Thursday, October 01, 2009

Baseball Banquet Spring 2009

Okay, so I know I said no more baseball posts from Spring 2009, but I just came across pictures from Drew's banquet that I wanted to post so here goes...
Drew's baseball banquet was held on a Tuesday night in May at Lake Bowen Park. Coach Danny and his family brought pizza for everyone and the rest of us brought "extras" such as chips, drinks, plates, napkins, desserts, etc. for everyone. The kids were able to play and enjoy each others' company away from the baseball fields while the parents were able to chat and reminisce about the season. After we all ate and the kids played awhile it was time to give trophies!! Coach Danny and Coach Chris talk to the boys about their season and how much they enjoyed it before passing out any of the trophies. We had such a wonderful year and we feel very blessed that Drew had the opportunity to be coached by Danny, Chris, and Kevin. They taught Drew so much about the game and about life, and for that we will be forever grateful!!
Drew goes up to receive his trophy from Coach Danny! It was after all of the trophies had been distributed that Coach Danny gave some of the interesting stats "for fun". That is when we learned that Drew batted over 600 on the season and he also repeated what I already knew - that Drew only struck out 3 times all year. He actually tied for least strike-outs with another guy on his team and he had the second highest batting average on his team. Craig and I couldn't be more proud of baseball king!!

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