Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drew's First Basketball Game!

Drew had his first basketball game on Saturday morning! You may remember from an earlier post that he is playing his first year of basketball with Upward at a local church - our church does not offer this program because we don't have a gym. We are so thankful that he is playing in the Upward Program. He is playing in the K3/K4/K5 division so they don't keep score and everyone plays. With Upward it is more about teaching the love of God, sportsmanship, friendship, cooperation, perseverance, etc., than winning a ball game. Don't get me wrong, at the upper levels they keep score and such, but still every child gets to play and ALL children are winners! That is what we LOVE about this program! Drew has a wonderful team of six players: Bryson (he goes to school with Drew - he's in my class, and his mom, Nanda, teaches 1st grade there), Dawson, Elizabeth, Jeffrey (the coach's son), and D.J. Drew's team (Drew is on the far left) along with one of the older players practice before the game!

Drew takes one of his practice shots and make it!

The coach talks to the team before their game starts. Drew has a wonderful coach who is really great with the kids - you'd never know this was his first year coaching!

Mikayla and Breanna (Bryson's sister) are best friends - they are in the same class together at preschool! Nanda always says "yeah, if you could have waited one more day before you had her they could go to school together".

During halftime (our age group practices the first 30 minutes, and play their game the last 30 minutes), the children go with their coaches for a devotional and the pastor shares a story with the spectators. He does an excellent job!

Drew takes a shot (one of three during the game) and makes it! We are so proud of him - not because he made all of his shots, but because he showed true sportsmanship. When he rebounded several balls that the other team shot, he gave the balls back to that team after his coach asked him to. That's another thing that is great about Upward - they want to make sure that each player (at this age) gets at least one chance to shoot!

Drew heads down the court with the ball. Go Drew!

Drew takes the last shot of the game - it's good!

Poppi plays with Mikayla, Emily, and Breanna - he's always so good with children! Breanna, and Emily (Bryson/Breanna's cousin) quickly became friends with Poppi!

Both teams tag up after the game. All of the children did a wonderful job - I was very impressed!

Drew and his teammates enjoy snacks after the game. Each player was also awarded stars to put on their uniforms for different accomplishments, such as best defensive player, most improved, most Christ-like, etc. Each category had different color stars. Drew was awarded the silver stars for best offensive player! We couldn't be more proud of him and his team!

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