Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...So I am a week late...I know I know!

Craig, Drew, Mikayla, and I spent Thanksgiving morning enjoying time together and getting food ready to take to Grandma's house. My dad's whole family gets together at my grandmother's house every Thanksgiving! My dad has a pretty large family - two sisters, and a brother. There are 15 grandchildren, and too many great grands to count so it is always a full house. This Thanksgiving was no different! My grandmother bought the house across the street from my mom and dad's house last year so we didn't have very far to go! When we got there, my dad, Uncle Mike, and KK (my dad's sister) helped to finish up the cooking. If you ask me, it looks more like they are sampling!

After we ate, we spent most of the day outside. It was unseasonably warm for November, and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!Grandma, KK, my cousin Kathy, and her husband Hank pose for a picture!

Daddy and Craig enjoy rocking on the front porch while Aunt Jennie fixes Mikayla's pig tails. She had already taken them down - imagine that!

Drew is seeing how high he can throw - he had fun with all of Grandma's acorns!

Mikayla gets a piece of gum from Mimi. Mimi and Poppi are such softies when it comes to Drew and Mikayla. My mom says they follow directions very well.

While Mikayla gets gum, Drew shows off his collection of acorns. He wanted to bring these home, which of course Grandma was fine with. Mommy and Daddy weren't so sure!

One of my favorite pictures of my dad and Mikayla. She is Poppi's princess for sure!

When Poppi showed that he could climb this tree, you know Drew had to have a turn! Drew thinks there's nothing like his Poppi!

Keyleigh and Mikayla love each other! Keyleigh is the daughter of my cousin Mikie and his wife April! You may remember Keyleigh from a post from last year's Christmas with the title "Twins". They still look so much alike, a lot of people say they could be twins! Too cute if you ask me!

Daddy enjoys the rocking chair as all of the great grands get in on the act of collecting acorns. Aunt Jennie and Uncle Jonathan (my sister and brother) pose for a picture...awwww!

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