Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No School!!

Last year was the first year that we have gotten the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as a school holiday! It was really nice because we were able to go to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with GG Ma and GG Pa. We also took Drew and Mikayla to Disney while we were there. We had a wonderful trip, and even considered doing that again this year. We decided to stay home this year, but we plan to visit Florida again next year. It's probably a good thing we stayed home this year because Drew woke up this morning sick. I wasn't surprised as Mrs. Batson had written in her newsletter this week that there had been 6 children in his class with strep throat. Craig took Drew's temperature this morning when he first got up and it was 101.7. So, we called the doctor's office when they first opened at 8 and got an appointment with Dr. Berry (our favorite) for 9! My mommy intuition is usually on the money, and this time was no different. Doctor Berry's diagnosis - you guessed it - strep. So, it was off to Eckerd to get his prescription filled. Then we took breakfast to daddy at work while we waited. Then it was back home for his first dose and then straight to bed. He was pretty exhausted and he wanted to watch one of his Disney movies. Mikayla wanted to watch too - but she watches from the safety of her chair. We are trying to keep the spread of germs to a minimum - pretty difficult with two little ones! So - no school, but with rainy weather and a sick little one we are content to spend the rest of the day inside! Who knows - we just may talk daddy into getting out the Christmas stuff when he gets home!

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