Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Look Mom...No Training Wheels!"

Drew has begun riding his bicycle this week without his training wheels. I was really surprised at how quickly he caught on! The first day he did very well, but his new red bike is bigger so he couldn't stop his fall as well. Then, on Monday while we were out of school my dad brought over a bike that he had gotten awhile back for Drew. It is a little bit smaller so when Drew feels like he is about to fall over he can put his feet down to stop his fall. Drew did really well on this bicycle. Of course he loved Poppi helping him too! He is able to ride pretty consistently by himself now without the training wheels, but he still needs a little help getting started - a push every now and then. He is trying super hard to get started by himself and gets frustrated when he is not able to. It won't be long before he's zippin' around our yard with no help at all! Boy he is growing up fast!! Where did my baby boy go??

Sunday night in our backyard Drew tried his red bike without the training wheels. He was so proud of himself!

Monday, Poppi brought over this bike, and Drew did even better with it. Poppi helped Drew ride in our front yard so he could ride down the hill. Drew gets a little wobbly this time!
Look at my big boy go! His Poppi (standing behind him) sure was proud as was mommy and daddy!

Mikayla takes her turn with Poppi's help of course! It's monkey see, monkey do around our house!

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