Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Day (Continued...)

After we saw what Santa left at our house we loaded up (Drew and Mikayla still in their pajamas) and went to my mom and dad's house. Drew and Mikayla are always excited to see what Santa has left over there!

Poppi shows Mikayla one of the dresses Santa left for her as Drew checks out some of the stuff Santa left on the couch!
Poor ol' Craig...all Santa left him was a can of Pork and Beans! Poppi told Drew to look under the tree skirt to see if Santa left daddy anything else! Poppi just likes to give Craig a hard time! Poppi and Mikayla read one of the new books Santa left!

Then we brought all of our goodies home and got dressed to go to Greenwood to celebrate with Craig's family. We had fun spending some time with everyone, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

Craig's brother, Jason, and our niece Belle.

Our sister-in-law Julie (Craig's brother Chris' wife), and our nephew Haston.

Mikayla loves to play with Uncle Ovid.

Drew loved playing with Rob's remote control car. Craig holds Mikayla and Belle. Mikayla is getting ready to pop a kiss, but Belle is not as happy to be sitting there!

Drew is busy opening his gifts!

Julie helps Haston open the drum set we got him - payback is so sweet! Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie always loved to get Drew the loudest gift possible, and we just knew Haston would enjoy this!

Nana with all of her grands - Haston, Bell, Drew, and Mikayla.

Drew and Mikayla pose with their cousins Rob, Katie Beth, and Claudia in front of Nanny's tree.

After taking a few last pictures we had to rush off to get back to my mom and dad's house to spend time with my mom's side of the family. We enjoyed our time spent in Greenwood on Christmas day. It is such a busy day for us!

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