Monday, May 31, 2010

Drew's Birthday Party 2009

So, I know I have gotten out of order with my dates on here since I have now just begun trying to catch up with my blogging. I'm really not sure there is a way to "catch up" over a year's worth of activities, but I am sure trying. On Saturday, July 16th, we had Drew's 8th birthday party at the bowling alley. Drew, Mikayla, and I (and sometimes daddy, too) had been enjoying a summer full of "Kid's Bowl Free" so I wasn't surprised when Drew decided that he wanted to have his birthday party there. Some of the party decorations...Phillip relaxes before the bowling begins!Sweet Davis and AllisonBreanna, Mikayla, and Emily - the 3 amigos!Tyler, Drew, Trevyr, and Jadyn enjoy their nuggets and fries.Hunter, Zane, Blake, Bryson, and Tyler enjoy their nuggets and french fries.Breanna, Mikayla, Emily, and KiasiaDrew gets ready to blow out his candle - after we sing "Happy Birthday"!Opening Presents...Sweet Friends!!Time to bowl...Every time it was Drew's turn to bowl, it showed this picture of him on the screen!Some of the adults even take a turn - here Craig takes a turn bowling!Some of the boys - Tyler, Blake, Drew, and Phillip...More bowling fun!!Some of the girls - Allison, Emily, Jadyn, Breanna, and Mikayla...Go Mik, Go!

Mikayla and Drew pose with the sign that was in the party room!!

I didn't get a picture of all of Drew's friends signing the bowling pin for him - I wish I had photos of that. He has the pin in his room and it is sure to be something that he treasures for a long time!! Happy 8th Birthday, big boy! We all love you so much!!

First Day of School 2009

On August 18, 2009, we were on our way to Drew's first day of third grade and Mikayla's first day of first grade! They were so excited - they couldn't wait to get to school to see who would be in their classes this year. Mommy was also excited as it was the first day of my ninth year of teaching kindergarten! I couldn't wait to see my students and begin the journey of the school year!
Drew poses with his teacher, Ms. Evans!

Mikayla models one of Drew's books that he will be using for the year - notice he has his arm around his little sister! So sweet...
Mikayla poses with her teacher, Ms. Gossett!
We all had a wonderful first day of school! We were all exhausted when we got home that night, but it was a productive day for all! Now that the school year is over and we are off to enjoy our summer, I can say that it was a productive year for all! :)

Softball Banquet 2010

On Friday, May 21st, we had our softball banquet for our Lady Bubbles at Pizza Inn!! Our girls played in the final game of the season directly before our team headed to eat. As team mom, I had already reserved the "party room" with the help of Kirsten's mom. I also ordered and picked up the trophies and coaches' gifts.
Once we arrived at Pizza Inn, all of our families enjoyed dinner first from the buffet. After everyone was finished eating, Ms. Heather had a surprise for all of us. She had made a slide show of the season and had arranged to show it on the big screen TV in the party room. Thanks to my friend, Heather, for the beautiful video and for keeping score for our girls this year!! After watching the video, which was very touching, it was time to give out the trophies!! Drew looks on as all of the girls receive their trophies!! I think all the girls loved the trophies and were pleased!!
The girls and coaches cheered "Lady Bubbles" one last time before leaving!
Mikayla with coaches Beau, Amy, Kevin, and Chris! Thanks to all of them for all of their hard work this season! Mikayla loved playing this year, and she learned so much!!

Baseball Stars 2010

My sister and I made this video of our Huskers team this year, by editing pictures that I had taken and setting them to music! We were hoping to show this on the big screen at the Greenville Drive game, but because that didn't work, we will share it here! :) We are so proud of our Huskers this year! They finished fourth place in regular season and second place in the end-of-season tournament. They were awarded trophies and medals this year! Drew batted .907 on the year with 0 strike-outs and played an awesome game at first base. The coaches would also put Drew at shortstop and third if needed and he played well in those positions as well! We couldn't be more proud of our HUSKER!! :)

Drew's Baseball Banquet 2010

Nathan, Drew, Trey, Zack, and Jimmy pose before entering the stadium!
It was a beautiful Sunday in May - hot, but beautiful! We were able to enjoy some great baseball on May 23rd when Drew's regular season baseball banquet was held at the Greenville Drive game! Our team, the Boiling Springs Bantam Huskers, was the featured Little League team of the game in their program "Field of Dreams". The parents had arranged this for our little guys so that they could run out onto the field with the Drive players during the singing of the National Anthem!! Drew had been looking forward to this since the middle of the season, and I am sure it is something that we will never forget!!Before the game started, we had our banquet celebration. Coach Jim, Coach Craig, and Coach Jonathan started by handing out game balls. As the game balls were awarded, Coach Jim told why each player was receiving that particular Game Ball! Drew was awarded the game ball for the game against the Tigers because he batted 3 for 3 with a home run, a triple, and a double and he didn't let one Tiger player reach 1st base!! Go Drew!!After Game Balls were awarded, it was time to award the trophies!! Drew goes to accept his trophy from Coach Jon Jon (who also happens to be his Uncle Jon Jon). One of the funniest things I've heard all season was when another player called to my brother "hey, coach Jon Jon" and Drew replied with "that's my Jon Jon, that's coach Jonathan to you". Jonathan and the player just laughed. Mikayla poses with "Reedy Rip-it", the Greenville Drive Mascot, before the game! Reedy also threw a t-shirt to us during the game!

Craig, Drew, and Ethan get autographs before the game.

Drew was able to run out onto Fluor Field with the Greenville Drive first baseman!!

Drew, who played first base for the Huskers this year, talks with the first baseman of the Greenville Drive after running onto the field with him.

Givin' Five!! Thanks for the memories #10! Our boy will never forget you!
After the game, all of the kids have the opportunity to run bases! Drew and Mikayla take advantage of this every time we go see the Drive play! Mikayla, however, will not run without her daddy!!

Whew What a Year...

School year that is!! It was an amazing year with an amazing group of students!! Friday, May 28th marked our first day of summer vacation 2010!! We have a busy summer ahead, and I can't wait to see what is in store for our family!!

We were busy, busy, busy at home as well. I can't believe it has been so long since I last updated this blog. I have lots to post about and not a lot of time, so I may try the condensed version...

Updates coming fast and furious...stay tuned!! :)

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