Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dylan's birthday party!

On Saturday, Drew, Mikayla, and I went to Dylan's birthday party at Rollerland Skating Rink. You may remember Dylan from pictures of Drew's birthday party this summer! When we arrived there were already a few people there, including a couple of Drew's and Mikayla's friends from daycare and even one of the little girls in my class this year! Soon after, several other boys and girls arrived. At first, Drew wanted to use plastic skates since we have not been skating that often and he was not real sure of himself. It took a little while to convince Mikayla that she could skate - she didn't even want to try the plastic skates. It didn't take her long though and she wanted to be out in the rink with Dylan and all the other kids. When they started the Hokey Pokey and Spin the Pin, she started crying that she wanted to go home. She had never done those before. Then she calmed down once she saw that the children were winning candy. When they were finished, she got upset again because she didn't win. The party was smack in the middle of her usual nap time. I am so glad we went though, because both Drew and Mikayla had a wonderful time - even if they were a little whinny! After we had cake and Dylan opened his presents, all the kids wanted to skate some more. This time, Drew and Dylan decided that they wanted to try the "big" skates. They tried these for a little while and decided to go back to the plastic skates right before we left. When it was time to leave neither Drew nor Mikayla were ready (imagine that). I wish I had gotten some pictures of Drew and Mikayla skating - I had taken my camera. With it being just mommy (and Mikayla not moving too far from my side), I wasn't able to get any! That's okay - there's always next time!

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