Friday, February 23, 2007


Mimi, Poppi, Jessica, and Uncle Jonathan all came to watch Drew play last week. It was the first game Jonathan had made it to - he was pretty impressed with all those little ones. I don't think he or Jess ever stopped laughing.
Drew gets a rebound.
Drew and Bryson talk strategy as Drew dribbles the ball down the court.

Last Saturday at basketball the team we were playing only had four players and our team had all six players to show up. The coach of the other team asked Coach Jeff if one of the guys on our team would play for them to make it more even. Coach Jeff came over to ask me if I minded Drew playing with the other team. He said Drew had volunteered. I couldn't have been more proud of my five year old than at that moment. It takes a lot to join a team where you don't know any of the players and agree to play "against" your team. Poppi looked up and Drew had his jersey turned inside out and he asked "what's Drew doing?" Daddy couldn't believe it when I told him Drew had volunteered. It wasn't but just another second though and the coach was turning Drew's jersey back around. Another one of their players had shown up so they didn't need Drew after all. I was still proud of Drew for offering to do that - I can see that he has really matured a lot even in the last year!

His basketball team is a sweet group of kids! I'm not sure what we will do after tomorrow - that's his last game. Bryson's mom, Elizabeth's mom, and I all took the coach's family out to dinner tonight. Coach Jeff and his family have been so wonderful to our children this season. Coach Jeff has such patience with his children and the children he coaches! It is really wonderful to have a good Christian coach who cares more about the children than he does "winning the game". That's the way it should be in every sport - at least with little children! Look for pictures from our last game and award ceremony soon!

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