanket just as Franklin does in the story! I think he made a wonderful Franklin! All the students and teachers who dressed up were videoed and the video was shown to the school on Friday afternoon. It is a neat opportunity for our students to "become" their favorite character for a day!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Greatest Show on Earth Part II

**This is the final post about our trip to the circus. Go to the 2 posts below this one to see the fun we had at the pre-show and the beginning of the Greatest Show on Earth!

After intermission, we got to see the trapeze artists. This was one of Mikayla's favorite parts. She clapped the whole way through the act! You can tell at this point Drew was getting tired.

This was the next part of the show - it was amazing to watch these flexible ladies.
Drew lasted as long as he could. I thought this was so sweet with Mikayla rubbing his head!

Drew missed this elephants' performance (it's a good thing he got to see them the other times they performed). This was another one of Mikayla's favorites!

Bello and another performer give a breath-taking performance by walking, running, jump-roping, and flipping on these spinning wire cylinders.

The grand finale was the human cannon. This husband and wife team climb down into the mouth of this cannon only to be shot out of it moments later. It was very exciting to watch - I just hated that Drew missed it. He was also pretty upset that he missed it, even though I tried to wake him up with each new act that came out. He was glad that mommy got pictures!

Our family had a wonderful time at the circus! I'm sure this will not be our last trip!

Greatest Show on Earth

We were so excited by the time the circus started! Drew couldn't wait for the tigers as that was what he had looked forward to the most! Mikayla was waiting to see elephants and horses!At the very beginning of the circus the clowns welcome the Ring Master!Next we were introduced to the star of the show "Bello"! Craig and I had seen Bello 6 years ago when we went the year I was pregnant with Drew (he kicked me for the first time while we were there) so we knew what a fabulous show he can put on. We were excited for Drew and Mikayla to see this first-hand! Next we got to see these beautiful horses! Mikayla was amazed and never took her eyes off of them! I asked her if she was having fun after the horses went out and she answered with her hands covering her ears "yes but they too loud!"Then we got to see these acrobats! They had such amazing balance to be able to complete this 5-person tall pyramid! Then these two guys performed on the high - wire. I know it doesn't really look high from the picture but it was suspended from the top of the auditorium. I couldn't believe the stunts they completed on this tiny piece of wire! The moment Drew had been waiting for - the tigers! He couldn't believe that this man was in a cage with ALL of these tigers. He loved when he could hear them roar! Mommy couldn't believe how this one man commanded all these tigers and they followed his commands. You could tell he spends a lot of time with these beautiful creatures and that he loves them. At the end he even gave one of them a kiss!Here is Bello again as he eyes the "girl he loves".When she climbs up this pole, Bello decides to climb up the one right beside her (located directly in front of us). This was part of Bello's act the year Craig and I went, but this year they had added "his love" to the act.Everything that she did, Bello copied. The clown came out in him when he pretended to be terrified. Because the poles sway from side to side at one point they are able to swap poles while they are at the very top.
At the end of the routine, Bello slides down his pole head first and stops himself right before his head touches the floor. This was another part of this act that Craig and I expected. We didn't, however, expect "Bello's love" to copy!
During intermission I took the opportunity to get a picture of Drew and Mikayla after they had finished their icees. Look at those purple tongues!

**See part II from the circus in the post above!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Circus Fun - All Access Pre-Show!!

Waiting for the doors to open! Drew and Mikayla were so excited to be at the circus and couldn't wait to go in!

On Wednesday night we took Drew and Mikayla to the Ringling Brothers' Barnum and Bailey Circus for the second time in as many years. This year's circus was titled Bellobrations in honor of the famous Bello the clown! Our family had a wonderful time at this year's circus, and we recommend it for "children of all ages"! One of our favorite parts both years that we have gone to the circus has been the "all access pre-show" that allows you on the floor for an hour before the show begins. You get to meet the stars of the show, get autographs, and you can even try your hand at some "circus acts".

Drew poses with Leo, the first clown we met during the pre-show, and afterward Leo signs Drew and Mikayla's book. Drew's keeping his eyes on him!

One clown gave Drew his LARGE golf ball to hold while he signed their book! Drew thought this was super cool since he likes to play golf with daddy and poppi. He had never seen a golf ball this big before!In case you were wondering where Mikayla was in the previous pictures you now know - she was latched on to daddy. Mikayla is not fond of clowns as you can clearly see in this picture. She wasn't about to stand with them or let them touch her! In fact, the only way we got this picture of her with one is because daddy is in it too. Notice the grip she has on his shirt! Mikayla and Drew pose with one of the acrobats. Mikayla was happy to have her picture taken with this circus star, but she still made "bubba" get in the picture with her. Drew was a good sport about it all!

Mikayla and Drew even got to go to wardrobe and dress in a circus costume - how cute!Another clown we got to meet up close and personal and get an autograph from! Drew and Mikayla pose with more acrobats - these are the ladies that fly on the trapeze.
Drew tries his hand - or should I say feet - at balancing on a circus ball with the help of the performers! Go Drew!! The guy in the green shirt was so very helpful making Drew feel at ease about this. He even asked Mikayla if she wanted a turn, to which she replied with a stern shake of her head! We were so appreciative that he took the time to help Drew and to include "sissy"!

All of the circus performers that we had the opportunity to meet were wonderful! You could tell their heart is in what they do, and they really want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves! Our family truly did - it was a night we will never forget! Check back tomorrow for more pictures from the circus - show pictures!!

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