Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fun at the Swim Center

On Friday, May 29th, Drew's class, along with some of the other second grade classes at our school, went on a field trip to the Swim Center. I was able to meet them at the Swim Center after I left Mikayla's Author's Tea that morning. Drew was so excited about going and he was insistent that I go with him.
Drew and his group listen to the pool safety rules.
Then they moved on to learn boating safety rules.
Next, they moved on to learn about rafting safety. I think this was one of Drew's favorites!! Drew and his friends had life jackets on and were hanging out in the raft.
The lifeguard jumps into the pool splashing the boys. They LOVED it.
Next the lifeguard talks to the boys about what to do if they are ever rafting and the raft flips.And finally, the lifeguard gives the boys a chance to demonstrate what they have learned. I love this picture even though it is a little hard to see the raft. The lifeguard is tipping them, but all three boys are hanging on.
Next, they moved to a station to learn how to help someone who is in trouble in water. Drew practices helping a friend with a "noodle"...
and then with the ring.
Drew's friend, Allie, helps Drew with the ring.
Finally, Drew and his group get to the station where they take the swim test (if they want to) to see if they can jump off the diving board during the "free swim" time.
Drew LOVES the diving board!
It was so neat to see the students having so much fun on this field trip. Not only was it fun for them, but I was very impressed with everything our students learned! Drew still talks about this field trip - I think it will always be one of his favorites!!

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