Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Basketball!

Saturday, Drew had his fourth basketball game of the season! We had to be there an hour early for pictures (team and individual) - we should get those back soon! This week Drew's team was the home team so they wore blue uniforms. Drew and his team played so well - it is hard to believe how much they have learned already! They all made at least two baskets during this game, and they all remembered to pass! This was a HUGE accomplishment for Drew as we have been reminding him to pass at every game. During this game, he passed it to every other player on his team at least once. In fact, during this game all of Drew's teammates did an outstanding job of passing the ball around! Even with all the passing Drew made at least six baskets during this game - two being long shots from half of their court. (In this age group with Upward, the teams only play on half of the basketball court, and two different games are going on at one time.) Coach Jeff awarded the gold star (best sportsmanship) to all of the players this week as well as their individual stars because they all played well as a team! Drew was also awarded another silver star for best offense this week! We are so proud of Drew and all of his teammates! We hope they continue to have fun with it!

One of the first shots Drew made in this game.

Drew and his teammates run after the ball as the other team stands ready at the goal.

Drew is ready for the rebound!

This is my favorite picture from this week and my son is not even in the photograph. The ball that is going into the goal was shot by Drew but he was so far back (one of his long shots) that I didn't get him in the picture. My favorite part is every one's reaction. The crowd went wild when he made it and Craig even overheard a man standing near him say to his wife "did you see that?". We were definitely proud parents! What also made me proud was the reaction of Drew's teammates! Bryson was so excited for Drew he couldn't stop jumping; you would have thought he made the shot! He is a wonderful team player. There were lots of high fives going around all during this game between all of the players, and that's what it's all about!

**** On a side note**** I know many of you are looking for details and pictures of our new vehicle and I promise they are coming! I hope to have time to get those on here tomorrow!!

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