Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday Basketball!

Saturday morning, Drew played in his third basketball game as the visiting team again (silver uniforms). This game was earlier in the morning than the previous two. To make this game extra fun, two little boys in my class at school played on our opposing team. Drew knows the two little boys from school, and Blake is also in Extra Edition, and Garrett played on Drew's baseball team 2 years ago. It was an exciting game to watch with so many of the players knowing each other! All the children (again) did a wonderful job - I cheered just as loud for the other team this week! Craig has more ironing to do as Drew earned blue stars this week for best effort! Way to go guys!

Some of the members cook sausage biscuits, gravy biscuits, and other breakfast food for the early games. Then they cook hot dogs and such for the later games. We all enjoy having breakfast before Drew's games - here Mikayla and Breanna are enjoying their sausage biscuits!

Drew and his team practice a bit before the game starts. They are all looking at the coach who is about to throw in the ball!

Drew (blond to the right of the picture) gets ready to block his man who just happened to be Blake from my class!

After Drew's game Mikayla poses with Mimi and Aunt Jennie! It was the first game Mimi was able to come to with her Saturday work schedule. She was very impressed with how well Drew and all the children played. Poppi did not make it to this game as he was playing in a "tough-man" golf tournament Saturday morning. We had to go to Mimi and Poppi's house Saturday night to tell Poppi all about it!

Right before we left the church Drew and Mikayla pose with Nana and cousin Haston. Nana was here from the beach staying with Uncle Chris, Aunt Julie, and Haston for the weekend and wanted to see Drew play basketball while she was here. We were glad she was able to bring Haston - Drew and Mikayla had so much fun playing with him!

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