Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Tinsley!

After carving pumpkins on Sunday afternoon, we went to Tinsley's birthday party. We met Peyton and Tinsley and their mom and dad through baseball. Drew and Peyton played on the same baseball team their first year, and then this past year Peyton's dad was the head coach for Drew's team. Peyton is the same age as Drew and Tinsley is just 10 months older than Mikayla! Our families have become great friends, and it is fun watching our kids together. Tinsley was having a Dora party - and Dora even made a guest appearance. Drew loved this, but Mikayla was not too sure about it at first. While Dora had all of the children sitting in the circle, Mrs. Patti, Tinsley's mom, got Mikayla to sit in the circle with her!

Dora makes a special hat just for Tinsley as Drew and the other children look on.

Mikayla sits with Mrs. Patti as Dora make a balloon animal for one guest! By the time she was finished all of the children there had a balloon animal.

Drew and the other children scamper to pick up candy from the pinata. Mikayla is not in this picture because she was frightened when everyone yelled as the pinata burst. Drew was sweet and shared his candy with her!

Mikayla and Drew enjoy cupcakes and ice cream! YUM!!

Dora also provided face paintings for all of the children that wanted them. here Mikayla shows off her smiley face!

Drew shows off his snake! Isn't that cool?

Mikayla sits with Dora for a picture just before she was getting ready to leave!

This was such a great party and Drew and Mikayla really enjoyed spending time with Tinsley and Peyton and all of the other children that were there (there was even one child from my kindergarten class there and several others from our school). We are going to have to get Peyton, Tinsley, Drew, and Mikayla together again very soon!

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