Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day - sorry I am so late!! You'll have to excuse Mikayla's arms in this picture! I didn't take it until right before they were to get into the tub, and they had already raided the Valentine tattoos.
We had a wonderful day. Craig and I had decided that Drew and Mikayla really didn't need any candy or toys so their Valentine gift from us was a trip to the circus back at the end of January. We changed our plan and decided to give them each little something from us on February 14th - Mikayla a small stuffed dog and Drew a two-headed dragon (another of those rubber animals).
Mikayla had one Valentine party at her dance class Monday and another on Tuesday, so by Wednesday she was already full of sugar and didn't need anymore for sure. On Wednesday she had her Valentine party at daycare. This provided Mikayla with good practice with writing her name, however, because she had to write it on 29 valentines in all.Drew also had his Valentine party at school on Wednesday. He had to write his name on 30 valentines in all. After daddy got home from work we went over to Mimi and Poppi's for more gifts. From Mimi and Poppi they received clothes and one box of sweet tarts which was wonderful because they did not need anymore candy! They also got sweet cards in the mail from Nana who included gift certificates to MacDonald's - yum!
Mommy also received some great things for Valentine's Day - a huge bear balloon that says I love you, a dozen red roses, a miniature rose bush to plant in my yard, lots of chocolate, slippers, lotion and bath stuff, etc. Mom and dad also gave Craig and I forty dollars to go out to dinner. My family and my students all were so good to me! We couldn't have asked for a happier day!!

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