Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Drew and Mikayla after both baths were finished and before we started playing games Mimi took this pic with them!!!!
Drew and Mikayla enjoyed Labor Day weekend! The part they enjoyed most was having a sleepover with Mimi, Poppi, and Aunt Jennie! Saturday Mimi, Poppi, and Jennie asked Drew and Mikayla if they wanted to spend the night with them Sunday night since they didn't have school today. Both Drew and Mikayla were very excited, and enthusiastically answered yes! We had made plans with Grandma earlier in the week for her to come to our house Sunday night to visit and give Mikayla her birthday present. So our schedule for Sunday was - church in the morning, dinner at Mimi and Poppi's, evening with Grandma, and back to Mimi and Poppi's house for a sleepover!

We took Drew and Miki over to my mom and dad's after their Grandma Cheryle left last night. Craig and I were pretty skeptical about both of them staying all night, especially Mikayla. She had never spent a night in her life away from me! Once we dropped them off over there, Craig and I went out to eat! It was so nice to be able to enjoy eating out just he and I. Don't get me wrong neither of us would know what to do if we didn't have Drew and Mikayla - it was so quiet here last night! However, a date every now and then is really wonderful! Even still, we expected a call once we got home. Nobody ever called so right before we went to bed last night, I called my sister's cell just to check on them. Jennie said that Mikayla was already asleep and Drew was headed that way! I couldn't believe it - I asked if she cried at all. Jennie answered that she never cried, but one time she said "I want my mommy". Jennie just held her for a little bit, and she was fine. She fell asleep watching Disney! They had had a busy evening; dinner from MacDonald's (we went through the drive through before dropping them off), games (Connect Four and Candy Land), baths, coloring, and t.v. They had a ball!! Some of my most fond memories are speding the night with my Grandma and Papa. Hopefully Drew and Mikayla will have fond memories of this as well!

**Jennie took this picture (and a few more that I couldn't get uploaded tonight - check back for them) for me and emailed them to me with the captions!! Thank you Jennie, mom, and dad, for all you do for Drew and Miki!!!

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