Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun at the Fair

Drew and Mikayla's favorite ride at the fair the past two years has been these ponies. This is the first year that Drew has ridden by himself without someone walking beside him! Isn't he quite the cowboy!
Look at our cute cowgirl! She loved this pony, and she wanted Poppi to walk beside her while she rode it!

I have always loved going to the fair! I don't like the rides so much as the atmosphere. I love the weather, the sounds, the smells, watching the people - everything about it! We take Drew and Mikayla every year, some years we have been known to go more than once. The one thing that is standard about our trip to the fair is the candy apple with nuts that we get as we leave!! Again this year Poppi, Mimi, and Jennie decided to join us at the fair. Jennie also brought along our friend Beth. Beth is so good with Drew and Mikayla - we were very glad to have her join us. Both Jennie and Beth were a big help with Drew and Mikayla as they were kind enough to ride some of the rides with them!

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