Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dance First, Then Relax with Family

We knew on Sunday that this would be another busy week for our family. Mikayla had tap/jazz class Monday night. Then as soon as we got home to Craig and Drew I had to go back to school for PTA. Then, Mikayla had dance for two hours Tuesday night to make up for classes being cancelled on Election Day last Tuesday. Nana (Craig's mom) called us Monday night to say that she, Nanny (Craig's Grandmother), and Uncle Ovid would be coming down on Tuesday and they wanted to see the babies (not us - haha - Drew and Mikayla)! We were trying to figure out how we would work this around Miki's two hours of dance. Since Mikayla's dance studio is only 5 minutes from Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie's house and I knew that Nana, Nanny, and Ovid would be seeing Haston too, I suggested us going there. I suggested that Craig and Drew drop Mikayla and I off at the studio and head on over to spend time with them while we were at dance, and then they could pick us up and go back so that Miki would get to spend a little time with them too! Nana thought this was a great idea (I hope I didn't impose too much Aunt Julie!!) We all had a very nice time and it was great visiting with family. Mikayla is ready to begin her second hour of dance on Tuesday (her tap/ballet class). The first hour was a hip-hop class. She really gets into that class as well, but because those girls are a good bit older than her sometimes she's more interested than others. She does not take hip-hop on a normal basis - we use that as her make-up class when needed.
Mikayla watches Ms. Andrea to make sure her steps are right! Ms. Andrea says that Mikayla is focused on getting the correct hand/feet placement.

On to Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie's house:
Cousins Drew, Haston, and Mikayla watch a movie as Nana and I look on. It looks like Mikayla is more interested in what Haston is doing - that's about right!
Haston plays with his remote control car that we got him for his birthday. We are glad you like it Haston!! Wait 'til you see what we got you for Christmas - look out mom and dad!!

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