Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Dance Costumes

Mikayla's ballet costume for recital 2007! Notice her feet and hands - the girl is ready!
One of Mikayla's tap costumes for Recital 2007! Don't you just love her poses!

Tonight at dance, Mikayla received two of her four dance costumes that she will wear at recital this year (busy time for mom to change her all those times)! I can't wait to see her other two costumes! They didn't get their costumes for her tap/jazz class last night because they aren't in yet. Mikayla was sad that she didn't get to go to dance last night because she was sick - she cried wanting to go anyway! We weren't sure if she would be able to go tonight or not, but she is much better! Craig kept her home with him today and she did fine. She never ran a fever again and she played all day. So, when it got time to go to dance class I didn't hesitate when she said she wanted to go! I didn't have my camera at dance class, but I was able to get pictures of her in her costumes tonight after she got out of the tub as daddy wanted to see her in them! The good news about the costumes this year is that they are 2 in ones. That won't help me so much since Mikayla is in five dances, but it will keep the other moms from having to change their children completely!

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