Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cookout With Friends

On Saturday, June 13th Craig invited the guys that work with him to come to our house for a cookout. Mikayla had spent the night at the dance studio the night before since it was the last day of dance camp, and Drew had spent the night with Mimi and Poppi so Craig and I had gotten a date night (Side Street Pizza - yum!!). Craig and I went to pick Mikayla up from the studio Saturday morning, and then went to Costco to get all of the food, drinks, etc. When we got home, Poppi brought Drew home, and we had the kids rest awhile, and then we all played outside while waiting for everyone to arrive.
"Yella Boy's" oldest daughter, Deja, had fun watching everyone play the wii. She even enjoyed a couple games of bowling herself!Zach tries out his bowling skills.Sherri's granddaughter wants to bowl too ya'll!Yella's wife, Sherika, takes a turn at bowling while their youngest daughter Keasia smiles for the camera.

Then we pulled out the wii fit and "Yella Boy" tried his luck at ski jump. Darryl wants to see how well he can jump!

Then Sherri took a turn...
while Austin and "Yella Boy" look on. I don't think either of them were playing with the pink bear laying beside them. I think one of the little ones were playing with it! :)

Zach decided that he wanted to try his luck too...
while Sherri, her grandson, Darryl, "Yella Boy", Austin, and Keasia look on. Austin did not want his picture taken - can you tell? Jennie and her boyfriend BJ smile for the camera. They had fun just watching everyone on the fit!
Everyone seemed to have a fun time, and I'm pretty sure they got their bellies full! Craig and I had fun playing host and hostess and we will have to get everyone together again soon!!

More Pool Fun!!

Drew, Mikayla, and I spent the first week of June like we spent most weeks this summer - by the pool!!

They are at the age now where I don't feel I have to be right beside them in the pool the whole time. Don't get me wrong - they are never in the pool unless an adult is outside with them. This year is the first year, though, that I felt confident enough in their swimming that I would get out and lay in the sun some while they swam. I still got in the pool a lot myself to play with them of course, but it is nice to be able to sit on the side and watch them enjoy the water as much as I do!!

Drew loves to snorkel - if (when) we go on a cruise that is something we will have to do as a family for sure!! He has always been our little fish - never afraid of anything. Sometimes I wish he were a little more cautious in certain situations, but he is learning to be as he matures!! We sure are proud of our little guy!!

Mikayla is like a little fish - hard to believe the first two years of her life she screamed when we got in the pool. She would latch on to me like I was gonna drop her if she didn't and scream if any part of her body touched the water. She is so much like her daddy - scared of everything. There are times I am grateful for this cautiousness and other times I wish she weren't so. I think she is learning as she gets older that there are some things she should be afraid of, and there are some things she has no reason to fear. It is my goal to keep exposing her to many different things so that she can overcome some of this. That's the reason I kept getting in the water with her when she was little. If I had avoided it just because she was scared of it, she would still be scared to this day and not "swimming like a fish"!! Our girl has been jumping off the diving board without floats on for 2 years now - we couldn't be more proud!!

Baseball Banquet Spring 2009

Okay, so I know I said no more baseball posts from Spring 2009, but I just came across pictures from Drew's banquet that I wanted to post so here goes...
Drew's baseball banquet was held on a Tuesday night in May at Lake Bowen Park. Coach Danny and his family brought pizza for everyone and the rest of us brought "extras" such as chips, drinks, plates, napkins, desserts, etc. for everyone. The kids were able to play and enjoy each others' company away from the baseball fields while the parents were able to chat and reminisce about the season. After we all ate and the kids played awhile it was time to give trophies!! Coach Danny and Coach Chris talk to the boys about their season and how much they enjoyed it before passing out any of the trophies. We had such a wonderful year and we feel very blessed that Drew had the opportunity to be coached by Danny, Chris, and Kevin. They taught Drew so much about the game and about life, and for that we will be forever grateful!!
Drew goes up to receive his trophy from Coach Danny! It was after all of the trophies had been distributed that Coach Danny gave some of the interesting stats "for fun". That is when we learned that Drew batted over 600 on the season and he also repeated what I already knew - that Drew only struck out 3 times all year. He actually tied for least strike-outs with another guy on his team and he had the second highest batting average on his team. Craig and I couldn't be more proud of baseball king!!

Dance Recital 2009

Mikayla's dance recital for 2009 was held on Saturday, May 30th and the theme for this year was "Every Thing's Coming Up Dance"! Mikayla danced in 6 dances at this year's recital after learning 4 dances in her weekly classes, the opening number at dance camp 2008, and the finale in which all of the dancers participate. Mikayla had so much fun dancing last season and she was able to show off everything she had worked so hard to learn at the recital. She took tap, ballet, jazz, and clogging last year so I included pictures from each of those dances here.
Mikayla dances in the opening number with other girls from last year's summer dance camp! Mikayla and the other girls (Alana, Jadyn, Anaka, Breanna, and Emily) show their tap dance.
Then, those same girls danced their jazz routine!Next, it was time to get Mikayla changed for her ballet dance. She danced this dance with Jadyn, Brooke, and Lana. **Our beautiful ballerina!!**
As soon as she finished her ballet dance, mommy was off to change her costume yet again. This time into one of my favorites - her clogging costume. Mikayla, Lana, Jadyn, and Brooke also danced in this dance. Because it was one of my favorites, I have included more pictures of this dance than of any of them!!
Mikayla and Lana were partners for this dance, while Brooke and Jadyn were also partners.
Mikayla clicks her heels together - so cute!!
Go Girls!!
As soon as she finished her clogging routine, I was off to change her for the last time that evening. We had to get Mikayla in her "school girl" outfit for the finale.
Abbi, Mikayla, and Breanna show off their moves!
The very end where all of the dance students jumped up when their names were called! Mikayla is in between two chickens - Mackenna and Madison.
Mikayla, Breanna, and Emily show off their perfect attendance certificates. They didn't miss any dance classes all season. Breanna and Emily are also holding their trophies - you can see Mikayla's sitting behind her on the stage. She received her 4th year trophy and her dad and I as well as the rest of our family could not be more proud of her! She loves dancing and we hope she always will!!

Last Baseball Post of the Season (spring)

Drew's team for Spring baseball this past year was the Bulldogs. He played for Danny Moss and had a terrific season. Drew was awarded the game ball after the first game of the season for getting a rally started (he was the lead off batter that inning and hit a double) that enabled our team to come back and win!! We could not have been more proud of the way that Drew played this past Spring - his first year batting against the pitching machine and also his first year ever playing catcher on defense! He only struck out 3 times the whole season and his coach announced that he batted over 600 for the season at the end-of-the-year banquet!! His team finished 2nd in the league for the year!! We are most thankful that Drew had fun this past year and that his love for baseball grew! He certainly enjoys it - so much so that he opted out of playing soccer this fall and has instead been playing more baseball. I will get some pictures posted from these games soon. I hope to also get some video posted on here soon! Drew takes a swing during our first game of the end-of-season tournament.

Our hind catcher looks like a real professional if you ask me - of course I am a little biased...The coaches talk to the boys after they won the game. I think sometimes at this point, they are more interested in snacks!

Fun at the Swim Center

On Friday, May 29th, Drew's class, along with some of the other second grade classes at our school, went on a field trip to the Swim Center. I was able to meet them at the Swim Center after I left Mikayla's Author's Tea that morning. Drew was so excited about going and he was insistent that I go with him.
Drew and his group listen to the pool safety rules.
Then they moved on to learn boating safety rules.
Next, they moved on to learn about rafting safety. I think this was one of Drew's favorites!! Drew and his friends had life jackets on and were hanging out in the raft.
The lifeguard jumps into the pool splashing the boys. They LOVED it.
Next the lifeguard talks to the boys about what to do if they are ever rafting and the raft flips.And finally, the lifeguard gives the boys a chance to demonstrate what they have learned. I love this picture even though it is a little hard to see the raft. The lifeguard is tipping them, but all three boys are hanging on.
Next, they moved to a station to learn how to help someone who is in trouble in water. Drew practices helping a friend with a "noodle"...
and then with the ring.
Drew's friend, Allie, helps Drew with the ring.
Finally, Drew and his group get to the station where they take the swim test (if they want to) to see if they can jump off the diving board during the "free swim" time.
Drew LOVES the diving board!
It was so neat to see the students having so much fun on this field trip. Not only was it fun for them, but I was very impressed with everything our students learned! Drew still talks about this field trip - I think it will always be one of his favorites!!

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