Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Performing...Well, Sort of

Think back to my last post about the Christmas Stroll...

We had gone to the stroll because Mikayla was scheduled to perform two dances - one with her tap/jazz class and one with her tap/ballet class. The tap/jazz group was set to perform second so we got them in line and watched as the older girls performed a routine.

Mikayla, Lexi, and Jadyn wait for their turn on stage. It was soooo cold! The only one missing from this picture is Timothy - he was watching with his mom at the front of the stage!

On stage for her jazz routine. The other three are all the way to the left of the stage, hince only Mikayla in these photos. In the top one you can see that she's smiling and looking at them as she begins the routine. In the bottom one she's still smiling but she is looking around like where is my mom (my mistake - I had moved to the front of the stage to watch and take pictures).

Mikayla got upset so Ms. Nicole joined them onstage.

Ms. Nicole picked Mikayla up and carried her throughout the remainder of the routine. She's just a little bit rotten - you think?

After Mikayla didn't dance in her first routine, I wasn't sure she would dance in the second one. There was one group between her two routines which gave me enough time to take off her jazz shoes and put on her tap shoes. I also assured her that I would stand right where I was standing at the side of the stage while she danced. She got right up on the stage, but when her friend kamree got upset so did she. So, Ms. Nicole got back onstage with them - luckily this time Mikayla danced without Ms. Nicole carrying her!

Mikayla starts her tap routine - go girl!

Ms. Nicole and Mikayla show off their dance moves while Kamree and her mom look on. Abbi and Annabeth were to the left of Ms. Nicole.

Abbi, Annabeth, Ms. Nicole, and Mikayla finish their tap routine - Superstar Give My Regards to Broadway.

Everyone did an outstanding job with their routines. Even Mikayla and Kamree did a wonderful job!! It takes a lot to get on stage and perform in front of all those people! Way to go Stars!!

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