Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mikayla's First Visit with the Dentist!

Yesterday, January 17th, both Drew and Mikayla had a dental appointment for their 6-month cleaning and check-up. This was to be Mikayla's first cleaning, and she was definitely not sure about it! She kept saying "mommy, I don't want to go". She has always been timid at the doctors office so I expected no different with this. We had spent a lot of time talking about it, as I was trying to prepare her by letting her know what to expect. So on the way there it seemed as though she would be okay with this - maybe not enthusiastic but at least she wasn't saying she didn't want to go. Then once we got there she said "I want Drew to go first". Everyone in our dentist's office is really great, and of course they thought of this without even hearing Mikayla say it. I was grateful as I thought this might help Mikayla feel more at ease. It didn't. The whole time Drew was getting his teeth cleaned I said you are going to get yours cleaned just like that. To which Mikayla responded "NO" each time! The ladies there couldn't stand to hear her cry - it just broke their hearts. One of the receptionists asked Mikayla if she wanted to sit in her lap while she got her teeth cleaned. Mikayla also responded to this question with a definite "NO". So, Mikayla sat in mommy's lap while she had her first cleaning and while the dentist checked her teeth. The great news - both Drew and Mikayla's teeth looked great. No cavities - we were told to keep doing what we are doing! I asked about Drew's six year old molars - even though he is only five and a half his molars are all the way through. I worry about them because they are in the very back and they are permanent teeth, but the dentist said they looked great! Way to go Drew and Mikayla - keep up that brushing!

Drew and Mikayla get comfortable while waiting in the waiting room! We were the only ones waiting, and we didn't have to wait long at all!

Drew gets fluoride after his cleaning. This is the only part of the visit that Drew really doesn't like - he can't stand the taste of the fluoride. He is such a good sport about it though and doesn't complain - I guess he knows it wouldn't do him much good. :)

Mikayla sits with mommy as she gets ready for her cleaning. She was all smiles as long as she was sitting with me - until it was time to clean her bottom teeth that is. She didn't like the taste of the paste so after the hygienist rinsed her top teeth, she didn't want her to do the bottom ones. She didn't protest too long though and we were finished in a flash!

After their cleanings they are all smiles (Drew's is hidden by his mask)! Here we are leaving with all their "goodies". They each received a new toothbrush, rubber gloves, and a mask. Maybe one day they will be doctors or dentists!

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