Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dancin' at the Fling!

On a warm Saturday in May, Mikayla and some of the other boys and girls from her dance studio danced on stage at the Spring Fling! Dark clouds were rolling in about the same time we arrived so we weren't sure if they would get to dance or not, but they did! Mikayla, Jadyn, and Brooke show their clogging routine!

How Cute!!
Alana, Jadyn, Anaka, Mikayla, Breanna, and Emily get ready to perform their jazz dance for the crowd!
Mikayla loves this picture because "all of our hair is flying"! I thought that was too funny not to post! We were all glad that the rain held off long enough for me to dance! After we left the stage we headed back to our truck - stopping just long enough to get a couple bloomin' onions (a favorite of our family). We made it back to our truck just in time, because as soon as we got in, the rain began.
We always have fun at the Spring Fling, and we are so proud of our "dancing queen"!!

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