Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday, Drew played in his second basketball game. This time his team, the Cougars, was the "visiting team" so they wore silver uniforms. In Upward, all uniforms are the same color - with both the jerseys and the shorts being reversible. When your team is the "home team" you wear navy, and when your team is the "visiting team" you wear silver.

The Cougars practice before the game starts!

Drew dribbles the ball down the court - albeit takin' his sweet time! :)

Drew gets ready to shoot - it's good!

Drew and his team talk to the coach during the game! We think coach Jeff is doing an amazing job with these children!

Mikayla looks for her "bubba" after the game! Breanna was sick and wasn't at this game. That didn't stop Mikayla from sitting with Ms. Nanda for most of the game!

Bryson, Drew, Elizabeth, and Jeffrey enjoy their snack after the game. You can't see D.J. who was sitting right beside Jeffrey, or Mikayla who was sitting at the end of the table in this picture! We are soooo proud of this team - they all played so well Saturday. Drew's star for this week was the orange one for best sportmanship - Go Drew!!!

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