Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Author's Tea

On Friday, May 29th, I was able to take the day off from work to go with Drew and some of the other second graders to the Swim Center. Also that morning, Mikayla had her Author's Tea. Craig was even able to leave work for a little while to join us. I video taped Mikayla reading her book that she had written, while Craig took these photos. Mrs. Batson, Mikayla's kindergarten teacher, had all of her boys and girls choose an animal, research that animal, and then write a book about that animal using the writing styles of Eric Carle. Then, when all of the books were complete, she invited all of the parents in for our students to read their writings to us. Mikayla chose to write her book about rabbits! Craig and I were so proud of her - she didn't get embarrassed and she didn't act shy. She read her book loud enough for the room full of people to hear her! Way to go Mikayla! Maybe you'll be a children's book author someday!

Dancin' at the Fling!

On a warm Saturday in May, Mikayla and some of the other boys and girls from her dance studio danced on stage at the Spring Fling! Dark clouds were rolling in about the same time we arrived so we weren't sure if they would get to dance or not, but they did! Mikayla, Jadyn, and Brooke show their clogging routine!

How Cute!!
Alana, Jadyn, Anaka, Mikayla, Breanna, and Emily get ready to perform their jazz dance for the crowd!
Mikayla loves this picture because "all of our hair is flying"! I thought that was too funny not to post! We were all glad that the rain held off long enough for me to dance! After we left the stage we headed back to our truck - stopping just long enough to get a couple bloomin' onions (a favorite of our family). We made it back to our truck just in time, because as soon as we got in, the rain began.
We always have fun at the Spring Fling, and we are so proud of our "dancing queen"!!

Indoor Pool! (more pictures from the beach)

After eating seafood Saturday night with Nana and spending a little more time at Ocean Lakes, we went back to our hotel. Drew and Mikayla couldn't wait to try out the indoor pool!! They really wanted to try to lazy river, but it was too cold for that once the sun went down! Instead they had fun playing in the pool and even met a friend! We had a lot of fun at the beach and it was hard to come home on Sunday!! I'll say it again, though, the kids sure are looking forward to the end of October when we are to go back for the weekend!! They can't wait to "trick-or treat" at Nana's and all around Ocean Lakes with Trey, Haston, Belle, and Ella!! They are also really looking forward to seeing Nana and Papa Fred!! Mama is really looking forward to another fun family trip too!!

Ocean Lakes with Nana!

After playing in the ocean a little while Saturday morning, Nana came up to the restaurant located at our resort to have breakfast with us. After a nice breakfast, Drew and Mikayla wanted to go with their Nana! We always enjoy spending time in the pool at Nana's and we knew we would need towels, sunscreen, etc. so Craig and I headed back to the room to gather our beach bag while Nana took Drew and Mikayla on to her house. Once in Ocean Lakes we loaded up the golf carts and headed to the pool. Nana and the kids on one golf cart as you can see, while Craig and I were on the other.On the way to the pool, we made a quick stop by Uncle Chris' house. Mikayla waits patiently on the golf cart. Please notice the goggles already on her eyes - my girl was ready!! Once we were at the pool, Drew had so much fun squirting water on anybody and everybody...
While daddy and Mikayla look on!

Drew and Mikayla love standing and letting the water fall on them. The water was cold, but the day was very warm so it was perfect!!

The Atlantic Ocean!

Back at the end of April (the 24th to be exact), Craig called me at school on a Friday to ask what I thought about going to the beach for the weekend. I was so surprised and excited!! It meant so much that he had taken the time to find us a hotel room and plan a trip for our family!! I replied with "I'd love to go to the beach this weekend!!" I knew that I would need to leave school early to come home and pack - we were planning to leave as soon as Mikayla got out of dance class that afternoon. When I picked Drew and Mikayla up for school, they were just as surprised as I had been to find out we were going to the beach. They couldn't wait!! We came home to pack bags, then Craig and Drew loaded up the truck while Mikayla and I went to dance. We arrived at the beach Friday night and went straight to our hotel room to unpack and then went to get some things from Walmart (imagine that) and then back to walk around the resort some.
Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and walked down to the Springmaid Pier. While we were there, a man was getting ready to release a small shark that he had caught. Before he released it, he let Drew "pet" it, but Mikayla kept her distance.After walking on the pier, Drew and Mikayla wanted to go down and get in the water. We were afraid it might be too cold to swim. The water was very cold, but that didn't stop them. They both couldn't wait to get in the waves!

We could see these two sailboats enjoying the day on Saturday afternoon. These pictures were taken from our balcony.
Drew and Mikayla get back in the water Saturday evening while we were visiting Nana at Ocean Lakes. They love the beach, and can't wait until we go back for Halloween! I have to admit mama is excited too!

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