Saturday, January 27, 2007

Performing at Food Lion

After Drew's basketball game, we got some lunch then headed to the local Food Lion where Mikayla was scheduled to perform with other dancers from her dance company! We had a very busy day! Rising Star Dance Company dancers along with Ms. Andrea (holding Mikayla) get ready to dance. They were scheduled to dance for one hour performing different dances from this year's recital.
Ms. Andrea, Mikayla, and Timothy get ready to dance to Locomotion. Mikayla gets shy and decides not to participate.
Mikayla prefers dancing in the background - against this wall with her Aunt Jennie and Drew! Some of the bystanders said we know she knows her steps because she did them all, just not out with the other dancers! We are so proud of our little peanut!
Mikayla was supposed to dance in five dances including the finale, but she wouldn't participate. Several people tried to get her to dance including Ms. Andrea, parents of other dance students, and the students themselves. To each she gave an enthusiastic no with the shake of her head. Some of you may remember that she did this the last time her dance company performed at Food Lion. When asked why she didn't dance, Mikayla responded that "all those people were looking at me!". Ms. Andrea and I both think that she will participate in this year's recital just as she did last year. Ms. Andrea also believes that she will participate in the upcoming competitions. She believes the reason Mikayla dances in those events and not these others is because at recital and at competitions it is hard to see the audience watching you. The dancers are backstage the whole time so they don't see the crowd, and then when they come on stage the lights are so bright it's still hard to see the audience. Ms. Andrea said she hopes she is right because Mikayla does so well in class - Craig and I hope she is too! We are very proud of our little dancer, even when she doesn't dance for the audience - it would be very hard for me to do that!

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