Friday, September 15, 2006

Wow! What a Week!

This week has been full of activity for our family! Sorry about the lack of updates!!

On Monday, Mikayla had her first dance class of the season. Drew also had karate at the same time on Monday so I had to ask my sister, Jennie, to help me with getting him home! Afterwards I found that I didn't need Jennie's help like I thought I did because Mikayla didn't want to participate at dance. She was the only one who had signed up for the afternoon jazz/tap class, and she didn't want to dance by herself (even if it was dancing with Miss Andrea). Miss Andrea told me that there was another student who signed up for a jazz/tap class at a different time with the understanding that she may need to move them. Since Jadyn was the only child in her class too, Miss Andrea assured me that she would be there this Monday to dance with Mikayla! When we picked Drew up from Mimi and Poppi's house we got to hear all about what he learned at karate. He's learning how to kick, punch, and can demonstrate a high block. We are very proud of him, and we are glad he understands that he doesn't use what he's learning unless it is to defend himself!

Also on Monday we had PTA/Open House at our school. So after Mikayla and I picked up Drew and got some supper, it was time to head back to the school with daddy. I had to go meet with the parents of children in my classroom so daddy had to take Drew and Mikayla to meet with Mrs. Batson and Mrs. Christopher and see everything that Drew had been doing in class. (Daddy wasn't real enthused about this!) By the time we got home from Open House we were all ready to crash!!

On Tuesdays, Mikayla has tap/ballet class at the dance studio. I know, I know...what was I thinking right? At 3 years old my child is taking dance two nights a week! I know some of you probably think we're crazy, or that we are spoiling our kids, etc. But, as long as we are able to we will give our kids every opportunity to find something that they enjoy doing. We think it is important to have well-rounded children (and what could be better than the Arts?). I will tell you that after Monday's episode at dance, I was beginning to doubt myself. I kept reminding myself that Mikayla loves dance. I mean, if she didn't, we wouldn't have to watch the video from last year's recital EVERY DAY (at least once). She wouldn't know it by heart and dance along with the dancers in every dance either if she didn't enjoy it. I knew it would just take her some time to get back in the routine. She hasn't danced at the studio since May (Miss Andrea also moved into a new studio this year), so we had to re-adjust. Tuesday at dance, she did great! Don't get me wrong when I left the class she was crying, but as I listened from the "waiting room" I could tell that she didn't cry very long. In fact, she stopped crying almost as soon as I left the door. When class was over, she came running out all smiles! She was eager to show us the new steps she had learned. We are so proud of her! She's had a lot to adjust to already this year with dance, and I think she is doing well considering: new studio, new friends, new dance steps, new times, 2 classes instead of 1, etc. Miss Andrea said she did a much better job on Tuesday as well!

We are very proud of our little karate kid and dancer!!

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