Friday, September 15, 2006

Mikayla's Three Year Check-up!

Wednesday continued our busy week! Mikayla had her 3 year old check-up with Dr. Berry on Wednesday afternoon! The whole way there she kept saying I don't want a shot mommy. I talked with her the whole way and explained that I didn't know if she would need a shot. I also reassured her that if she had to get a shot it was because it was needed to keep her from getting sick. As soon as Dr. Berry's nurse came out to the waiting room and called her name she said "I have some great news today - no shots!!!". I was glad to hear that, and I know that Mikayla was relieved. She perked right up. The nurse weighed her, and checked her height. She is growing just as she should be! Then the nurse asked me questions about Mikayla's development such as - Can she go up and down steps? Can she dress and undress herself? Is she talking so that you are able to understand what she says?, etc. I was happy to answer all of the questions with a yes. In fact, the nurse didn't even wait on my answer for the question about talking. She answered it with "I can tell that she is!" After asking those questions, she left telling us that Dr. Berry would soon be in! The first thing that Mikayla said when Dr. Berry opened the door was "I don't have to get any shots!" Dr. Berry laughed and agreed with her! Dr. Berry checked her eyes, ears, mouth, stomache, etc. and determined that she was a healthy 3 year old girl that was doing very well. He couldn't get over the fact that she is completely potty trained - even at night. He asked "she doesn't have any accidents at night?" To which I was proud to answer no, as long as we remind her to use the potty before she gets in bed! (It was the same way with Drew - he was completely potty trained at 2 and a half as well!) We are so happy to see our little ones growing as they should be, although it's hard to say I'm happy to see them growing. Why can't they stay little forever??

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