Thursday, November 30, 2006

On Second Thought...

Jump back to Thanksgiving day...
I'm not sure if I've ever posted a picture of Craig and I on here, so on second thought, I decided to add these. They were taken on Thanksgiving at my grandma's house.

Craig shows his silly side...he is such a clown! I was trying to push him away before the picture was snapped. I didn't succeed - but we got a good laugh out of it!

After he got over being silly, we made a better picture! I wish that we had gotten Drew and Mikayla in this picture though!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Sunday morning we got up and headed to church as usual. Then we went to enjoy Sunday dinner at Mimi and Poppi's house - again, as usual. Then we came home and got naps before we returned to church for the "hanging of the greens" service. The children performed one of their songs from their Christmas Musical during this service so it was extra special for Drew. It was a beautiful service, and everyone did a lovely job!

Look for more pictures of the children's choir when they perform their complete Christmas Musical on December 17th!


On Saturday, November 25th, the football game we (well I) had waited all season for was played. It was the Clemson/Carolina football game, and I, of course, had predicted all season that the Gamecocks would win! I always held onto hope in previous years, but this year I felt we really had the team and had been executing well enough to get the win. Craig, who most know is a Clemson fan, even said the only thing the tigers had going for them was that they were playing at home - that's right "The Valley"! It didn't matter to me - I was still confident that my boys would walk away with the win and a win at Death Valley would make it that much more special! During football season, we have regular Saturday night cookouts with family and friends while we watch the games. We for sure couldn't miss a get-together for this game. Since it was a day game, we decided to do finger foods instead of a cookout. We had chips and dip, crackers and dip, cheesesticks, fried mushrooms, chicken wings, brownies, a meat and cheese tray, etc. All the good stuff that is not so good for you. It was a nice change from our Turkey and Dressing that we had been enjoying since Thursday! Daddy, Jonathan, (Jess couldn't make it), Jennie, Samantha, Beth, B.J., and "big Drew" came over to enjoy food, company, and of course THE GAME! Of the 11 people at our house, only 3 were pulling for Clemson: Craig, my brother Jonatha, and Samantha (whose uncle is a professor there). You can imagine what our house sounded like when Clemson went for the field goal to tie the game, and the kick was wide left! We went nuts - we were screaming, jumping up and down, and of course giving the three tiger fans a hard time! We all had a wonderful time - and of course we weren't TOO hard on the tiger fans, but it sure was nice to hear them say "wait 'til next year"! GOOOO GAMECOCKS!!

Jonathan enjoys some of the food while giving me a hard time about the game. At this point the tigers were up by two touchdowns. I told you Jonathan - it's not over 'til it's over! "Big Drew", B.J., Jennie, Beth, and Samanth cheer on their teams. Notice all the Gamecock gear!

Daddy just loves to have his picture taken - can you tell?

During half time and after the game, Daddy and Craig got the leaves up out of our yard. Daddy had worked that morning, so he was still in his work clothes. Drew and Mikayla enjoyed getting up leaves as well - well more like jumping in them!

They also loved riding the lawn mowers. Drew laughs as Poppi runs beside him! A.J. in the back just can't wait to get out of his doggy pen. He usually has the whole backyard to roam, but we have to put him in his pen when we have the gates open of course.

Mikayla rides on daddy's lawn mower - a lot slower!

Then, Mikayla had to have a turn on Poppi's with Poppi running beside her.

Christmas Decorations

We spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas! I always love getting our tree and village up the day after Thanksgiving. We also usually get our yard decorations up as well. Since we added to our decorations this year, we had to put those up in stages. We were able to get some of the decorations in the yard up on Friday too! I didn't get any pictures of our tree or the village, but you know they will be on here soon enough!
This was the first year I put garland and bows on our porch. I think it turned out very pretty, and this is something we will do every year. You can also see our inflatable flying reindeer and sleigh, and one of our favorites the train. We also put my favorites, the toy soldiers, on the porch again, and the wreaths were hung on the windows. Look for updated pictures of Christmas decorations soon!

This is the inflatable snowman that we added this year it is on the other side of our front yard.

This reindeer and sleigh with Mr. and Mrs. Claus is in our side yard. They don't like up, so Craig put the spot-light on them so you can see them at night.

Happy Thanksgiving...So I am a week late...I know I know!

Craig, Drew, Mikayla, and I spent Thanksgiving morning enjoying time together and getting food ready to take to Grandma's house. My dad's whole family gets together at my grandmother's house every Thanksgiving! My dad has a pretty large family - two sisters, and a brother. There are 15 grandchildren, and too many great grands to count so it is always a full house. This Thanksgiving was no different! My grandmother bought the house across the street from my mom and dad's house last year so we didn't have very far to go! When we got there, my dad, Uncle Mike, and KK (my dad's sister) helped to finish up the cooking. If you ask me, it looks more like they are sampling!

After we ate, we spent most of the day outside. It was unseasonably warm for November, and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!Grandma, KK, my cousin Kathy, and her husband Hank pose for a picture!

Daddy and Craig enjoy rocking on the front porch while Aunt Jennie fixes Mikayla's pig tails. She had already taken them down - imagine that!

Drew is seeing how high he can throw - he had fun with all of Grandma's acorns!

Mikayla gets a piece of gum from Mimi. Mimi and Poppi are such softies when it comes to Drew and Mikayla. My mom says they follow directions very well.

While Mikayla gets gum, Drew shows off his collection of acorns. He wanted to bring these home, which of course Grandma was fine with. Mommy and Daddy weren't so sure!

One of my favorite pictures of my dad and Mikayla. She is Poppi's princess for sure!

When Poppi showed that he could climb this tree, you know Drew had to have a turn! Drew thinks there's nothing like his Poppi!

Keyleigh and Mikayla love each other! Keyleigh is the daughter of my cousin Mikie and his wife April! You may remember Keyleigh from a post from last year's Christmas with the title "Twins". They still look so much alike, a lot of people say they could be twins! Too cute if you ask me!

Daddy enjoys the rocking chair as all of the great grands get in on the act of collecting acorns. Aunt Jennie and Uncle Jonathan (my sister and brother) pose for a picture...awwww!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No School!!

Last year was the first year that we have gotten the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as a school holiday! It was really nice because we were able to go to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with GG Ma and GG Pa. We also took Drew and Mikayla to Disney while we were there. We had a wonderful trip, and even considered doing that again this year. We decided to stay home this year, but we plan to visit Florida again next year. It's probably a good thing we stayed home this year because Drew woke up this morning sick. I wasn't surprised as Mrs. Batson had written in her newsletter this week that there had been 6 children in his class with strep throat. Craig took Drew's temperature this morning when he first got up and it was 101.7. So, we called the doctor's office when they first opened at 8 and got an appointment with Dr. Berry (our favorite) for 9! My mommy intuition is usually on the money, and this time was no different. Doctor Berry's diagnosis - you guessed it - strep. So, it was off to Eckerd to get his prescription filled. Then we took breakfast to daddy at work while we waited. Then it was back home for his first dose and then straight to bed. He was pretty exhausted and he wanted to watch one of his Disney movies. Mikayla wanted to watch too - but she watches from the safety of her chair. We are trying to keep the spread of germs to a minimum - pretty difficult with two little ones! So - no school, but with rainy weather and a sick little one we are content to spend the rest of the day inside! Who knows - we just may talk daddy into getting out the Christmas stuff when he gets home!

Performing...Well, Sort of

Think back to my last post about the Christmas Stroll...

We had gone to the stroll because Mikayla was scheduled to perform two dances - one with her tap/jazz class and one with her tap/ballet class. The tap/jazz group was set to perform second so we got them in line and watched as the older girls performed a routine.

Mikayla, Lexi, and Jadyn wait for their turn on stage. It was soooo cold! The only one missing from this picture is Timothy - he was watching with his mom at the front of the stage!

On stage for her jazz routine. The other three are all the way to the left of the stage, hince only Mikayla in these photos. In the top one you can see that she's smiling and looking at them as she begins the routine. In the bottom one she's still smiling but she is looking around like where is my mom (my mistake - I had moved to the front of the stage to watch and take pictures).

Mikayla got upset so Ms. Nicole joined them onstage.

Ms. Nicole picked Mikayla up and carried her throughout the remainder of the routine. She's just a little bit rotten - you think?

After Mikayla didn't dance in her first routine, I wasn't sure she would dance in the second one. There was one group between her two routines which gave me enough time to take off her jazz shoes and put on her tap shoes. I also assured her that I would stand right where I was standing at the side of the stage while she danced. She got right up on the stage, but when her friend kamree got upset so did she. So, Ms. Nicole got back onstage with them - luckily this time Mikayla danced without Ms. Nicole carrying her!

Mikayla starts her tap routine - go girl!

Ms. Nicole and Mikayla show off their dance moves while Kamree and her mom look on. Abbi and Annabeth were to the left of Ms. Nicole.

Abbi, Annabeth, Ms. Nicole, and Mikayla finish their tap routine - Superstar Give My Regards to Broadway.

Everyone did an outstanding job with their routines. Even Mikayla and Kamree did a wonderful job!! It takes a lot to get on stage and perform in front of all those people! Way to go Stars!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Christmas Stroll

To continue our busy week, we had church last night. Then tonight, Mikayla had to dance in the Christmas Stroll. This is the first time we had ever been, and it is wonderful. All the shops downtown decorate for Christmas, and there are lights everywhere. Carolers singing, bands playing, hot chocolate, candy canes, and treats for the children await you as you stroll the sidewalk. It made me think of the "old-timey Christmases". Here are some pictures of the fun we had waiting for Mikayla's turn to dance!

Daddy, Mikayla, and Drew pose in front of Santa in a store window!

Drew, Daddy, and Mikayla enjoy riding on the wagon pulled by two "huge" horses!

Drew and Mikayla loved the "huge" horses.

Look Daddy, it's snowing!! Wouldn't it be nice if it were real??
We love riding on trains!

Dance First, Then Relax with Family

We knew on Sunday that this would be another busy week for our family. Mikayla had tap/jazz class Monday night. Then as soon as we got home to Craig and Drew I had to go back to school for PTA. Then, Mikayla had dance for two hours Tuesday night to make up for classes being cancelled on Election Day last Tuesday. Nana (Craig's mom) called us Monday night to say that she, Nanny (Craig's Grandmother), and Uncle Ovid would be coming down on Tuesday and they wanted to see the babies (not us - haha - Drew and Mikayla)! We were trying to figure out how we would work this around Miki's two hours of dance. Since Mikayla's dance studio is only 5 minutes from Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie's house and I knew that Nana, Nanny, and Ovid would be seeing Haston too, I suggested us going there. I suggested that Craig and Drew drop Mikayla and I off at the studio and head on over to spend time with them while we were at dance, and then they could pick us up and go back so that Miki would get to spend a little time with them too! Nana thought this was a great idea (I hope I didn't impose too much Aunt Julie!!) We all had a very nice time and it was great visiting with family. Mikayla is ready to begin her second hour of dance on Tuesday (her tap/ballet class). The first hour was a hip-hop class. She really gets into that class as well, but because those girls are a good bit older than her sometimes she's more interested than others. She does not take hip-hop on a normal basis - we use that as her make-up class when needed.
Mikayla watches Ms. Andrea to make sure her steps are right! Ms. Andrea says that Mikayla is focused on getting the correct hand/feet placement.

On to Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie's house:
Cousins Drew, Haston, and Mikayla watch a movie as Nana and I look on. It looks like Mikayla is more interested in what Haston is doing - that's about right!
Haston plays with his remote control car that we got him for his birthday. We are glad you like it Haston!! Wait 'til you see what we got you for Christmas - look out mom and dad!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Dancin' Queen!

I took my camera with me yesterday to Mikayla's dance class (Monday is tap and jazz), and finally felt brave enough to crack the door to get pictures. I have peeked in a couple of times this year, but not as many times as last year because I know Mikayla is dancing (every day she shows us her dances). The times I have peeked in, I only opened the door a crack so that Mikayla wouldn't even know I was peeking. I was afraid she would stop dancing once she saw me, and cry to come with me. Today, when she came over to me in the waiting area and said "mommy, I need my bag" without a hug or kiss or anything I knew she wouldn't care when she saw me taking pictures. When I first opened the door to take pictures, she looked back at me. Then she turned around and focused back on dancing. She did turn around a few more times while I was standing there, and even came over to the door once but when I told her to go back to her color she did. Jadyn leads them like she will lead them onstage in their recital for their tap dance. They are waddling like penguins for their song The Penguin. Behind Jadyn is Lexi and then Mikayla brings up the rear. There are 4 children in this class and Mikayla is the youngest at 3. Jadyn and Timothy are 4 and Lexi is 5. We can't wait to see what their costumes will look like for this song!This is the part of their song where they flip their flippers.

Here they take two steps and fall on the ice!

There are also some neat tap steps with this song that I did not get a picture of this time! Here Mikayla leads them as she will lead them off stage at the recital. I hope this is a good idea - some of you may remember at last year's recital Ms. Nicole had to go out and lead Abbi and Mikayla off stage because they didn't follow the other girls!

Next it was time to change into jazz shoes to practice their jazz routine. They are dancing to Locomotion, and here they are practicing their train with Mikayla as the engine! That's Ms. Andrea helping Mikayla and Ms. Nicole is behind her. Behind Mikayla is Lexi, Timothy, and Jadyn.

Mikayla and Lexi practice one of my favorite parts of their jazz routine as Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nicole look on.

Next Thursday night, I will have more pictures of this dance as they perform at Inman Christmas Stroll. Mikayla will also be performing her Superstar tap routine that she has been learning in her Tuesday night class. We are all looking forward to this! She will also be in the Inman Christmas Parade this year, and she will participate in the Bethlehem Walk. She will also compete in her first dance competition in January. Our little dancer sure is keeping us busy!

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