Thursday, October 01, 2009

Last Baseball Post of the Season (spring)

Drew's team for Spring baseball this past year was the Bulldogs. He played for Danny Moss and had a terrific season. Drew was awarded the game ball after the first game of the season for getting a rally started (he was the lead off batter that inning and hit a double) that enabled our team to come back and win!! We could not have been more proud of the way that Drew played this past Spring - his first year batting against the pitching machine and also his first year ever playing catcher on defense! He only struck out 3 times the whole season and his coach announced that he batted over 600 for the season at the end-of-the-year banquet!! His team finished 2nd in the league for the year!! We are most thankful that Drew had fun this past year and that his love for baseball grew! He certainly enjoys it - so much so that he opted out of playing soccer this fall and has instead been playing more baseball. I will get some pictures posted from these games soon. I hope to also get some video posted on here soon! Drew takes a swing during our first game of the end-of-season tournament.

Our hind catcher looks like a real professional if you ask me - of course I am a little biased...The coaches talk to the boys after they won the game. I think sometimes at this point, they are more interested in snacks!

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