Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Van!!

Last Friday, I went to sign the papers to purchase our new vehicle. It's a brand new 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have never in my life owned a brand new car, so this is very exciting! We all love the van, but I don't think any of us are more excited than Drew and Mikayla. Everyday Mikayla asks if we are going to drive the "new van". I don't think she is completely convinced that we get to keep it. She gets upset when she finds out daddy is taking her to school. It has nothing to do with wanting to ride with mommy, it's all about riding in the van! Drew loves the van too, especially the automatic doors. We may have those worn out in a month! One thing that I really love about this vehicle (aside from its dependability) is all the extras. It has the limited edition package on it so it has dual automatic doors, leather seats, sunroof, seat warmer, am/fm cassette/cd, 6-disc dvd player with headphones and a remote control, sto-n-go seats, etc. I was also really pleased with the deal I got on it - we ended up paying approx. 10,000 dollars less than sticker price. All of the people at the dealership were wonderful as well. The sales manager even insisted that I drive it home Thursday night to be sure it was really what I wanted. They made me feel very at ease! We love our new van - can you tell? - and we feel very blessed to have a newer, roomier, more dependable car to drive! Our new ride!
I still haven't figured out all the buttons!

We love the middle row bucket seats - our old van had bench seats and it made it hard for other passengers to get to the back seat. We also love the leather because it is easier to clean! Both the middle row and back row are sto-n-go which gives us lots of storage space!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Basketball!

Saturday, Drew had his fourth basketball game of the season! We had to be there an hour early for pictures (team and individual) - we should get those back soon! This week Drew's team was the home team so they wore blue uniforms. Drew and his team played so well - it is hard to believe how much they have learned already! They all made at least two baskets during this game, and they all remembered to pass! This was a HUGE accomplishment for Drew as we have been reminding him to pass at every game. During this game, he passed it to every other player on his team at least once. In fact, during this game all of Drew's teammates did an outstanding job of passing the ball around! Even with all the passing Drew made at least six baskets during this game - two being long shots from half of their court. (In this age group with Upward, the teams only play on half of the basketball court, and two different games are going on at one time.) Coach Jeff awarded the gold star (best sportsmanship) to all of the players this week as well as their individual stars because they all played well as a team! Drew was also awarded another silver star for best offense this week! We are so proud of Drew and all of his teammates! We hope they continue to have fun with it!

One of the first shots Drew made in this game.

Drew and his teammates run after the ball as the other team stands ready at the goal.

Drew is ready for the rebound!

This is my favorite picture from this week and my son is not even in the photograph. The ball that is going into the goal was shot by Drew but he was so far back (one of his long shots) that I didn't get him in the picture. My favorite part is every one's reaction. The crowd went wild when he made it and Craig even overheard a man standing near him say to his wife "did you see that?". We were definitely proud parents! What also made me proud was the reaction of Drew's teammates! Bryson was so excited for Drew he couldn't stop jumping; you would have thought he made the shot! He is a wonderful team player. There were lots of high fives going around all during this game between all of the players, and that's what it's all about!

**** On a side note**** I know many of you are looking for details and pictures of our new vehicle and I promise they are coming! I hope to have time to get those on here tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Performing at Food Lion

After Drew's basketball game, we got some lunch then headed to the local Food Lion where Mikayla was scheduled to perform with other dancers from her dance company! We had a very busy day! Rising Star Dance Company dancers along with Ms. Andrea (holding Mikayla) get ready to dance. They were scheduled to dance for one hour performing different dances from this year's recital.
Ms. Andrea, Mikayla, and Timothy get ready to dance to Locomotion. Mikayla gets shy and decides not to participate.
Mikayla prefers dancing in the background - against this wall with her Aunt Jennie and Drew! Some of the bystanders said we know she knows her steps because she did them all, just not out with the other dancers! We are so proud of our little peanut!
Mikayla was supposed to dance in five dances including the finale, but she wouldn't participate. Several people tried to get her to dance including Ms. Andrea, parents of other dance students, and the students themselves. To each she gave an enthusiastic no with the shake of her head. Some of you may remember that she did this the last time her dance company performed at Food Lion. When asked why she didn't dance, Mikayla responded that "all those people were looking at me!". Ms. Andrea and I both think that she will participate in this year's recital just as she did last year. Ms. Andrea also believes that she will participate in the upcoming competitions. She believes the reason Mikayla dances in those events and not these others is because at recital and at competitions it is hard to see the audience watching you. The dancers are backstage the whole time so they don't see the crowd, and then when they come on stage the lights are so bright it's still hard to see the audience. Ms. Andrea said she hopes she is right because Mikayla does so well in class - Craig and I hope she is too! We are very proud of our little dancer, even when she doesn't dance for the audience - it would be very hard for me to do that!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Vehicle

We are getting a new vehicle - it is in our driveway as I type. The sales manager said take it tonight, make sure you are happy with it, come back tomorrow and we'll do the paperwork. More details and pictures coming soon (I'm too tired tonight)!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday Basketball!

Saturday morning, Drew played in his third basketball game as the visiting team again (silver uniforms). This game was earlier in the morning than the previous two. To make this game extra fun, two little boys in my class at school played on our opposing team. Drew knows the two little boys from school, and Blake is also in Extra Edition, and Garrett played on Drew's baseball team 2 years ago. It was an exciting game to watch with so many of the players knowing each other! All the children (again) did a wonderful job - I cheered just as loud for the other team this week! Craig has more ironing to do as Drew earned blue stars this week for best effort! Way to go guys!

Some of the members cook sausage biscuits, gravy biscuits, and other breakfast food for the early games. Then they cook hot dogs and such for the later games. We all enjoy having breakfast before Drew's games - here Mikayla and Breanna are enjoying their sausage biscuits!

Drew and his team practice a bit before the game starts. They are all looking at the coach who is about to throw in the ball!

Drew (blond to the right of the picture) gets ready to block his man who just happened to be Blake from my class!

After Drew's game Mikayla poses with Mimi and Aunt Jennie! It was the first game Mimi was able to come to with her Saturday work schedule. She was very impressed with how well Drew and all the children played. Poppi did not make it to this game as he was playing in a "tough-man" golf tournament Saturday morning. We had to go to Mimi and Poppi's house Saturday night to tell Poppi all about it!

Right before we left the church Drew and Mikayla pose with Nana and cousin Haston. Nana was here from the beach staying with Uncle Chris, Aunt Julie, and Haston for the weekend and wanted to see Drew play basketball while she was here. We were glad she was able to bring Haston - Drew and Mikayla had so much fun playing with him!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mikayla's First Visit with the Dentist!

Yesterday, January 17th, both Drew and Mikayla had a dental appointment for their 6-month cleaning and check-up. This was to be Mikayla's first cleaning, and she was definitely not sure about it! She kept saying "mommy, I don't want to go". She has always been timid at the doctors office so I expected no different with this. We had spent a lot of time talking about it, as I was trying to prepare her by letting her know what to expect. So on the way there it seemed as though she would be okay with this - maybe not enthusiastic but at least she wasn't saying she didn't want to go. Then once we got there she said "I want Drew to go first". Everyone in our dentist's office is really great, and of course they thought of this without even hearing Mikayla say it. I was grateful as I thought this might help Mikayla feel more at ease. It didn't. The whole time Drew was getting his teeth cleaned I said you are going to get yours cleaned just like that. To which Mikayla responded "NO" each time! The ladies there couldn't stand to hear her cry - it just broke their hearts. One of the receptionists asked Mikayla if she wanted to sit in her lap while she got her teeth cleaned. Mikayla also responded to this question with a definite "NO". So, Mikayla sat in mommy's lap while she had her first cleaning and while the dentist checked her teeth. The great news - both Drew and Mikayla's teeth looked great. No cavities - we were told to keep doing what we are doing! I asked about Drew's six year old molars - even though he is only five and a half his molars are all the way through. I worry about them because they are in the very back and they are permanent teeth, but the dentist said they looked great! Way to go Drew and Mikayla - keep up that brushing!

Drew and Mikayla get comfortable while waiting in the waiting room! We were the only ones waiting, and we didn't have to wait long at all!

Drew gets fluoride after his cleaning. This is the only part of the visit that Drew really doesn't like - he can't stand the taste of the fluoride. He is such a good sport about it though and doesn't complain - I guess he knows it wouldn't do him much good. :)

Mikayla sits with mommy as she gets ready for her cleaning. She was all smiles as long as she was sitting with me - until it was time to clean her bottom teeth that is. She didn't like the taste of the paste so after the hygienist rinsed her top teeth, she didn't want her to do the bottom ones. She didn't protest too long though and we were finished in a flash!

After their cleanings they are all smiles (Drew's is hidden by his mask)! Here we are leaving with all their "goodies". They each received a new toothbrush, rubber gloves, and a mask. Maybe one day they will be doctors or dentists!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Look Mom...No Training Wheels!"

Drew has begun riding his bicycle this week without his training wheels. I was really surprised at how quickly he caught on! The first day he did very well, but his new red bike is bigger so he couldn't stop his fall as well. Then, on Monday while we were out of school my dad brought over a bike that he had gotten awhile back for Drew. It is a little bit smaller so when Drew feels like he is about to fall over he can put his feet down to stop his fall. Drew did really well on this bicycle. Of course he loved Poppi helping him too! He is able to ride pretty consistently by himself now without the training wheels, but he still needs a little help getting started - a push every now and then. He is trying super hard to get started by himself and gets frustrated when he is not able to. It won't be long before he's zippin' around our yard with no help at all! Boy he is growing up fast!! Where did my baby boy go??

Sunday night in our backyard Drew tried his red bike without the training wheels. He was so proud of himself!

Monday, Poppi brought over this bike, and Drew did even better with it. Poppi helped Drew ride in our front yard so he could ride down the hill. Drew gets a little wobbly this time!
Look at my big boy go! His Poppi (standing behind him) sure was proud as was mommy and daddy!

Mikayla takes her turn with Poppi's help of course! It's monkey see, monkey do around our house!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday, Drew played in his second basketball game. This time his team, the Cougars, was the "visiting team" so they wore silver uniforms. In Upward, all uniforms are the same color - with both the jerseys and the shorts being reversible. When your team is the "home team" you wear navy, and when your team is the "visiting team" you wear silver.

The Cougars practice before the game starts!

Drew dribbles the ball down the court - albeit takin' his sweet time! :)

Drew gets ready to shoot - it's good!

Drew and his team talk to the coach during the game! We think coach Jeff is doing an amazing job with these children!

Mikayla looks for her "bubba" after the game! Breanna was sick and wasn't at this game. That didn't stop Mikayla from sitting with Ms. Nanda for most of the game!

Bryson, Drew, Elizabeth, and Jeffrey enjoy their snack after the game. You can't see D.J. who was sitting right beside Jeffrey, or Mikayla who was sitting at the end of the table in this picture! We are soooo proud of this team - they all played so well Saturday. Drew's star for this week was the orange one for best sportmanship - Go Drew!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sick Little Girl

Mikayla holds her baby as she takes a treatment. She is quite the little mommy!

Today I stayed home with peanut. She has not been herself since Monday. Craig stayed home with her on Tuesday because she ran a temperature Monday evening, but she was fine all day Tuesday. We even went to dance Tuesday night. She was fine Wednesday and yesterday too, until last night. She's had a cough all week and yesterday we started with the runny nose. Then, she woke up at 11 last night coughing so much that she vomited. We had to give her Motrin for fever, so this morning I decided to stay with her and get her to the doctor. Our doctor's office opens at eight so I called at 8:02, and I was amazed when they had an opening at 9:20 with Dr. Beavers. Several children in Mikayla's class at daycare have had the flu, so that's what I thought she would be diagnosed with. They have also had a case of pneumonia and strep throat, so it was important to me that she get seen. Dr. Beavers listened to her chest as soon as we got there - he could hear her cough. He said she wasn't wheezing, but he heard fluid in her lungs so he diagnosed her with bronchitis. He also said that her right ear looked a little inflamed.

While checking Mikayla's throat he couldn't believe how large her tonsils are. He said they were not inflamed much, and I informed him they are just very large in size. He asked if she snores and stops breathing at night. I answered that yes she snores, and yes she wakes up during the night. He said she needs to have them removed - and listed some of the ways that Sleep Apnea could hurt her later on. Some of the doctors have mentioned that she needed them removed before, but none as adamantly as he did today. Of course it worries me because that's major surgery, and also I have gotten different opinions from several of the doctors even though they are in the same practice. For example, Dr. Berry, our well baby doctor said he wouldn't recommend removing them unless they were giving her problems. So, Dr. Beavers has referred us to an ENT doctor and we will see what he says. If having the surgery to remove her tonsils will help my baby girl as much as Dr. Beavers assured me it would today, then I will agree to it, after all I only want to do what is best for my little girl! Of course I will keep you posted!

Dr. Beavers said to start using Mikayla's nebulizer 3 times a day - if that didn't seem to help increase the treatments to four times per day to clear her lungs. He also put her on Orapred twice a day to help with inflammation, and prescribed a cough medicine to use at night. So our baby girl is on three different meds right now. She is being a trooper through all of this, even the constant cough. We have had a fun day of hanging out. We enjoyed soup and sandwiches for lunch, watched movies, danced, sang songs, read, etc. We got to pick Drew up in the car-pool line at school - something new for all of us and a special treat for Drew because he usually doesn't get to be a "car rider" with me there.

Since we've come home with Drew, they have just been layin' around watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! They are my sweet angels!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Dance Costumes

Mikayla's ballet costume for recital 2007! Notice her feet and hands - the girl is ready!
One of Mikayla's tap costumes for Recital 2007! Don't you just love her poses!

Tonight at dance, Mikayla received two of her four dance costumes that she will wear at recital this year (busy time for mom to change her all those times)! I can't wait to see her other two costumes! They didn't get their costumes for her tap/jazz class last night because they aren't in yet. Mikayla was sad that she didn't get to go to dance last night because she was sick - she cried wanting to go anyway! We weren't sure if she would be able to go tonight or not, but she is much better! Craig kept her home with him today and she did fine. She never ran a fever again and she played all day. So, when it got time to go to dance class I didn't hesitate when she said she wanted to go! I didn't have my camera at dance class, but I was able to get pictures of her in her costumes tonight after she got out of the tub as daddy wanted to see her in them! The good news about the costumes this year is that they are 2 in ones. That won't help me so much since Mikayla is in five dances, but it will keep the other moms from having to change their children completely!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drew's First Basketball Game!

Drew had his first basketball game on Saturday morning! You may remember from an earlier post that he is playing his first year of basketball with Upward at a local church - our church does not offer this program because we don't have a gym. We are so thankful that he is playing in the Upward Program. He is playing in the K3/K4/K5 division so they don't keep score and everyone plays. With Upward it is more about teaching the love of God, sportsmanship, friendship, cooperation, perseverance, etc., than winning a ball game. Don't get me wrong, at the upper levels they keep score and such, but still every child gets to play and ALL children are winners! That is what we LOVE about this program! Drew has a wonderful team of six players: Bryson (he goes to school with Drew - he's in my class, and his mom, Nanda, teaches 1st grade there), Dawson, Elizabeth, Jeffrey (the coach's son), and D.J. Drew's team (Drew is on the far left) along with one of the older players practice before the game!

Drew takes one of his practice shots and make it!

The coach talks to the team before their game starts. Drew has a wonderful coach who is really great with the kids - you'd never know this was his first year coaching!

Mikayla and Breanna (Bryson's sister) are best friends - they are in the same class together at preschool! Nanda always says "yeah, if you could have waited one more day before you had her they could go to school together".

During halftime (our age group practices the first 30 minutes, and play their game the last 30 minutes), the children go with their coaches for a devotional and the pastor shares a story with the spectators. He does an excellent job!

Drew takes a shot (one of three during the game) and makes it! We are so proud of him - not because he made all of his shots, but because he showed true sportsmanship. When he rebounded several balls that the other team shot, he gave the balls back to that team after his coach asked him to. That's another thing that is great about Upward - they want to make sure that each player (at this age) gets at least one chance to shoot!

Drew heads down the court with the ball. Go Drew!

Drew takes the last shot of the game - it's good!

Poppi plays with Mikayla, Emily, and Breanna - he's always so good with children! Breanna, and Emily (Bryson/Breanna's cousin) quickly became friends with Poppi!

Both teams tag up after the game. All of the children did a wonderful job - I was very impressed!

Drew and his teammates enjoy snacks after the game. Each player was also awarded stars to put on their uniforms for different accomplishments, such as best defensive player, most improved, most Christ-like, etc. Each category had different color stars. Drew was awarded the silver stars for best offensive player! We couldn't be more proud of him and his team!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year 2007! (albeit a little late)

Drew and Mikayla watch t.v. waiting for the ball to drop!
Happy New Year - just after 12 am!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2007 brings many blessings for all! I'm sorry for the delay, but you've seen the updates! You know by now (if you've been following my blog) that Christmas is always such a busy time for our family! But now here we are...I'm finally caught up with my blogging it seems!

Our New Years Eve tradition is to have snacks at home and watch the ball drop as a family! After church on Sunday morning, we went to Mimi and Poppi's house for Sunday dinner. Then we came home to get a Sunday nap. We all slept a long time which was good since we were going to be up late. After we got up, we went and ate supper at the Waffle House - that's one of Drew and Mikayla's favorite places to eat! Then we came home to relax, play, watch t.v. and wait for 2007. It was a lot of fun watching them jump around yelling Happy New Year - I wish I had gotten pictures of that! We had a lot of fun together as a family! That's how we want to spend our new year as well!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby!

On Friday, December 29th Craig and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! In some ways it's hard to believe that it has already been 6 years, and in other ways it feels like we have been together forever! I am so thankful for this wonderful man that God brought in my life! He is an amazing husband and a terrific father to our two angels. I love you Craig, and I look forward to many more anniversaries to come!

Our beautiful family! This is one of the pictures we had made while making pictures for our church directory in April.

Christmas (the last Christmas post for 2006)

After leaving Greenwood we went back over to my mom and dad's house to spend the afternoon/evening with my mom's side of the family. They had already eaten dinner as well so everyone just nibbled really for supper...we were all still so full from dinner to eat much! All the cousins enjoyed playing together and then they opened gifts. We do the same thing on my mom's side of the family that we do on dad's...save gift giving for children and Grandma Nell (my mom's mom). It was a special time being with family as Christmas winded down.

As soon as we got there Mikayla and Drew went straight to their Poppi...Mimi was taking a nap. Mikayla is playing with Jennie - she likes to aggravate!

My cousin's daughter Samantha, my aunt Laura, and her daughter, Julie have a girls only discussion.

My cousins Carmen and Eric relax on the couch while they wait to open gifts.

My Grandma Nell and Aunt Leslie doing what they do whenever they get together - play SCRABBLE!

Drew holds up part of an outfit that he received. He LOVES the movie Cars!

Samantha LOVES Mikayla, and she is so good with her. She has a little brother so she gets lots of practice!

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