Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ocean Lakes with Nana!

After playing in the ocean a little while Saturday morning, Nana came up to the restaurant located at our resort to have breakfast with us. After a nice breakfast, Drew and Mikayla wanted to go with their Nana! We always enjoy spending time in the pool at Nana's and we knew we would need towels, sunscreen, etc. so Craig and I headed back to the room to gather our beach bag while Nana took Drew and Mikayla on to her house. Once in Ocean Lakes we loaded up the golf carts and headed to the pool. Nana and the kids on one golf cart as you can see, while Craig and I were on the other.On the way to the pool, we made a quick stop by Uncle Chris' house. Mikayla waits patiently on the golf cart. Please notice the goggles already on her eyes - my girl was ready!! Once we were at the pool, Drew had so much fun squirting water on anybody and everybody...
While daddy and Mikayla look on!

Drew and Mikayla love standing and letting the water fall on them. The water was cold, but the day was very warm so it was perfect!!

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