Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sorry for lack of posts!!

Here are some pictures I wanted to add a while back, but for some reason they wouldn't upload!

Daddy, Jonathan, and Jessica watch the Clemson/Florida State game at our house after enjoying some delicious hamburgers and hotdogs! Daddy, Jennie, the kids and I would rather have been watching the Gamecocks play!!

Josh looks real interested in the game doesn't he??

Mimi looks on as Jennie and Mikayla play a game! You can tell they weren't interested in a Clemson game! I was finally able to get a picture of Drew - he is never still - I can hardly get pictures of him anymore!

Mikayla waits to go in her dance class! We think she looks adorable, but of course, we are a little biased!!

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just can't seem to get everything done that I need to get done since school started this year. We have been so busy with Mikayla's dance (2 nights a week this year), Drew's karate and homework, my duties as Kindergarten Grade Rep - not to mention household and other teaching duties! I have also begun making jewelry for the girls/women in our family for Christmas this year. Add that to my list - and you can see why I haven't had time to blog! I also apologize for the lack of new pictures on here. The last time that I did blog I tried uploading new pictures but blogger was being a booger!

I should have some great pictures after this weekend!! Tomorrow all of the kindergarten classes at our school are going on a field trip to the apple farm! Drew and I are very excited about this trip, and I hope to get some great pictures!!

After school, our family is leaving for Atlanta for a mini vacation! We can all use some rest and relaxation as we take a break for our daily routine! We plan to take part in some of the many great attractions Atlanta offers including Drew and Mikayla's first Atlanta Braves game! I will post pictures as soon as we return!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mikayla's Three Year Check-up!

Wednesday continued our busy week! Mikayla had her 3 year old check-up with Dr. Berry on Wednesday afternoon! The whole way there she kept saying I don't want a shot mommy. I talked with her the whole way and explained that I didn't know if she would need a shot. I also reassured her that if she had to get a shot it was because it was needed to keep her from getting sick. As soon as Dr. Berry's nurse came out to the waiting room and called her name she said "I have some great news today - no shots!!!". I was glad to hear that, and I know that Mikayla was relieved. She perked right up. The nurse weighed her, and checked her height. She is growing just as she should be! Then the nurse asked me questions about Mikayla's development such as - Can she go up and down steps? Can she dress and undress herself? Is she talking so that you are able to understand what she says?, etc. I was happy to answer all of the questions with a yes. In fact, the nurse didn't even wait on my answer for the question about talking. She answered it with "I can tell that she is!" After asking those questions, she left telling us that Dr. Berry would soon be in! The first thing that Mikayla said when Dr. Berry opened the door was "I don't have to get any shots!" Dr. Berry laughed and agreed with her! Dr. Berry checked her eyes, ears, mouth, stomache, etc. and determined that she was a healthy 3 year old girl that was doing very well. He couldn't get over the fact that she is completely potty trained - even at night. He asked "she doesn't have any accidents at night?" To which I was proud to answer no, as long as we remind her to use the potty before she gets in bed! (It was the same way with Drew - he was completely potty trained at 2 and a half as well!) We are so happy to see our little ones growing as they should be, although it's hard to say I'm happy to see them growing. Why can't they stay little forever??

Wow! What a Week!

This week has been full of activity for our family! Sorry about the lack of updates!!

On Monday, Mikayla had her first dance class of the season. Drew also had karate at the same time on Monday so I had to ask my sister, Jennie, to help me with getting him home! Afterwards I found that I didn't need Jennie's help like I thought I did because Mikayla didn't want to participate at dance. She was the only one who had signed up for the afternoon jazz/tap class, and she didn't want to dance by herself (even if it was dancing with Miss Andrea). Miss Andrea told me that there was another student who signed up for a jazz/tap class at a different time with the understanding that she may need to move them. Since Jadyn was the only child in her class too, Miss Andrea assured me that she would be there this Monday to dance with Mikayla! When we picked Drew up from Mimi and Poppi's house we got to hear all about what he learned at karate. He's learning how to kick, punch, and can demonstrate a high block. We are very proud of him, and we are glad he understands that he doesn't use what he's learning unless it is to defend himself!

Also on Monday we had PTA/Open House at our school. So after Mikayla and I picked up Drew and got some supper, it was time to head back to the school with daddy. I had to go meet with the parents of children in my classroom so daddy had to take Drew and Mikayla to meet with Mrs. Batson and Mrs. Christopher and see everything that Drew had been doing in class. (Daddy wasn't real enthused about this!) By the time we got home from Open House we were all ready to crash!!

On Tuesdays, Mikayla has tap/ballet class at the dance studio. I know, I know...what was I thinking right? At 3 years old my child is taking dance two nights a week! I know some of you probably think we're crazy, or that we are spoiling our kids, etc. But, as long as we are able to we will give our kids every opportunity to find something that they enjoy doing. We think it is important to have well-rounded children (and what could be better than the Arts?). I will tell you that after Monday's episode at dance, I was beginning to doubt myself. I kept reminding myself that Mikayla loves dance. I mean, if she didn't, we wouldn't have to watch the video from last year's recital EVERY DAY (at least once). She wouldn't know it by heart and dance along with the dancers in every dance either if she didn't enjoy it. I knew it would just take her some time to get back in the routine. She hasn't danced at the studio since May (Miss Andrea also moved into a new studio this year), so we had to re-adjust. Tuesday at dance, she did great! Don't get me wrong when I left the class she was crying, but as I listened from the "waiting room" I could tell that she didn't cry very long. In fact, she stopped crying almost as soon as I left the door. When class was over, she came running out all smiles! She was eager to show us the new steps she had learned. We are so proud of her! She's had a lot to adjust to already this year with dance, and I think she is doing well considering: new studio, new friends, new dance steps, new times, 2 classes instead of 1, etc. Miss Andrea said she did a much better job on Tuesday as well!

We are very proud of our little karate kid and dancer!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dylan's birthday party!

On Saturday, Drew, Mikayla, and I went to Dylan's birthday party at Rollerland Skating Rink. You may remember Dylan from pictures of Drew's birthday party this summer! When we arrived there were already a few people there, including a couple of Drew's and Mikayla's friends from daycare and even one of the little girls in my class this year! Soon after, several other boys and girls arrived. At first, Drew wanted to use plastic skates since we have not been skating that often and he was not real sure of himself. It took a little while to convince Mikayla that she could skate - she didn't even want to try the plastic skates. It didn't take her long though and she wanted to be out in the rink with Dylan and all the other kids. When they started the Hokey Pokey and Spin the Pin, she started crying that she wanted to go home. She had never done those before. Then she calmed down once she saw that the children were winning candy. When they were finished, she got upset again because she didn't win. The party was smack in the middle of her usual nap time. I am so glad we went though, because both Drew and Mikayla had a wonderful time - even if they were a little whinny! After we had cake and Dylan opened his presents, all the kids wanted to skate some more. This time, Drew and Dylan decided that they wanted to try the "big" skates. They tried these for a little while and decided to go back to the plastic skates right before we left. When it was time to leave neither Drew nor Mikayla were ready (imagine that). I wish I had gotten some pictures of Drew and Mikayla skating - I had taken my camera. With it being just mommy (and Mikayla not moving too far from my side), I wasn't able to get any! That's okay - there's always next time!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Drew and Mikayla after both baths were finished and before we started playing games Mimi took this pic with them!!!!
Drew and Mikayla enjoyed Labor Day weekend! The part they enjoyed most was having a sleepover with Mimi, Poppi, and Aunt Jennie! Saturday Mimi, Poppi, and Jennie asked Drew and Mikayla if they wanted to spend the night with them Sunday night since they didn't have school today. Both Drew and Mikayla were very excited, and enthusiastically answered yes! We had made plans with Grandma earlier in the week for her to come to our house Sunday night to visit and give Mikayla her birthday present. So our schedule for Sunday was - church in the morning, dinner at Mimi and Poppi's, evening with Grandma, and back to Mimi and Poppi's house for a sleepover!

We took Drew and Miki over to my mom and dad's after their Grandma Cheryle left last night. Craig and I were pretty skeptical about both of them staying all night, especially Mikayla. She had never spent a night in her life away from me! Once we dropped them off over there, Craig and I went out to eat! It was so nice to be able to enjoy eating out just he and I. Don't get me wrong neither of us would know what to do if we didn't have Drew and Mikayla - it was so quiet here last night! However, a date every now and then is really wonderful! Even still, we expected a call once we got home. Nobody ever called so right before we went to bed last night, I called my sister's cell just to check on them. Jennie said that Mikayla was already asleep and Drew was headed that way! I couldn't believe it - I asked if she cried at all. Jennie answered that she never cried, but one time she said "I want my mommy". Jennie just held her for a little bit, and she was fine. She fell asleep watching Disney! They had had a busy evening; dinner from MacDonald's (we went through the drive through before dropping them off), games (Connect Four and Candy Land), baths, coloring, and t.v. They had a ball!! Some of my most fond memories are speding the night with my Grandma and Papa. Hopefully Drew and Mikayla will have fond memories of this as well!

**Jennie took this picture (and a few more that I couldn't get uploaded tonight - check back for them) for me and emailed them to me with the captions!! Thank you Jennie, mom, and dad, for all you do for Drew and Miki!!!

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