Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday Basketball (2/10/07)

Last week Drew's team, the cougars, played against Blake and Garrett's team again. You may remember from an earlier post that Blake and Garrett are both in my class at school so Drew and Bryson know them pretty well. This team is also the team that Drew's team matches up pretty well against. Both times these two teams have played, the games have been really good and lots of fun to watch. Most of the players on these two teams are tall, so it makes for really good blocking and rebound attempts! When they were either passing or shooting they had to get the ball pretty high in the air in order to get over the other players' arms! Drew gets ready to catch a pass from Bryson.
Drew takes a long shot - this one ends up being overthrown and flies over the goal.
Drew takes another l0ng shot at the other end of the court (they switched goals after half-time)- this one is good! Notice how high Blake is jumping to block that ball. Drew prefers shooting long shots over closer ones, but he's pretty consistent with making both. Of course he misses his fair share as well - but his face really lights up when he makes them (as do ours)!
This game like all the others was a terrific game. I am proud of all of the players for working so well together.

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